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Saturday December 7 2019

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J22 I've used EAP several times in the past and it was usually pretty helpful 

Yesterday started fairly quiet.  Had a hike and ran a few errands

Went to the convention in the afternoon and evening.  Went to a meetup of people in science/enginnering/medicine, was interesting.  Also went to a concert and a comedy show.  Spent some time hanging out with people and buying overpriced hotel drinks.  Got a CD

Today will be similar, though I'll head over there in the morning, then return home in the afternoon to check on the cat, get my bags, and check into the hotel for the remainder of the night.  Might see what elseI can buy, there are a huge number of dealers this year  

Weather has been on the chilly side but dry, which is good, especially given how spread out the convention is

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Good Morning! 🙂

Joe - Seems like you're having a nice and eventful time at the convention! Enjoy! (Feel free to share some pictures, if you can! 🙂 )

Well. . . It sure does seem like winter here, even though it's officially still the Fall Season. It was snowing outside, again, when I woke up this morning. Probably got an additional 1 to 2 inches of snow on the ground. This is in addition to the 12 to 14+ inches of snow that we got the other day. The cold temperature is here along with the snow, unfortunately. Presently, it stopped snowing (thankfully), and the sun is out! It does look pretty outside! I'm glad that we FINALLY got the winter tires on both of our cars. (My winter tires are studded.) It sure does make a difference.

In a little while, I'm going to brave going outside and shovel the front-yard and back-yard paths to our home. Because there's only 1 to 2 extra inches of snow, and because the snow is the "fluffy" kind, the shoveling should be relatively quick and easy. (It'll also be good exercise.) It's important to keep these paths relatively free from a lot of snow accumulation. This coming Tuesday, the weather prediction calls for warmer weather in the 40s to 50s with (freakin') rain!! THEN, it's supposed to get cold, below freezing, again, by Wednesday!! Not Good!! Such a change of weather makes for really icy road and walking-path conditions. I'd rather the weather remain cold, well below 32 degrees outside. The driveway, and the road where we live on, are steep. Such warming of the temperature, then cooling of the temperature, makes for really icy road conditions. Such road conditions make it challenging and potentially dangerous to drive on, even with winter tires on our cars. (Ugh!) Oh well. Such is life, living in the North East.

As for the rest of the day, I'll probably do more music-related work. I did some last night, which was nice. With it being December 7th already, there won't be enough time to create a three or four song video-album, as originally planned, to give to family and friends this Holiday Season. (We REALLY should have started such a project a couple of months ago.) It'll be nice to get even just one or two songs completed for such a present, though. I also have three new and completed compositions that I've done this year. I could add photos and video to those instrumental compositions to add to the Holiday song(s) that Amy and I created together. This would add to the Holiday Video Present.

Well. . . think I'll put on my warm clothes, go outside, and do some shoveling. The sun is outside, shining nice and brightly, which will make the shoveling process a little nicer to do.

Hope all have a pleasant day today! 🙂


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Howdy, howdy, howdy!

Sunny, breezy, and in the low 60's.

Sorry you have the winter-weather battle, Ted. I 'remember when'. I lived in Greenfield Mass when there was a 24 inch snowfall, followed by another 6-8 inches. I was at the Community College there in 1968-9. A bunch of us went out walking at 2 AM and the snow was crotch-high. Glad I was very young at the time, so no ill effects felt from being a human snow-plow; just fun, and cold legs and feet.

Glad to hear you are having a good time at the convention, Joe.

Today I do laundry, and shred a big bunch of paper with names and addresses, and/or acct #'s on them. W00t!

Hubby says his two activity choices for today are "getting the leaves up from the yard" or putting up some Christmas decorations. Don't know which he has decided on yet. Leaves require the riding lawn-moaner and lots of outdoor time by himself... I just dread the Christmas Decoration thing, but he said he is not going to go 'all-out' with them like he did last year. He's really only doing it for Nannie, who is a Christmas Decoration Freak. She has three closets jammed FULL of Christmas stuff, and used to do it all herself. I'm sure she will be supervising the process, and probably want more than he is willing to wrassle with. Hubby's heart just isn't in it, but he will put up some to make her happy...or happier than she would be if nothing were to be put up.

What is NOT being assembled is the entire VILLAGE of 25+ houses, and stores that light up from inside, sleighs, trees, people, critters, train depot and train, pond w/ skaters, etc. Was thinking last night that it would be a good thing to donate to her church in honor of her and my sweet and saintly (deceased) father-in-law. It could set it up in the big hall where they have church-family related events. I know that the kids would LOVE it. But, on the other hand some of it could be distributed to his daughter and grand-daughters, or maybe even sold off. They are high-dollar items, and some Christmas crazed person would probably be happy to fork over good $$$ for them. But, at this time, that is all a moot point, because this wouldn't occur until after she passes; and it ain't my decision anyway. 

So, I'm off to start my chores...

Have a good weekend, everyone! Stay safe if you're in the Winter Wonderlands!

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Good day, everyone!

Joe, enjoy the convention!

Ted, you and your Cherokee are now studs??  😉  Hope the shoveling isn't too difficult today.

No Stars, it's such a satisfying feeling to get the shredding done!  That Christmas village sounds amazing (but also sounds like a lot of work to set up and take down.  Don't get me wrong -- it would be fun work, especially seeing the final product!)!  Re: decorating: As I get older I opt for minimalism over traditionalism. 🙂 

We had a nice time at my department Christmas party last night.  Good to see all who came, had good food, a cute skit (department MDs performed their tweaked version of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future), and a fun White Elephant gift exchange.  I actually participated in this!  I ordered a prank box of "cargo socks" that also had a slit next to the big toe, so they could be worn with flip-flops!  I then made a pair of obviously cheap knock-offs, and wrapped them and the REAL gift (a nice Christmas stocking) in tissue paper, and placed them in the box. 

Dh and I got a DVD of the new Lion King movie (we haven't seen it, and it didn't get stolen during the gift exchange)!  The man who wrapped and contributed it to the gift exchange, got MY gift of the prank cargo socks box!  Ppl got candy and wine and a game, and hot cocoa mixes, and a box of cheese.  Was fun.  But we left right after the gift exchange, as we were tired.  I know it was tiring for dh, who didn't know a lot of ppl but hung in there with me. 🙂

Today we are dressed and have practiced for an afternoon program in Yucca Valley.  Part of our friend Curtis' musical extravaganza.  We will head out at 1pm, eat at Ruby's (the halfway point on our way to Yucca Valley) first, then continue travel to the venue.  Fiddler will join us for the late lunch, and there is a chance our bass player will be there too, will see.  He has a session scheduled in the recording studio, but says sometimes they quit after five hours in the studio.  If that is the case, then he would have time to drive to the venue, arriving around 4 (we play at 5:30).  We will collapse when we get home.  I think we have nothing planned for tomorrow except grocery shopping and laundry.

Y'all have a good day!

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