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Saturday April 6, 2019

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Good Morning!

It's my weekend to work.  Sadly, I'm not expecting  a good day.  Mostly I go in expecting a stressful busy day, as it's the nature of nursing med-surg, try to stay ahead and keep the patients safe and happy and not stress to much but to calmly make it through to the end.  The last two days those days ended after 9pm.  At one point I was up to 7:1 until I discharged patients.  It's all good.  It's a decent paycheck, I travel, and I enjoy my off work time for the most part.  I'm not going to let it stress me out too much.  

BP was a lovely 124/79 last night.  Rarely to I get out of the 130/80's these days.  But staying below the 160/90 that the doc say "someone of your age" should stay below before he prescribes any medication.  

To those that are off, hope you have a great weekend.  

Nel, hope you had a decent day.


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Good Morning -

It's been a few days for me since I typed anything here, it seems. 

Life has been a relatively good-busy. To start, I was On-Call last night and did not get Called-In to work. This provided me a nice opportunity to explore and experiment with my video-editing programs, which I did last night (with phones ready to ring if/when they needed me). I have some pretty decent audio and video editing programs, all with lots of potentially cool editing capabilities. It was nice taking some time and effort re-introducing myself to some of these programs' more advanced features. I also re-introduced myself to an "older" photo/video camera (a Panasonic GH4) that I own. (I've since purchased two "newer" Panasonic GH5 cameras.) I'm deciding whether or not to sell this "older" camera. I haven't used it in a while. BUT, it's STILL a powerful and decent camera which can be used in a 3-camera situation for video-recording.  Decisions, decisions.

Including last night, I've been off from work since Tuesday. I've spent a good portion of that time in front of my computer recording two choir anthems (for the accompaniment) that will be used for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Both anthems are a bit more than I can handle, accompaniment-wise. I just don't have the "playing chops". But I DO have the recording-chops! Besides, it will allow me the opportunity to conduct the choir while they sing to the "recorded musicians". (Ain't the world of modern music-making technology just wonderful?!?!? L O L!) It took a fair amount of time to sequence (record) these two anthems. Additionally, I got together with another composer/musician and started recording one of his songs. I haven't collaborated with another musician like this in a long, long time! He's really quite a prolific song-writer! He's written dozens and dozens of songs. It was a little odd at first. I am so used to being a "lone wolf" to when it comes to music recording, and music-making as a whole. What was nice to experience is that this person is very open-minded to arrangement & orchestration possibilities for his music. What makes the process even easier is that his songs sound nice! I like his style of song-writing. It didn't take long for the two of us to feel at ease with each other with this collaborative music-making effort. We plan on getting together soon, when Amy and I get back from our Ireland/Scotland vacation.

Speaking of vacations. . . We leave for our Ireland/Scotland trip in just a couple of weeks! We're all looking forward to the trip. (Amy and I are going with two of her sisters and two nieces.) Everything is all set; everything is all paid up in full. All we need to do is leave. And, enjoy! My only remaining concern is the whole Brexit fiasco. But, we've been reassured that the worst that can happen is a longer waiting time when leaving from the Republic of Ireland (which will remain in the European Union) to travel to Scotland (which is part of Great Britain). 

I'm scheduled to work tonight and tomorrow night. Then, I'm off Monday and Tuesday nights.

Life, in general, is OK. I still get a knot in my stomach when I think about my Father's passing. It's both sad and somewhat surreal that Dad's not with us anymore. It seems that there will always be those feelings of missing my parents. But then I think to myself, I'm almost 60!! It's all part of life. We all "Meet Our Maker".

I know that each of us, here, has our struggles and sorrows. We also have our joys and celebrations. Believe it or not, despite my inconsistency in posting here, typing and reading the posts on the Daily Diary forum is important to me.

I wish you all well. . . If you're working, I hope that work is kind to you. If you're off this week-end, I hope you find the time to relax and unwind.

