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Question: how not to be distracted by girls as male nursing student

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I'm almost 30, and am a few exams and an application away from nursing school. I've done all my pre-reqs online. I realized I focus a lot better on my own (in online classes) than I do in physical classes. And, I believe it's because I used to have urge to constantly socialize. Recently, I made a big change in my life. Stopped working at a bar, stopped hanging out at bars, and realized I was working at bars all this time just for my social life, and not my future.

What I'm worried about is that I'll see a cute girl in class and then my life will spiral back out of control. Dramatic I know, but I thought I had an alcohol problem until I realized I was just drinking because I was just nervous around girls at bars. I haven't been drinking since I quit, but I know it's mostly because I stopped dating around and am solely focused on school and me myself.

If anyone has gone thru nursing school, and maybe even seen someone they had a huge crush on, but was able to let go and focus on school instead, I'd love the advice

At the beginning of my college career, I failed a class because of the fights between me and my ex. I guess, in the past, my relationships were more important than to me than school. And, they still are, but, I realized I'll be better for people once I get through school. School is just so important to me, so I thought I might ask how other men (or women) deal with distractions like dating or just the natural urge to pursue a relationship during school. Maybe I can have the mindset I had when I had a girlfriend. I wasn't focused on other women at all. My ex just happened to drain my energy anyway.

Also, I don't even wanna worry about being attractive. Like, I don't wanna cut my hair or shave, because I feel like I'll only do it for attention from a girl. And, school isn't about that. Maybe I'm just overthinking this (I worry a lot), but I've been doing so good since I left the bar scene. The potential of getting to know a girl used to have me drinking all night and ruining the next day due to a nasty hangover. I don't want the same thing to happen in school, again. :/

I mean, school is different now. I feel I found my calling, so maybe I won't be as irresponsible as I was 10 years ago when I first tried university. And guys, even if you did date during nursing school, it would be cool to hear those stories too. Thanks guys :)

Some of my hobbies are riding my bicycle, going for walks, lifting weights, and watching movies, if that helps with perspective Lol.

p.s. I looked around the site for advice on this topic, but all I found were people instead encouraging dating while in school. I'm almost positive I can't and won't. I'm not like other students. I usually have to do twice the work because it takes me longer to study than most.

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Then do it ... the only person who can control your behavior is you. There's no magic bullet that will change your impulses so that you don't have to bother with making a choice. If dating tends to be distracting for you, then don't date. If you start feeling deprived, it's helpful to remind yourself that it's just while you're in school.

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