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RIP to so many

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Sorry - I've lost my post. Need to come back to complete it.

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In nsg, I learned that many folk somehow manage to pass away AFTER the holidays - so it seems like there's an abundance of deaths around this time of year. I guess as we read of so many expirations, we are reminded of our own mortality, esp in these uncertain times of health pandemics.

RIP to singer Mary Wilson, one of the original members in the group, the Supremes. Extremely popular and award winning songstresses in the '60s, '70s and beyond.

RIP to actress Cecily Tyson, extraordinare for her riveting roles in poignant pieces like 'Sounder'.

RIP to actor Christopher Plummer, iconic actor in stage and movies, esp as the father in 'Sound of Music'.

RIP to actor Hal Holbrook, talented roles on TV, movies & stage. Trivia - husband to TV actress, Dixie Carter, the classy sister on 'Designing Women'.

RIP to coach John Cheney, legendary collegiate basketball coach at Temple Univ in Philadelphia.

RIP to athlete Hank Aaron, baseball Hall of Famer for his talent &   skills while breaking thru racial barriers in prof baseball.

RIP to Larry King, political columnist & reporter for TV and social media. Trivia - late nite TV infomercials.

RIP to TV actor Dustin Diamond, character Screech, on TV 'Saved by the Bell'.

It took the recent death of Dustin Diamond to kind of shake me into the reality that all the other persons were of advanced age, but Dustin was only 44 yo and died of very aggressive stage IV sm cell lung carcinoma. Only 44 yo to be so ill and then to die. He had just been diagnosed.

I guess there is no truth to the adage, 'death takes a holiday'.

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