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Saturday April 11 2015

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Stars I hope your DH can find some relief.

Nice day off for me yesterday, met my best friend for brunch downtown, then came home and did the laundry and what little packing I had to do.

Leaving for Madison in an hour or so, looks like the weather will be good. Might rain Sunday but I'll be heading home by then.

Have to say, I'm much less anxious before this trip than I have been in the past. Will be interesting to see how this trip feels compared to previous ones.

Not really scheduling much for this trip, just going to see how it goes and how much time I have. Might rent a bike if it's not too cool/windy, we'll see

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Morning, Joe--hope your trip and your time off is pleasant and enjoyable.

I knew if I waited around a few minutes someone would be posting the Good Morning thread. :yes:

Hubby had a restless night on the recliner. The numbing agent is all gone :bluecry1:. He says that with the Dilaudid, he can't tell that he has taken anything, and that even his upper arm and lower arm hurt. I told him that's why the doc had recommended taking Ibuprofen along with the Dilaudid, for the anti-inflammatory effect. Maybe if he does that, he can get through the weekend a little easier.

I will be removing the catheter in his neck later today and removing the bandage on his shoulder. Will be interesting to see what the incision looks like. I'll cover it with tegaderm so he can shower,which makes him glad; he says he smells like a little boy pig.

Since he is also going to take a laxative (TMI?) I will get MY showering done early, so as to keep the path to the BR clear!

Going to be an 'exciting' day. :laugh: :no:

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NSIME, so sorry dh's pain has escalated.

Kinda to be expected, post ortho surgery AND the numbing wore off... :(

I hope the Ibuprofen and Dilaudid combination helps, and I hope each day the pain will lessen.

Good he has you caring for him!

Joe, enjoy your Wisconsin trip!

Well I thought we might go to the mountains today -- particularly Oak Glen -- but yesterday youngest ds informed us he is being initiated into an honors society (he graduates in June but is essentially done with his classes) today at 1:30.

Well, we will be attending that! :)

I prefer not to attend large gatherings with people I don't know, and dh is the antichrist of Pomp and Circumstance, --- but we are going. :/

I asked dh which society this was, and he replied "I dunno... the Fee-Fie-Fo-Fum or something like that." :D :D

We ARE proud of ds! :)

So I am being lazy this morning (slept in) and will soon get ready to find our way out to the University, get parking token, find where to park and where the event is....

Hope you all have a good day.

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Going to be with step Mom. She may go home today. Sisters and I will take turns being with her. She is talking about hiring a caregiver. That would be good. With the right person it could be great for both of them. She is a smart and good woman. She has a good income and lots of money (compared to me, and I'm OK)

The doctors said they will send her home with appointments so she, hopefully, will have regular medical care.

Until now she has been basically healthy, but falling every other week is not acceptable.

She had been upset that her clothes were cut off in the ER. At least once and hour she said, "Those were my favorite pants. They were purple."

When she turned 70 she gave herself a big party. The band my Dad had played in played music. She wore purple with a red hat and announced that in her professional life she had dressed in conservative colors so in her old age she would wear purple.

I got her an identicle pair of pants at JCP. She doesn't know it yet. She can wear them home.

Well, that will be my day.

i have DH set up to heat up his dinner.

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herring, what a nice gesture to get your stepmom the replacement purple pants! :up:

Hope she go home today and soon can connect with a compatible caregiver.

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Hubby's incision is clean and dry, no redness or swelling, and with just a faint yellowish bruise over where they repaired the bicep tendon.

The ibuprofen with the dilaudid seems to help better, but he has a hard time finding any comfortable position, bed or recliner, in which to really sleep.

The teeny-tiny catheter in his neck came out easy-peasy; he said "tell me when you're going to do it" and I held it out in front of his face because I'd already done it.

We put an old sling on him to use in the shower (rip-stop nylon; dries easily) and boy did he enjoy being in the shower after three days of going without!

We also got his sling/rig readjusted so it feels better, too.

I just asked hubby when he was going to be hungry and both dogs jumped up, looking at me wide-eyed with ears perked. Oh, I said a wrong word! :woot:

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Good Afternoon one and all,


Joe have fun on your short trip.


Stars so sorry to read hubby has had more pain but expected, glad that the Dilaudid and Ibu's are helping some better.


Herring you are such a sweetie.


Dianah have a fun time my friend.


I have had an awesome day although following arthrocentesis of my wrists yesterday have had increased pain but none the less we headed off for a glorious hike with the dogs. Came home and worked out in the yard, mowing done, flowering cherry tree planted, weed eating done and then hubby and I shared a beer out in the sunshine. Dogs have been laying around snoozing but I will give them another game soon enough as hubby and I are going out for a meal and some family time with his sister/boyfriend and his nephew and his wife. I am looking forward in catching up with them.


Hope you all have a blissfully happy day.

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Good evening all!

Pleasant day, reading the Auel series again, just skipping sections as I please (don't really the soft porn descriptions, or how to do flint knapping again). Got up late afternoon, and did another coat on the door I'm refurbishing for my daughter's remodel; then we took the by now smelly bags of lawn rakings to the church dumpster (small congregation, anyone can use it for overflow); then to Taco Bell, and Home Depot. DD wants to garden, and since OCS won't be till October we are building one for her. 120 retaining wall bricks to build a raised area, which we will fill 3/4 with free mulch from the city dump, then top off with potting soil. Retained type gardens, or containers, seem to work best here. The flower one I built for myself 2 years ago was bursting with flowers last summer! In a desert, a 4x6 flower garden is great. The bigger garden out front in my yard that I dug out in 1992 has never done so well, other than a few rose bushes. We will be clearing and digging out a space for her veggie garden this week.

After we unloaded and carried all 107 blocks from the truck into the yard, it was getting dark; so we walked the dogs about 3/4 mile using my head lamp. Then we built a small fire in the chiminea on the patio, and roasted marshmallows.

NoStars, hope hubby feels better soon. My right shoulder corded up during surgery, and after I finally got the ROM back we started the rads, so it is swollen and tender all over again. I totally sympathize, tell him to keep up with the ibuprofen and sling. This too shall pass.

Herring, beautiful about the purple pants, glad you could find the same pair. I get people begging not to have clothes cut off, but sorry, CSpine before chic. (And if you don't want me to cut off your $500 leather duster, you shouldn't have been speeding down a mountain road in the dark, in the rain, without a helmet, on your motorcycle!)

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