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sabotage by coworker

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I was recently called to have a meeting with a supervisor and the administrator of my facility. i was told that the meeting was about an issue I was aware of, and then when I got to the meeting it started with "first we'd like to address". the meeting apparently had duel purposes. I was reported by a fellow co-worker whom they would not name for a very serious allegation that involved supposedly reporting the facility to an authorative board for infractions and had taken evidence to prove my case. I was blind sided and the language that I supposedly used I had never even heard of, I had to ask what it was to even know if i had done the allegation. I of course did not, and was so mind blown that someone would make up a complete lie, truly fabricated in every way. I left the meeting shaken and now my mind is tore up when I work. I work in a facility with a small group of people on a regular basis that intermingle with others from other depts. Now I feel like even if I am doing everything on point that doesnt matter, because anyone can just make up what ever they feel like and not be confronted on malicious behavior. Stressed out at work and I love my pt population, this place fits my daycare schedule, and my financial stability is supported by the income. ????

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This sounds like a Very Frustrating Sitution and my Heart goes out to you, Sissybee.

This Situation also sounds like an Administrative Technique that I've Experienced a Few Times in the Past; Sort of a "Bait and Switch Routine". Unfortunately this Technique works because, it takes the Accused Individual Off-Guard, or as you said, "Blind Sided".

Since the Three Incidents that I can recall resulted in Favorable Circumstances for me, I'll inform you of how I handled them.

I made it known, in all Three Circumstances that, since the Original Reason for the Meeting was not the Topic of Discussion, I Requested that I be Properly Allowed to Appropriately Prepare for the New Topic. My Request was Denied in all Three Circumstances, so I made it Known that All Information pertaining to any Matter at Hand would be Objectively Documented with Chain of Command Informed and/or a Grievance Filed.

One Situation as not unlike yours, in that, I was never informed of, or allowed to face, my Accusers. When Administration refused to Relinquish any Information, I said, "Okay, then- Can this Marriage be Saved? Should I start Looking for Another Job?" Ironically, the Two Administrators I was Meeting with just about Fell All Over Themselves Assuring me that Our Marriage could be Saved.

I Realize you probably don't have the Same Freedom as I, Sissybee, as you Mentioned "Daycare" and Such. Perhaps you could Temper a Technique using my Approach that is More Favorable to your Own Particular Circumstances.

In Another Situation, after Three Failed Attempts to have my Case heard, I just said, "Okay, then. I Quit!" I turned in my Two Week Notice, applied for, and Won, Unemployment Benefits.

With the Other Situation, I Walked Out of the Meeting, saying "I can't handle this right now", was Suspended with Pay, and allowed to Transfer to Another Department upon my Return to Work.

I Realize I've given you a Lot of Information, Sissybee, that May or May Not Pertain to your Specific Circumstances, but Hope they will give you an Idea of what can be Achieved.

If you would like to Discuss this in More Detail, I'd be Open for That or Feel Free to PM me, if you wish.

The Best to you, Sissybee

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