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RIP Tommy DeVito, 92, of the Four Season, died 9/22

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One of the founding group members of the fabulous doo-wop group, Four Seasons, died of Covid19 in Nevada. He was being hospitalized.

The Four Seasons, one of the premier 1960s doo-wop groups, rank right up there with Johnny Maistro and the Crests. I grew up cutting my teeth on these groups!

The Four Seasons story was presented in the Broadway show, Jersey Boys. I read where a character in the movie, Goodfellas, was named for him by actor friend, Joe Pesci.

May he RIP.

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Gosh, I saw The Four Seasons at a supper club in Framingham, Mass...in maybe, ? 1972...! 

When I was working on the Spinal Cord Unit on White-9, at MGH, in "Bawsten" Mass.,the Activities Director took 6 wheelchair patients ( 3 quads and 3 para's) and 3-4 nurses on an outing one night, and it was so much fun! The Four Seasons group, naturally, was excellent and put on a very good show, good  at stage patter and tete'te's between each other in the group, and with members of the audience. I hadn't thought about that in a long time.

R.I.P. Tony DeVito

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