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RIP Stuart Damon, actor, General Hospital

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Actor Stuart Damon, 83, died yesterday of renal disease per family. I believe most will remember him as Dr Alan Quartermain on General Hospital during the good 'ole days.

He did multiple other roles, but I also remember him as Prince Charming in the TV Rodgers & Hammerstein version Cinderella movie with Lesley Ann Warren. Was 1965 or so.

He was one good looking guy!

May he RIP.

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Dr Quartermain was on GH forever! I remember having to watch GH w/ my PD patient way back in 1983 or so, when I worked 3-11. That was the patient who wouldn't allow you to talk unless there was a commercial on, lest she lose some of the very important dialog!

Before that I was totally ignorant of any of the soap operas. In fact when I heard co-workers at a new job in 1974, gossiping about all these people, like "he said" and "she said", well,  *I* thought they were talking about family and or neighbors! I was secretly horrified about how the folks they were talking about acted, and then a week or so later I finally realized it was ALL about the soaps. DUH!

Rest in Peace "Doctor-Prince" Stuart Damon.

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