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  1. I know 30 seems old to you, but it's not in terms of fertility. I didn't start having children until 30. Had my last at 41. Lol. I know!!! What a shocker!!! My youngest is a perfectly healthy baby boy. Mom to 3 boys here.

    I would not be pregnant in nursing school. It's too much, trust me on that. Had a miscarriage in nursing school. Being pregnant was hard first of all. The exhaustion and nausea were awful. The miscarriage was terrible. I had clinicals and tests while I was having the miscarriage and immediately after when I was a mess trying to grieve. I wanted to give up and quit. Fortunately I had a professor who wouldn't let me.

    Graduate, get a job, then get pregnant when you build up FMLA time. It's not awful to have a baby at 30, I promise!!!!

  2. My plan is do to Keto to drop the initial weight. Then to do low carb. Then, go to clean eating.

    I've read about carb cycling which is another thought once I get off the initial weight.

    I feel like a certain amount of daily carbs are needed. Especially for some quick fuel. I want to get back into weight lifting. I'm just so depleted right now, I couldn't imagine cardio or lifting.

    We will see. I'm going through the initial phases so I'll be anxious to see where I am in 30 days.

  3. I just started. My problem with the whole thing is all the conflicting info out there. There's no standard to it, it seems. Everybody and their brother has made a YouTube video about it, and one group will tell you one food is a definite no, then others will say it's ok as long as you watch your carbs.

    I feel very sluggish right now and have a huge headache and have for the last week. I know it will pass, but this is the hard part.

    I've dropped almost 5lbs in my first week. I know it's all water. I keep my calories 1200-1400 and I'm intermittent fasting with it. I can go 14-16 hours fasting before I have to eat.

  4. Yeah, after 6 surgeries for endo and having PCOS my period has never been spiritual for me unless you count the hours I've spent rolling around and screaming on the floor from cramps. It took a while to find a gynecologist that would diagnose me with both Pcos and endo.

    My endo was so bad it traveled into my stomach and rectum. It took my ovaries twisted them and attached them to my bladder. Fun times.

    My bleeding has been so bad my last two periods I'm now anemic. I have to take iron supplements. It was not spiritual to soak completely through tampons every 30-45 minutes for 24 hours straight.

    I hate my period and have been contemplating a hysterectomy.

  5. Well that is very hard to understand. Lol. It looks like to me the board can't discriminate for application purposes and also can't come after a nurse for freedom of speech. What I'm thinking it applies to is coming after somebody for say social media posts? They can say it has to do with their religion.

    What I'm gathering is this has to do with that nurse that was fired in Canada and had charges brought by the board for exercising her viewpoint on social media.

    No where in there does it state a nurse can refuse care if a patient based on their religious beliefs.

  6. Can I ask why you think a Republican government would do that when generally their stance is less government is better. The democratic stance is the more government, the better.

    I truly wouldn't worry. To me, it's a needless worry as I know most of my info is being bought and sold all the time. It's why I get targeted emails and ads on the internet. And in my mailbox for that matter. It doesn't change the way I live my life one bit.


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