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  1. RobbiRN

    The Meg's Bloopers

    I agree with you on predicable and kind of lame, but there were a lot of quirky humor moments that made me laugh more than I expected. Still amazed such basic trauma inaccuracies got by their people. Of course, they did have to pay for all those high tech gadgets and fish chase scenes, so they probably couldn't come up with $50 for a simple medical check.
  2. RobbiRN

    The Meg's Bloopers

    I enjoyed "The Meg" last night, the new Jaws genre wicked-big-fish movie. $175 million to produce a fun movie with all kinds of cool high tech stuff, but they couldn't pay a nurse a few bucks to make sure they had no major medical bloopers. Pretty blonde Lori gets impaled by a sharp metal object when Meg attacks a submarine. A few minutes later, the person monitoring her health physio feed announces: "Her blood gasses are dropping." ("Um, all of them?") After his exam back the marine biology station, the doc states that the left upper abdomen puncture wound "just missed her liver." ("Duh, was that because it went right through her spleen?") Good times at the movies! Call me next time; I'll screen it for free.

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