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    Feeling tooken advantage of

    I have been an LPN for almost 8 yrs, working in the same ltc facility for almost 5. Only got 2 71 cent raises. I had a baby in August of last year and cashed in all my vacation and sick time because they don't offer maternity leave. When I asked the hr person for my time I had negative vacation and sick time. I asked her how was that even possible she just shrugged her shoulders and said I don't know they must've overpaid you. I went back and forth with her for a couple of weeks writing for coporate to respond and when they did my hours still seemed wrong. Now I went on vacation the hr person gave me my time and the hrs are still negative. I'm really thinking about calling the labor board this is so unfair on top of the fact that I make what a new grad makes, constant staffing issues. Feeling burned out 😣😔😔😔😔😔 if it weren't for the patients whom I love so much I would've quit along time ago, but for some reason I feel like they need me. What am I to do?