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Saturday February 01, 2014

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Good Morning Dear Friends,


Where on earth did January go?


Very busy past couple of days but we managed to get all the patients seen in time and just so blessed to have colleagues that help out too.


Yesterday I was sitting at my office getting a little stuff taken care of following a patient death and ended up copping a headful of snow dumped on me by our social worker.


It culminated in our office having a snow ball fight which was hilarious, I got a direct hit at our social worker but was quick enough to jump into my car and lock the doors. LOL


Did us good to have a fun time of laughter and running around our office, we have too much of a good time but it was so needed and such a great way to reduce stressors.


The secondary roads were still hairy in places, not much snow etc had melted so it was a crawl through procedure in those places but no slipping and definitely no 360's like Tuesday. LOL


Planning on getting our hiking in this morning with the hubby and dogs, temps will be warmer, so that will be nice and pleasant for a change. Not sure where we will hike as long as the dogs get a good run around.


I do see a nap in the future as I am up way too early considering I did not turn the light out until 1am after finishing of a ruddy good book. Nearly started another one but decided I best get some sleep!


Happy I got the house work taken care of last night as well as my manicure so relaxation is the key today.


May you all have a most excellent day no matter what you get up to.

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Good morning, Sabby. Looks like everyone is enjoying a bit more pillow time this great Sat. morn. We are to have a fantastic day today and tomorrow. I hope to get to the farmers' market and walk around. It has been many weeks since I had the chance to get there. Not any fun in the cold. I have to get the wings and things for tomorrow.

Well, time for the second cup of coffee. have a wonderful day.

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Morning Sabby and AKU

Ted I'm glad to hear that computer problems didn't end up dooming your project.

Have to visit AT&T again, billing issue still wasn't resolved. A good bit of luck: Found the paper with the code to the new account, so I was able to pay the past due amount over the phone. Now I just have to somehow get the money that's still in my old account.

My email is still on the fritz, and still can't get hold of Yahoo, phone lines jammed. Will try again this morning or afternoon. Might just have to get a new email, we'll see

Not planning on doing much today, it's snowing again. Might visit dad later if the snow slows down.

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Good morning. Yes, it looks like everyone is having a nice relaxing Saturday morning. It was nice to sleep in a bit. Now I see a shower and a cup of coffee or tea in my near future.

Sabby, glad you had some fun with the impromptu snow fight. :) I was curious what book you read. I love to read too and find myself up late on occasion not able to stop turning those pages.

AKY, hope you enjoy the farmers market. Sounds like a nice time.

Joe, have you tried to see if Yahoo has an online "chat" style service to be able to "speak" to someone? I have used those with different companies before. I get a kick out of when I call my cable company (because the internet is down) and the recording says something like, "For more information you can reach us on the web at www......." Well, if I could do that I would be calling would I, you sillies! :yawn:

Better get going. Happy Saturday. :)

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Good morning from Oregon!

Joe - I heard on the news yesterday that Yahoo had been hacked!! They told everyone to go change their password.

Dianah - I read about your trip on FB - sounds wonderful.

aky - I did sleep in until about 8 a.m. My son is making breakfast now - eggs, sausage and Monkey Bread. I've had my two cups of coffee! My granddaughter is asleep with her mommy but she was awake when we got here last night and I got to feed her and then held her for about 30 minutes until she fell asleep. She almost laughed at her Uncle Spidey's antics.

Today we plan to go downtown to the Farmer's Market and then tonight eat at the restaurant where my daughter cooks.

Oh and Dianah - my daughter-in-law did go out and buy an air mattress and we slept in the baby's room. Very comfy. Baby sleeps with mom and dad anyway - I don't think she's seen the inside of her crib yet! And that's good. :up:

Breakfast is served!

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Good. . . Oh look. . . It's now the Afternoon! LOL!

Just woke up. Worked last night. It was a "Goldie Locks" night. . . not too slow and not crazy-busy! ;)

Working tonight then I'm off for Sunday and Monday nights. Tomorrow is Church, of course. That means choir and choir rehearsals. Will probably get to bed around 2:00 PM tomorrow. I can feel the old body aching already. Oh well.

Sabby_NC - A snowball fight at work. How fun! LOL! It's always a pleasure to read about your work. Your workmates all seem to get along well together. A hike then a nap. Seems like a winning combination. :)

aknottedyarn - We have a local Farmers Market, as well, that meets on Saturdays. We don't go there as often as we should. It's small but it's nice. Eating really fresh eggs and fresh baked-goods is a wonderful thing.

Joe - That AT&T billing issue sounds like a real pain in the butt. Hope it gets resolved soon. Same with the email account. Might it be worth your while to change email accounts? The potential problem with a new email account is that all friends and family know the old one. I haven't changed my email account in over a decade. It's associated with my web-site. Heck, I keep the web-site going in part because of the email accounts that my wife and I have with it. Oh well. So much for modern technology and modern ways of communicating with each other (via email). Good luck to you, Joe! :)

Nursefrances - Just want to say "hello" :)

Gotta go! It's Lunch Time with the loving wife! Peace to all who travel here. :)


Edited to add: Hi to you, too, Steph! :)

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