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  1. morelostthanfound

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    I intensely HATE that the wealthy and celebrities have access to COVID-19 testing while the rest of us have nothing!
  2. morelostthanfound


    Maybe for the same reason(s) that the Mueller investigation results were kept off limits and how the numerous Trump scandals and controversies have been effectively buried by his fixers.
  3. morelostthanfound

    What do you INTENSELY DISLIKE?

    His impetus for doing so (lifting restrictions) is motivated less by his concern for the nations' health and more by his upcoming reelection bid and the fact that six of his highest grossing properties have been shuttered due to the pandemic.
  4. morelostthanfound

    Presidential Election 2020

    I don't refer to COVID-19 as "Trump's virus". I refer to Trump himself as a virus, infecting America and causing disease, upheaval, and unrest!
  5. morelostthanfound

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Statistical trends are often misinterpreted, skewed, or fail altogether to factor in important variables that play pivotal roles in depicting the country's true economic picture. Sadly, the lived reality for many Americans does not reflect such a 'rosy' picture of financial security and millions are left behind, struggling to just live hand to mouth. Trump's economic policies, by and large, have not been favorable for the middle class. Even if our economy was as robust as the Trump cult believes, with all of the environmental depredations, what will be left of the earth for future generations?
  6. morelostthanfound

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    'Successful' is a relative term and I'm curious what your definition might be? As I see it, the hallmarks thus far of his administration are; having colluded with foreign despots, having reversed a number of significant environmental protections, having gutted important regulatory agencies and social programs that serve as safety nets for our most vulnerable citizens, appointed high level positions to completely incompetent, GOP campaign donors-i.e. Betsy DeVos, Gordon Sondland (which compromise our national security), failed diplomacy, and generally acting with a complete lack of civility or decorum. 'Successful'? Sure, in the cult of Trump or to one of his many sycophant plants?
  7. morelostthanfound

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    After watching Trump's speaking engagements and hearing his many comments, early on, I made up my mind that this man is a dim bulb. He comes as uninformed, inarticulate, coarse, confused, and honestly, just dumb-such an embarrassment to our country.
  8. morelostthanfound

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Yes! I feel that any reported uptick in the economy or in the national employment numbers, are either happenstance or are spill over effects from previous administrations. I'm not convinced that DJT, having lost millions, filed bankruptcy numerous times, and been involved in the establishment of a sham university, has any real business acumen, diplomacy, or negotiation skills. 'Art of the Deal"; What a fraud! All this man has is a lot of money and 'fixers' at his disposal.
  9. morelostthanfound

    Leaving Nursing?

    I know this topic is sometimes addressed on the yellow side, but asking here; Does anyone ever think of transitioning out of nursing altogether to another career/job? Do you personally know of or heard of any nurses who have? In five-six years, though I won't quite be at retirement age, I'm seriously thinking of hanging up my hat and doing something completely unrelated. Then, I'll have been an RN for almost 35 years and although I've been blessed and nursing has been pretty good to me, I'm tired and really think I would prefer something else that is less stressful, more predictable, and that I don't take home with me. I know that my salary (and likely my Social Security) will take a hit and not sure I could afford it but....? Ideas...thoughts...regrets?
  10. morelostthanfound

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Personally, the politics of the last two decades (but especially DT's administration) has had a very personal and profound (corrosive) effect upon me. The corruption, greed and avarice of so many of our elected "officials" have effectively wrested control of our democratic processes and we are no longer a government of the people, by the people, for the people. I am dismayed and see little hope for America-it has become a joke among other countries and a shadow of its former self. I did have a small glimmer of hope with the impeachment proceedings, but increasingly, it's looking like Cadet Bonespurs, with the help of his criminal friends, will sweep yet another controversy under the carpet and then it will again be 'business as usual' in Washington. Alas our country
  11. morelostthanfound

    Icebreaker #2

    I love traveling too Fran. My wife and I would like to retire early (though we can't really afford to) and travel on the very cheap. At almost 54 yo, I just don't think I have it in me to work another 13 years to make it to full retirement age. I have any thought of transitioning to a career outside of medicine/nursing but have no idea what that would be or the feasibility, but I do like the idea!
  12. morelostthanfound

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Unfortunate victims in Trump's red herring attention-diverting ploy that also served to appease his defense contractor donors/billionaire friends!
  13. morelostthanfound

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    After all that's been said and done, I'm still try to wrap my head around how Trump could have any supporters left? He has proven beyond any doubt that he is an ill-informed, irrational, vindictive, petulant, child man, as well as being an unpatriotic draft dodger. Add to that is the fact that his policies seem to only benefit him, his criminal friends, and the 1%. What am I missing?
  14. morelostthanfound

    What I miss?

    Wow-yes I would miss living in such close proximity to Yellowstone NP also. What a great way to unwind/decompress!
  15. morelostthanfound

    Hello All Icebreaker

    Nice, thank you for sharing. Sounds like you have some great experience:)

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