RIP Charly Pride

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Charley Pride died of COVID-19 today. He was 86.

Just last month he received the Country Music Awards  Lifetime Achievement Award:

Like many others I enjoyed his music. Growing up my first 12 years in Oklahoma country music is a favorite. My jazz trumpeter Daddy made fun of it. My Grandma told him, "If you didn't want your kids to like country music, you shouldn't have married a girl in Oklahoma."

Years later when we went 'home' to visit family my cousin's first husband looking for a record to play asked my uncle, "Don't you have any Soul Music? You know the music of Black people."

Uncle answered, "Sure I do. I have Good Ole Charley Pride and Fats Domino." (He had ALL their albums AND his favorite, Johnny Cash. 

Dolly Parton remembers Charley Pride in heartbreaking post: 'We will always love you'

This article includes a short biography: 



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My country lovng parents lived him and had some if his records.  I didn't inherit their live of country but really like his crossover hit Kiss An Angel Good morning".



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