Peace. . . 🙂


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Good morning-

The illusionist show we saw last night was excellent.  It was a great blend of comedy and magic, performed in the library room of an old hotel.  We really enjoyed it.  Today will be a house work day.  We have 3 doors to hang and more painting to start.  It is supposed to warm up to the low 60s this afternoon,  so a walk may be in order.

Tweety-I hope work goes well today and you get out at a decent hour.  Glad the BP was normal.

Ted-How nice that you met a kindred spirit to work with on composing and arrangement!  I'm glad that you have your trip to look forward to in a few weeks.  

Hope all are doing well today.

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I want to see a photo, BC!!! I bet you loved beautiful.

Work sucked, Tweety.

I had to do an admission, which arrived at 1920.

We rarely do admissions on night shift. And it would have been okay, except that pharmacy wasn't verifying the patients meds.

I overrode for pain medicine.

But I wasn't going through all that trouble for remainder of night meds.

Called pharmacy twice, who pushed off to the MD, who didn't know what I was talking about, finally called House Supervisor, who should know what is going on, but didn't.

House was zero help.

Finally, finally, pharmacy verified meds at 2245.

I kept the patient informed, and hope they noticed how completely disorganized the place is.

Then my elderly patient, who wasn't prescribed his Seroquel, and had been sent out, for pulling out his Foley, became belligerent and a general ahole.

I spent nearly an hour in his room, trying to get him to either get in bed, or sit in a wheelchair. He wanted to stand, hanging on to the Walker.

I was the bad person, who kept telling him what to do.

I called his wife.

I don't want him back tonight. Nope. Enough is enough.

Hope you are having a decent day, Tweety.

Today is Santa Anita Derby. Twenty-three horses have died in a short time frame at Santa Anita.


I used to love the sport, or I thought I loved it.

In reality, I think I just loved horses, and racing was my introduction to them.

Hope all are safe today, and if not, racing needs to go.



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Tweety hope today isn't too bad

Nell sorry last night was a bad shift

Morning Ted and BC

Busy day at work but still managed to get out on time.  A former manager has let me know her company will begin hiring in a few months, I'm leaning towards applying

Did cooking last night then went to furry bowling.  Was nice though rather a late night.  Was happy that our local NPR station, WBEZ, posted some of the pictures of the last although I was not in any of them.  Most of the article was about a local costume maker

Today will be fairly quiet, will meet dad for lunch.  In the 60s so I will head to a forest preserve to walk.  Might stop at Ikea and check out love seats, going to replace my current one in the next few months

Svengoolie has House of Dracula, which I've seen before but I like enough that I'll watch again

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Hmm, cloudy day here, but rain and gusty winds forecast, no definite plans for the day. Dh has to work part of today. We met for dinner at a local diner--he had his favorite, liver and onions. I had a baked potato and steamed vegetables. I have thrown sheets in the washer, moved some seedlings out to the greenhouse.  

Work was okay. There are some convoluted ways of doing things, not easily remembered or thinking through logically. And when I ask the long-time  nurse, she sort of reinvents how she does things, each time. For example, there are some form letters that are sent to patients, but my coworker rewrites them each time, and then saves it, just in case she wants to reuse it. And she keeps paper copies of everything, but only she understands her "filing system". There are many check-off lists to use, but they are outdated, but everyone just "knows" what to do, so they just cross out what is obsolete and hand write in what they want. Not helpful. But the work is low stress, so I shouldn't complain. 

After reading Ted's post this morning, I've been thinking about my dad. His passing was a relief, because his dementia was so distressing to him. He would wander, and kept "escaping" from his assisted living place. So they moved him to "memory care" and when he saw the severely impaired people, he just sort of lost his will to live. He was fiercely independent, and lived in his own home until 6 months before his death, at age 89. 

Speaking of vacation, dh and I are considering spending a weekend in Seattle, when we go to see Paula Poundstone, He has been working way too much, and I think a get away will let him recharge. 

good day to you all, 



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Good Afternoon to one and all ...

