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RIP Joseph E Lowery

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Reverend Lowery helped desegregate buses and public places in Mobile, Alabama before Rosa Parks didn't give up her seat in Montgomery. He was co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Congress and continued his activism all his life.

He was born the same year and month as my Dad. Because he traveled a lot I heard him speak in many school auditoriums over many years. I confess that I noticed that he shaved his face except for a mustache, a little place left unshaven just under his lower lip, and a small beard UNDER his chin. I didn't notice it the first few times,.


Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, Civil Rights Leader and King Aide, Dies at 98

Mr. Lowery helped found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and gave the benediction at President Barack Obama’s inauguration.



The Rev. Joseph E. Lowery, second from left, helped lead a civil rights and antiwar march in Atlanta in 1970. Also present was Coretta Scott King, fourth from left.Credit...Associated Press

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A deserving acknowledgement nod to his participation in such a momentous movement. May he  RIP.

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