8 Questions About Birth Control to Ask Your Gynecologist

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If you haven’t taken birth control before, you may be scared to think about how they can affect your body.

8 Questions About Birth Control to Ask Your Gynecologist

Even if you have already used some contraceptive method when you switch to a new one you will probably be worried about whether the body will manage to cope with the changes. 

All your anxiety can be eliminated by talking with your gynecologist, but sometimes you can just forget all the topics that concern you. We have collected several important questions that you need to ask your gynecologist in order not to regret choosing a contraceptive method:

1. Which Method Works Best?

The first thing you should clarify when you decide which method to choose is which one will work best in a particular situation. Usually, doctors prescribe certain contraceptives depending on what your estrogen and progestin levels are. If you recommend a method without analysis, it makes sense to contact another doctor. 

The situation of each patient is individual and a template appointment simply does not exist. In some cases, best gynecologists in queens can even use a combination of hormonal drugs, such as oral contraceptives and a patch.

2. How Effective Is This Method?

Before using a new method, be sure to find out the indicators of its effectiveness. You can read things on Google but it’s the professionals who know the latest research better. This information is extremely important because your chance to get pregnant depends on how well you follow the instructions. In addition, some drugs in combination with contraceptives may reduce their effectiveness.

3. When Will the Birth Control Begin to Function?

Hormone-based drugs become effective after one menstrual cycle, while others take effect immediately. Be sure to check with your doctor when the contraception will begin to act, how soon it will affect your menstruation, and when the hormones will balance.

4. How Much Attention the Contraception Will Require?

If you consider yourself confused or too busy to constantly think about contraception, you should definitely inform your doctor about this. Your participation in contraception can vary from having to take pills every day or changing patches every week. When choosing a method, you should be honest with yourself. 

Are you ready to invest as much effort as the instruction requires? If you cannot make a commitment to take something every day, perhaps the pill is not suitable for you.

5. What Happens If You Miss a Day?

It is important to ask your doctor what the consequences will be if you forget to change the patch or take the pill. Mistakes happen and you need to understand what methods of emergency contraception  you can use. For example, if you have problems with taking synthetic hormones then plan B is not suitable for you and you need to consider another method.

6. What Side Effects Should Be Expected?

Like most other medicines, birth control pills can have side effects such as brown spots, painful nipples, and migraines. Everyone has a different reaction, so you need to know in advance from the doctor what you may encounter when using the new method. If you find that side effects do not suit you, it's time to find a new method of contraception.

7. What Are the Additional Benefits?

Many people use contraceptives not only to prevent pregnancy but also to get rid of painful menstruation or overcome acne. Talk to your doctor about your medical history to find a solution that will bring you more benefits.

8. What Else Will Need to Be Used for Contraception?

Birth control pills are very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy, but they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The same goes for intrauterine devices, and vaginal rings, so you should consider this when taking birth control. In order to effectively deal with STDs, you definitely need to use a condom or latex wipes during sex.

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article_pluralized; 3,039 Visitors; 6 Posts

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