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??? r/t medicare pending medicaid

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Greetings! I am asking for help but unsure if any one here can help. I will give you a snapshot of the issue, and if you can not help perhaps you can tell me who can.

My mother (x) is in a nursing home in CT. She is on medicare, pending medicaid. All her assets have been liquidated. Recently she has been having pain, She had an ultrasound done, and bloodwork. This revealed gallstones. They are stating that surgery needs to be asap, but it is not emergent. We told them to have her shipped to the ED to have it examined and taken care of if necessary. They told us they would only ship her if she was in severe pain. They are telling us we are responsible for getting her back and forth to all pre op and op appts. They stated she is not eligible for transport, unless we pay them approx 175.00 per trip. I am figuring about 3-4 trips. SO the issue is, who is responsible? My line of thinking says it is them because they are RESPONSIBLE FOR HER MEDICAL CARE.

1. If one of us takes her, it involves taking A LOT of time off from work. (again)

2. She would need to be transferred approx 10 times per visit.

3. She is very heavy and does little to help with transfer making this a safety issue for all involved.

4. What would the do in the case of no family being involved, say we all lived in Alaska?

I am not trying to shirk any responsibilities here, if I have to bring her I will do so. It just seems like they are bending the facts in their own direction. Does not make any sense to me, and I can not get a straight answer out of anyone over there. Anyone I speak with has a different answer to the same question. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!



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I'm in IL so the Medicaid rules might be different. Our nursing homes have to transport their patients to/from doctor's appts. Now, if for instance the NH van is broken or something, the family is responsible.

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