Tweety, Way to go with that BP! Hope work is more tolerable and that you get out on time. I remember frequently staying two hours over to get all the #*&^%%$+@*% redundant paperwork finished. TEDIOUS!

Ted, That is great that you've found someone with whom to co-create music. Willst thou become the next famous writing team? Sigh-man and Garf-Inkle? I was going to say Elton and ?____? but once I thought of it and started to type it in, I blanked out Elton's writing partner's name. Dang, I hate it when that happens.

BCg, I went to see a mentalist at the Exit/In in Gnashville, TN when I lived there. Through out the performance I was hoping, and scared to death he'd land on me about something. Thankfully/sadly, it was a woman at the next table. This mentalist was fairly famous, but once again, his name eludes me. OH! The name was The Great Kreskin...or Kweskin ...I think. Or something very like that.(sigh)

Nel, ain't it always the way that patients being admitted get too many things left off their orders (especially pain meds or sedatives or the sleeping pill they "always" take.) and you have to spend HOURS trying to make things right? Extremely frustrating. Hope the elderly ahole is either gone, or gone, or you don't have to deal with him. Stand your ground and ditch or trade him with a patient on someone else's assignment. / I read about all the horse's deaths at Santa Anita and found it quite distressing. Of course, horse-news always makes me think of you and yours. White cats bring you to mind as well. 

Joe, maybe your former manager will have a gem of a job for you. *fingers crossed*  / We won't be watching any old movies tonight unless there is one on after Nannie's baseball game. After she went to bed last night, I watched Greta Garbo in the film that made her quit Hollywood. It was supposed to be one of those frantic love comedies the 1930's were famous for, and it was kind of a box-office dud. She was kind of ashamed of it, I think they said. Or disgusted. But, I must've enjoyed it enough, for I stayed up watching it until it ended at 1:30 AM.

I seldom think about my Dad, except for how sad it was that he was so ... I dunno ... it's a longish story, but he ended up being an alcoholic, secretly slugging down the whiskey in his workshop after he came home from work most days. It is odd to me that I was the only one of us four kids who knew he was alcoholic, and that his dad committed suicide when he was 10 yrs old, and that he never got to go to college on any of the 3 sports scholarships he was offered. I can't figure out why it was all a surprise to them to find out, after he passed. Now, my Mom, she is always with me, around and inside. Such a treasure to carry within. With both of us being nurses, we talked a lot about death and dying, so had similar views, and comforting views about it. I do miss her, but every time I look in the mirror I can see our similarities. But, Mum, you could've kept your grandmother's chin/jowls from starting to form on your kids after they age past 65...

j22, I have the awfullest impulse to find your co-worker's stacks of paper and fling them ALL up in the air. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shame on me. But good for me that most of my awfullest impulses seldom are acted upon. I do enjoy thinking up stuff, though!

I am envious of all the travels and vacations y'all have had or are planning. Hubby and I hope to wander around in an RV one of these days in the future. That'd be just fine with me. Our 'plan' is to start out  ... oh, the places we will go ...with no particular destination in mind, and see what we can find along the roadways.

Five more days until the dogs have an appt with a new groomer. The last 'new' groomer was a hacker of fur. Hope this one does better, or we will have to go back up to the mountains and get their 'old' groomer to do them up right. 

Four hours until Atlanta whups Miami again. 

See yez!



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Was it a silent movie, Stars? I don't know that I have ever seen a Garbo film.

Wally goes to the groomer on Wednesday. She does a good job, but her appoints are so early!!!

0930, is early for me, as I like to sleep late.

Hope your former manager can cone through for you, Joe.

When I was off last weekend, my coworkers had 10 patients a piece!!!!!

Not only did they not replace me, but they had 10 call-ins on Sunday. And a tech left for lunch, and NEVER returned.

There is a real problem with staff retention, and I understand why.

I know I say it all the time, but the sheer incompetence of the place wears me out.

Change has to be in the wind, but the air is still today.

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