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  1. WestCoastSunRN

    How will history judge us?

    Agreed! That was so well written that I wish I could simply recite all those words to the peeps in my world who need to be challenged by them.
  2. WestCoastSunRN

    How will history judge us?

    I hear what you're saying, but for me... this whole immigration thing has allowed me to feel more optimistic about our country. Here's why ... MOST people -- including Trump supporters -- know this zero-tolerance business is wrong and are willing to be vocal about it. This might be the first time I have seen significant opposition to Trump from his own followers. Trust me I've been waiting for it -- kept thinking people would see the writing on the wall. FINALLY -- a fair number of his own supporters have been seriously shaken by this. So I hate what is happening at the border and I feared something like this from how he talked before he was elected. But my heart is warmed, just a little, at the thought that maybe the bulk of Americans CAN agree on something and something pretty important to the long-held values of this country.
  3. WestCoastSunRN

    How will history judge us?

    The difference here is that EVERY border crosser is being criminally prosecuted. INCLUDING asylum seekers. This is new. It started in April. First time offenders are being prosecuted and deported instead of just sent away. Assuming positive intent, at best it was a 'that'll show 'em" attempt at scaring people from coming here. In your quote you are grouping first-time crossers, asylum seekers and known criminals (violence, robbery, drugs) in the same category -- like the current administration started doing in April with Zero-Tolerance. Do you really believe they should all be handled the same way? There are so many problems with that. 1. It's VERY expensive!!!! 2. It stresses an already stressed judicial system. 3. It stresses an already stressed child sponsorship/foster system. 4. It goes against what MOST Americans believe is morally right -- we still do live in a democracy? 5. It scarily sets broad-brush power precedents toward vulnerable populations that frankly could become quite dangerous. 6. It is EXPENSIVE!!! And not to mention the obvious detriment to the kids that those of us who are weak and have bleeding hearts keep blabbering on and on about -- because hey, why weren't we outraged before??? Because what was happening before is not what is happening now. That is a fact. What is happening now is called Zero-Tolerance -- which I pretty lamely tried to describe above. Look, I'm not a sweet, soft purring kitten -- not a snowflake and my heart doesn't bleed as much as it probably should.... but this whole zero tolerance thing is wrong. I don't like thugs. They should be prosecuted and kicked out of the country if they don't belong here. Parents of kids running away from shootouts and unimaginable violence and poverty are not thugs. C'mon, there's no comparison and the penalties shouldn't be the same.
  4. WestCoastSunRN

    How will history judge us?

    I don't care if it was the Four Seasons, children were separated from their parents. It was a big-league bad move. And it was very UN-American.
  5. WestCoastSunRN

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    This thread, tho! ahhhhh. I needed a little levity in my day. To the OP, no disrespect meant to you, at all. I think AN is probably not the best forum for soul-baring, spiritual introspection of any kind -- but that's just me.