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  1. compassionresearcher

    Most Unusual Side Job

    It's nursing related, but I was paid to be the nurse on set for an episode of Rachael Ray because of a segment where they had audience members using BBQs as part of a contest.
  2. compassionresearcher

    Help me resolve my feelings about a very small engagement ring.

    What ended up happening with this? Did you tell him? Did you marry him?
  3. compassionresearcher

    Breast CA treatment side effects

    Yes, please pray. Thank you.
  4. compassionresearcher

    Breast CA treatment side effects

    My family member is receiving Adriamycin/Cytoxin for breast CA. On Neulasta for low WBCs but she is also very anemic. I asked doc about Epogen and he said they don't give both because they do "the same thing". I am not an oncology nurse so I was hesitant to question further. My understanding is one increases WBCs and the other RBCs, so why not give both? Anyone out there that can give me a clue as to what is the right thing to do? Hgb=8 right now and she is very uncomfortable.

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