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Refugees from Syria

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Turkey to speed process of letting Syrian refugees work Turkey hosts nearly 1 million people who have fled the civil war in neighboring Syria. Caring for the refugees has cost the Turkish government more than $3 billion to date.


GENEVA (AP)-More than 145,000 Syrian refugee families in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan are headed by women who are the sole caregivers and face daily threats of violence while often lacking the means to put food on the table, the United Nations said Tuesday in a report meant to galvanize more support for those suffering from Syria's civil war.


Syria refugees set to exceed a third of Lebanon's population

Derbas said the total was expected to hit 1.5 million by the end of the year, an excessive burden for a country of just 4 million people.


Syrian refugee children in Lebanon forced to seek work - in pictures


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I took care of a Syrian woman a few weeks ago. She left to come to the US well before things spiraled out of control. Most of the rest of her family lives in a region that has not seen as much fighting and bloodshed as others but they still hear firefights almost daily, she told me. Several friends and distant relatives have died. I got tears in my eyes as she told me details.

I can see why people want to leave.

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Good thing their neighboring countries don't meet them at the border with screams and angry flags insisting that they go home. Oh wait, those aren't Christian nations...

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