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Saturday April 26, 2014

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Good Morning to you all,


Getting ready to head out the door for a hike, looks like it is going to be a beaut day and hopefully the grass will dry out enough for me to mow when we get back home.


House showing tomorrow so of course we will have this place ready to show case.


Great day yesterday, looking forward to a great weekend.


Have a most excellent day.


Much love to you all.


PS will check in later but dogs are getting restless so we are off. LOL

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Good Morning -

Always good to read the the weather is good for you and everyone. Enjoy the hike, Sabby_NC. Also, good luck with the house-showing.

It's raining here, which is a both good and unfortunate. The rain is good for the spring flowers and lawn as they all awaken from a winter's slumber. However, the rain makes for a nasty hike around the area with the dirt road. Did a lot of hiking-exercise yesterday. (Working to get back into some level of physical shape.) Don't have any plans for today. Been trying to get my father who is driving up with his wife from Florida. He must have his cell-phone off so I haven't been able to reach him. He also has not activated his voicemail, yet. (Dad!!!) Teaching him to activate and retrieve his voicemail is on the list of things to do when I seem him. I'm hoping to see him THIS WEEKEND!! I'll try later. I don't have his wife's cell-phone number, unfortunately. I thought I did. (Ugh!) If they're up I hope to visit them today. The day is young, still.

In the meanwhile, Amy is starting her rehearsals for a musical she's in that will be shown later this Summer. It's called, "The Desperate Housewives of Columbia Country" and is an original musical by a local, talented (and unpredictably neurotic) writer. I've seen (and video-taped) his show before. It's quite funny! I'm happy for Amy. It's been a couple of years since she's done a musical. She's also doing another musical, too, for another local theater troupe. She'll be playing Grandma in "The Addams Family"! LOL! Again, I'm very happy for her! Finally, Amy is scratching her favorite "theater itch". LOL! (She's a talented performer and certainly the Diva of our little family! LOL!)

Well, I'm off to get Second Coffee and have some breakfast. In about an hour, I'm gonna try my calling my father. . . AGAIN! (Ugh!)

Peace, folks! :)


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Morning Sabby and Ted.

A cooler day today. Not sure what I'll do, but I know I'll try and take it easy.

Yesterday was nice, got outside early for some birdwatching and saw dad later on. In the evening I went for a bike ride, which was a good idea as I felt a lot better afterwards. Haven't been this active in months, and I'm pretty sure it's a big mistake.

Though it's cold I'll try to ride a bit more today, might head out for another hike if I'm up to it. Might head into the city and to the art museum, or maybe to the arboretum, though given the cold winter I don't think much will be growing.

Have 3 more days off and no reason to rush, I've learned I really need to take time when I can. Otherwise I drive myself to exhaustion.

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Good Morning everybody!

We've had a lot of rain as well. High fluffy clouds now, cool breeze, some blue sky showing. I'm headed out for a walk too.

I'm off call so I'm happy. Not that I don't like my job but having the thought of a hospice call always hovering can be disconcerting.

Have a great Saturday!

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Hi, got back from a yard sale a while ago and just ordered pizza for lunch before I go to work. I continue to try everything possible for my foot, including staying off it as much as possible in anticipation of a long shift on my feet.

Have a great day.

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Hi all,

Mother Nature is confused and thinks it's still March, and not almost May. It's about 39 degrees and raining. It was the perfect excuse to sleep late and the spend the morning in bed with coffee and a book. I did manage to get some laundry done and finish installing my new kitchen floor. I'll be heading to my sister's house soon to see her and my nephews. We'll get some Thai takeout for dinner and I hope to be home in bed by 10.

I'm asking for prayers for a friend's son, who tried to commit suicide by Tylenol overdose yesterday. He's alive, but in liver failure. My hear breaks for him and his family.

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How very sad, BCgradnurse!

Prayers going out for the boy and his family.

Hello to all.

We helped with music this morning and then I took dh over to an antique shop to examine a dresser I purchased almost 2 weeks ago.

It won't fit in the Mini or in ds's Yaris.

Tomorrow we will borrow a friend's Expedition and pick it up.

While we were there, dh found a wind-up (hand crank) old record player (plays only 78s) in a tall (about 4 ft tall) cabinet.

He fell in love with it and as it was half-price, we purchased it.

I told him it was wireless, lol! (it IS! No electricity!!)

Have been online and purchased new needles for it and a couple 78 records.

He should have fun with it.

It was probably built between 1911-1914. Very cool.

We need to pick it up tomorrow too.

Kittens and Mama are doing well (Mama looks tired!).

They should open their eyes today...

We are down to one bathroom for four adults, as the kittens are in their box in the second bathroom.

We thought Mama would feel more secure in her own room, no worries about the other cats cruising by to check out the kittens.

It rained last night and we have nice fluffy clouds today.

There is fresh snow in the mountains but as the temps are predicted to hit the high 80s and low 90s next week, you know the snow won't last long.

Y'all have a good one!

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Good afternoon to all my AN friends.

We had a relaxing morning, watched some netflix shows (we cancelled cable last week) and then straightened up a bit and now working on the laundry. I am in between loads so I thought I would drop by and say hello.

Prayers going out to the family of the boy who tried to commit suicide (and for him also). That is a difficult situation for all involved. Hoping the boy will recover and get some help.

Not much planned this weekend. We were planning on going to the movies but we have a list of movies we want to watch on Netflix and on other channels in our Roku streaming device. Why spend $ at the movies when we have so many we can watch at home (basically for free)? We do enjoy going to the movies, eating popcorn, etc. But I took a cherry pie out of the oven an hour ago and that sounds much better than popcorn right now. :yes: Maybe we'll throw a pizza in the oven too and have a night in. We'll see. Better go check on the laundry.

Wishing all a wonderful weekend.

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Good evening (or morning) to you all. Had a lovely day as we decided to drive down to Kool April Nights and check out all the cool cars. Had Thai food which Spidey and I loved but poor dh didn't . . .to be fair, his meal was very bland. I was surprised and disappointed because we'd really encouraged him about the food. We go to this place often, Spidey and I.

Photos up on FB of our day including Spidey admiring a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird . .he was taking photos and the owner and his wife were watching and smiling. The husband came over and asked Spidey if he'd like to get behind the wheel! Oh yes. He was in heaven.

Sipping wine now - it was a good day.

BC, very sorry to read about your friend's son though.

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