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Ramblings of a time traveler

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During the past week, I've felt like I transmogrified through time and space to different universes...

Ramblings of a time traveler

First, I moved through The Travel Universe, populated by many peoples with unfamiliar faces, all intent on changing locations.

Second was The Orlando Universe, staffed by a great allnurses.com crew trying to make "home" out of unfamiliar digs. Previously, I knew only usernames on a computer page. Now, the names could be attached to a live, animated breathing thinking person!

We drew together as family for a common purpose. That purpose, however, changed as the wind blew and the temperatures and humidity rose:

Were we Wal*Mart stockers in another life, ensuring the booth was arranged and stocked to the nth degree?

Were we circus hawkers, bellowing out "Step right up, folks, and see something you've never seen before . . . from the wilds of Africa to the Irish moors to the far-flung reaches of Tazmania . . . "??

Were we age-challenged party animals at night, after tending the booth during the day?

Gourmands who sought inspiration in each new chef's creation???

Another Travel Universe scooped me up on Friday and I sat once more among strangers, comfortably racing along at 400 miles per hour, at 38,000 feet in the air (I try not to dwell on those statistics, though; keep telling myself "it's a movie camera, only a backdrop").

Just before descending for a final landing at my home airport, we cruised above and then through high cloud banks that looked for all the world like giant white cotton candy, wispy tendrils curled around.

My weekend activities centered around The Universe of The Band: practice and a program and providing music for a wedding reception and then jamming around a campfire, woodsmoke smell wafting into every fiber of clothing.

Friends joking together between songs, learning new tunes, harmonies floating through the cool night air.

(We called the Port-a-Pottie [rented from Pat's Pots] The Haunted Chamber, for when one goes there at night, with little pocket flashlights that dangle from a hook inside and wave their weak, blue-white beams back and forth in the darkness while Bizness gets done, all sorts of spectres rear up in one's imagination!!!)

Monday the Universes all faded into memories as Home Reality hit and hit hard.

Chores to be done, laundry to be washed, dried, folded and put away;

Grocery list to be formulated, items purchased then put away;

Moderating resumed in earnest;

Emails answered;

Bills paid;

Sons to be reacquainted;

Cycle of routines to begin again.

Today, I returned to The Work Universe, feeling strangely detached and disconnected to my co-workers, the beings who inhabited the Universe in my absence. I recognize the feeling, familiar after each vacation adventure, no matter which other Universe I have come from.

Those who remained in The Work Universe experienced their own adventures (yes even at work) without me, as I have traveled alternate Universes without them.

It will take a few days but we will mesh together again and ride out the adventures that occur at work.

Fictional time travelers got nothin' on us!!! 😄 😄

CA girl, born in Hawaii, raised in Northern CA, live in So. Cal last 35 yr.

4 Followers; article_pluralized; 68,036 Visitors; 16,044 Posts

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Excellent and entertaining read, Dianah!

Thank you! :)

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Thank you for sharing this humorous piece, Dianah!

BTW, I enjoyed meeting you at NTI and finally attaching a living, breathing face to a user name after all these years!

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