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Saturday January 18, 2014

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:wavey: Good Morning to you all,


Woke up around 4am so here I sit sipping on my first cup of green tea and preparing myself for the cold outside so I can dash off and get the groceries out of the way.


Great day yesterday with visits and a lovely bereavement visit done. Was so nice to catch up with this caregiver. Her husband was very unique and young at heart.


Going to put some beef and barley soup on with some veggies in the crockpot to slow cook all day.


Off to a fund raiser for our organization tonight, this family who both hubby and I cared for their loved one do this every year. The patient was a very talented and well known guitar player so his band and family get together once a year for us. The music is wonderful with great food and it is always great to catch up with the family. I am hoping a few from our organization come out for some fun.


Relaxing this weekend although it is frigid outside I am hoping with the wind dropping off we can get out and take the dogs for a nice long hike up Pilot Mountain, that will wear us all out but it will be great just to get out in the fresh air.


Other than that we plan to stay home and relax about the house. I have finally found and ordered the valances for the living space on the main level of the cabin, they will look so nice and match everything nicely. We are also going to put bamboo Roman shades on the French doors for some coverage at night time when the weather is cool. That will finally complete our living area and that makes me happy.


I have some writing to do with some hospice stuff that is running around in my head so I shall make the most of that this afternoon when hubby has a nap, I can sit down and let it pour our of my head. LOL


Hope you are all doing well this day.


BC I answered your question yesterday but you may not have seen it but hubby bought me this carbon steel wok with a wonderful recipe book that was written by the person who also recommended the wok. It is great and so easy to follow instructions. He also bought me the bamboo utensils that I do like to use.


Hope every one is feeling well or better this day.


Have an awesome weekend no matter what you get up to.


Much love to you all this day.

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Good morning, Sabby and all who wander in for coffee. Typical Saturday morning here. I sit in my ratty bathrobe and my dog has not decided to wake up yet.

I need to go to NJ today. It is just across the bridge and the storm they thought might hit us seems to have taken a more northern course. We have the wind. Very soon we will get the cold that Joe was complaining about the other day, and Sabby alluded to this a.m.

Other than that I have no real plans for my weekend yet.

have an enjoyable weekend.

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Morning Sabby and AKY

Not a bad day at work, got done what I wanted to get done. Had a bit of a migraine when I got home, but got it under control quickly. Didn't do a whole lot else yesterday. Have to say, feeling considerably better about work this week

Have a 3 day weekend due to MLK day. Going to see dad on Sunday, today I'm not sure what I'll do. Thought about heading into the city but there's snow expected, so we'll see. Quite cold today as well. Will be nice when the weather improves enough that I can get outside.

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Morning! Second cup of coffee almost down. :yes:

In 30 minutes we have to be up at the fairgrounds for Favorite Foods Day for 4-H. Spidey made a three-tiered cake with white frosting and candy conversation hearts. It was wobbly as he and dad brought it into the house last night from another brave mom's kitchen. (She offered to let Spidey come over and make his cake since mom/dad were working).

Other than that - it is going to be in the 70's and sunny. We need to do a go-to-the-dump run and I'm still working on Mt. Dirty Laundry.

Sabby - send me a link to the kind of wok your hubby got you please. Or just tell me the brand name.

Have a lovely Saturday.

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Mornin' to all.

My mom had a wok, many many years ago. :)

She enjoyed it, and reading thru the cookbook that came with it.

Chuckled over the suggestion page that advised, if the food is burning, stir faster! :eek:

I am still snotty and coughing (postnasal drip! I know, I know: TMI! But y'all are nurses and can take it!!).

Took meds and we will head out soon to help with music at a small Sabbath school at The Big Church.

Then lunch with the boys and I will nap after that.

Broken sleep last nite d/t coughing, despite nighttime meds.

Oh well.

Has been in the 80's here.

We surely need rain and a REAL winter. :(

Y'all have a good one!

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Afternoon all-

It's been pretty snowy and slushy all day. The original forecast was for 40* and rain, but the clouds didn't listen. I went to visit my mother, and had kind of a nasty drive home, but arrived safely. Now I'm safely ensconced at home and I plan on staying here for the duration. My favorite movie "West Side Story" is on PBS tonight, so I'll hunker down and watch it. Don't laugh if you see me dancing around my family room!

Sabby, I used to have a wok, but I think it was thrown out at some point. maybe I should replace it. Stir fry just doesn't come out as well in a skillet. AKY-careful driving in the wind. Joe-Have a nice visit with your Dad. Steph-Wish Spidey luck with his cake. I used to be a 4-H leader. Sunny Rock Farm Rabbit club. I still go over on occasion and help out, and I still have bunnies. Dianah-I hope the crud departs soon.

Everyone, stay warm and safe today!

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We had fun and then ate all the food! Categories ranged from appetizers, salads, main meals, and desserts. Table settings were also judged.

Now I'm home - the sun is pouring through the windows and I'm thinking of napping but should really get busy with housework. Spidey and dh are at the ranch splitting wood.

Photos up on FB. He didn't win - his first attempt and it was all him. The 3 tiers were collapsing a bit and the entire cake was covered in candy hearts - one judge pointed that out. The other judge, a good friend, gave him a "good effort" comment.

(Photo won't upload here)

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Good Saturday to all. It's 5pm here on the west coast. It has been an R&R day. We just watched a movie, had a nice lunch, also doing a little laundry. My hubby and son are just getting over being sick and I don't want to get sick. I am popping my zycam tablet every 3 hours and just taking it easy.

Next week is busy at work and I don't want to miss any days. Week two of training a new staff member too. She is doing great. Very quick on picking things up.

Gotta go, laundry calls.

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Good Evening to you all, Morning to me and the other MN Shift People.

I had a Shift off Last Night and spent some time over on the Yellow Pages, practicing my Kraft of being an Antagonist.

Then I spent the Rest of the Night working on the Media Storage Closet in my Art Room. A Nice Night off.

My Sister Cat is down with the Flu and says her House is Quarantined, so I will miss our Typical Sunday Morning Visit. I emailed her that perhaps we can have a Nice Telephone Conversation.

I registered Cat here on this Site and have yet to Introduce her and get her going. She told me she's read some Articles and Threads and has found them to be Interesting. Cat works with the Developmentally Delayed.

I saw Ted's Username at the Bottom of this Page. Hi Ted!

A Good Night to Sabby, steph, dianah, herring, Michael, nurseforgot, AKY, BC, Joe, Mary Ellen, John Boy and Everyone Else!

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Good Evening -

I'm at work. It's the third of three nights. So far, so good. :) Last night? Not so much. Someone, somewhere said the "Q" word. Again. This time, acuity was involved including a code (which was the more easier thing to manage overall). (And the person who "coded" ended up just fine; he ended up being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after what ended up being symptomatic bradycardia. Thank goodness for external pacing.)

Not much to share. Did the usual "work-sleep-eat" routine. Feeling exhausted for some reason. Could be coming down with a cold.

There's church Sunday. I'm off from work Sunday night and Monday night. Monday, I'm doing a video-taping project at work which should be fun. Looking forward to that!

Well. . . Got to go. Work to do. Peace to you all. . . :)


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