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Saturday April 17, 2021

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Good Morning!

Joe, glad you felt better and the vaccine had minimal effect.  Sorry to read about J's BIL.

Dianah, hope you had a good day.

Ted, glad you had a good day as Shift Director.  It's nice to have a string of days off to look forward to.  

BC, bummer about the G-tube getting dislodged.  Should be simple to get it back in but what a pain.  Glad the other BIL got a job.  Things are looking up economically for people but the ever present Covid is making it hard.

J22, good luck with the 10 K today!

Amo, it's fun to get packages from Amazon.  Seems like I get several a week.  

Florida is not one of the many states seeing a rise in covid, but we have over 7,000 cases yesterday.  My county has a good percentage of people vaccinated at about 36% but not enough for herd immunity.  

Republican lead Florida is on the verge of passing an anti-protesting bill.  I'm disgusted that the fundamental most American right of them all...the Right to in jeopardy.  There were protests here last night in response to police shootings and this anti-protest bill.  Good.

Work was stressful but I worked with the nurse's orientee that I replaced and she did a lot on her own.  I had one patient that just would not stop pooping, this despite the fact he has an ileus that I put an NG in.  He pulled out his IV, on and on and on was so high maintenance.  I had another witchy patient which I'm refusing to take back today and asked a coworker to take her.  She is just nasty from the second I arrived.  She got furious when I told her 99.7 wasn't a fever and I was doing nothing about it.  "I'm a nurse and I know that's a fever, call the doctor".  Me:  "No I'm not, we need to track where it's going, and if you are a nurse, you know that surgery causes an inflammatory reaction and the temperature is not static during this time and that is not a fever."   An hour later she was 98.2 and shut up.  I can understand not knowing 99.7 isn't a fever if you're a lay person, and even if you're a nurse, there is no need to be rude.  I believe in universal healthcare and she is young and has no insurance other than the county and the good taxpayers are paying for everything and not that she should kiss our butt, but she can be a bit more thankful for the free care she's getting and be nice.  As I was leaving she was ranting about  not getting a dinner tray.  A reasonable rant but she was off the chain.  I tried to get her food, but had to turn it over to the Shift Director to deal with because the kitchen was closed.  But to me that's Karma biting her butt for being mean.  LOL

Today there's only two nurses on so it's 6:1 ratio...again.

End of rant.  Have a great day.

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Tweety that does sound like a difficult shift, here's hoping today is better

Hi Dianah and NJ22

Ted glad you have a week off after that crazy schedule

BC hope your BIL is released soon

Amo always good to find a doctor that does house calls. 

Work was stressful yesterday.  Started OK, but then had to help our corwoker with her post discharge calls.  Then I got some more people who need to be outreached before the end of the month.  And we're going to get getting some new members any day.  Was feeling overwhelmed for a while.  The day ended well, I think I can get all the work done without things getting too bad.  

After work exercised and relaxed.  Had some chamomile tea, which helped.  Might start doing that more regularly.  Talked to J, his BIL has been discharged home but hospice is only coming once a week, which seems inadequate given the care he needs.  I suggested they seek an order for home heatlh and contact ACS for additional resources

Today  I go to Madison.  Mostly packed, will get coffee then leave shortly afterwards.  Will be on the cool side but sunny.  Will spend most of my time there outside.  Planning to get takeout but might have to eat inside if my room isn't ready in time.  It'll be my first vacation in more than a year



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I completed a 10 k this morning and aside from a slightly sore knee, I feel pretty good. I just got home from a facial, and I think I will try to take a little nap before the grandkids arrive. They are going to hang with us while their mom gets her first COVID shot. 

Tweety, I never understood why people would make such a fuss about the semantics around a fever. Heck, ideas about a 98.6 being normal have changed. When I worked, the usual response to a fever (>100.4) was to get blood cultures. And the ID docs did not want Tylenol given--they wanted to see the pattern of fever. Any temp above baseline got treated with incentive spirometry and instructions to increase activity. 

Joe, I hope you have an enjoyable time in Madison, and hopefully you can dine in comfort. Its so weird to me how hospice varies between locales. 

Whew, Amo your list of follow-ups is crazy. Yes, it would be nice if they could be grouped, as I know getting out is troublesome for you. 

Hi BC, Stars, Dianah, and Ted. Hope you are having a nice weekend. 

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I am currently watching the Braves get Whomp-zoopied by the Cubs. ELEVEN to NOTHING! It's the top of the sixth inning and the Braves have the bases loaded, so Cubs pulled their pitcher out and is sending a new pitcher in. This is a d'sgusting game 'so far'. Oh! At least the Braves are on the board now with their first run in. But, then they got their 3rd out. GADS it is hard to watch when they are not even close to making their score go up. yech.

Sounds like everybody is going through some kind of difficulty these last few days. I have nothing exciting going on here.

I go to have my ears tested next Thursday; I have a Care Credit card I can use for part of it, OR, can use one of the hearing place's options for payment. I will be getting TWO hearing aids and have specified that I can NOT get the kind that fits behind the ears ... my ears aren't "tall" enough to hold a hearing aid, a masks ear-bands, AND my eyeglasses. I don't care if a hearing aid SHOWS, I just want ones that will stay IN! It will be exciting to be able to hear clearly without cupping my right ear with my hand. Hubby says he'll get me an old-fashioned Ear Horn, and I said if I had one, I surely would be using it right now! 

The neighbors had trouble with their water well. The first guy who came to look at it said their pump was burned out and it would cost them around $2,000 or something equally outrageous. They had a different company come over and look at it ... turns out that all it was, was a blown fuse, and very easy and cheap to take care of.  I HATE unscrupulous people like that first guy. Makes it hard to trust anybody!

Well the score is now 13-1 ... three more innings to get 13 guys in at home to win. Yuh. Uh-huh.

I'm outta here for now. Praying we ALL can get a grip and hang on until things get better for us. Which I pray will be SOON!

j22, there are so many times when I am posting, and I click on 'submit' and see you got here just before me! 

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Another cool and rainy day here, but at least it didn't snow!  I was going to volunteer at the vaccine clinic today, but they had an overabundance of nurses so I got the day off.  Fiance and I went out to breakfast, and then hit the garden center.  I got 2 blueberry bushes, a clematis vine, and some other perennials.  I really do have a problem when it comes to buying plants, lol.  We had a bunch of trees cut down this winter and I have a need to fill the empty space.  Later in May my sister and I will have our vegetable plant shopping day.  We couldn't do it last year due to Covid, but we're both fully vaccinated now, so it's on.  BIL was discharged yesterday with his G tube replaced.  He's scheduled for a biopsy on his adrenal gland Wed.  I guess benign adrenal gland tumors are common, so they need to biopsy it.  Then he'll start radiation.  

Tweety-Sounds like a stressful day yesterday.  I find I really have to bite my tongue with the rude, entitled patients.  I hope today is better.

J22-Congrats on running the 10k!  I'm glad you're not too sore.

Joe-Enjoy your vacation!  I agree, it doesn't seem like once a week hospice is sufficient for J's BIL.

Stars-Congrats on getting the hearing aids in the near future.   Any goat news?

Hi to Ted, Amo, Dianah, and any passers by.  Enjoy the rest of your day.

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Ta dah!!!  Put in a pair of earring studs, first time in 2 years. Will have to keep trying for the other holes as my left arm doesn't reach up to my ears too well.

Slept with the new sleep face mask. I think it DID work to keep my mouth closed during sleep.

Still awaiting 1 small item. Like a belated C-mas Day gift, it arrived a little while ago.

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