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  1. Daisy4RN

    The Violence in our Schools

    I pray for our Country and politicians because this is what I know will help the most. I think the violence in schools comes from a general decline in morals, values, and respect for others. I wish we could have prayer in school but also see how this may inadvertently cause more problems. I think some education re: respect for others in general, respect for anothers wellbeing and life, and respect for differences of opinions/choices would be a worthwhile investment in our kids futures. I was taught these things in public school but they have gone by the way side.
  2. Daisy4RN

    TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

    Agree with all! I have also traveled recently and can definitely see a difference in people/society compared to travel 20+ years ago. Number 4 drives me absolutely crazy, even with nonverbal cues people still continue to share their life history, WHY?! And to add one more to your list: you do not have the right to have your carry on directly over your head, and move the flight attendants bag to do so, and then argue that it is "my right". I just don't even know anymore!!
  3. Daisy4RN

    As a first generation American..

    I agree with you that those nurses who oppose such issues should avoid those areas. I also am agaisnt abortion so would never go work for planned parenthood etc. But I can also see how a nurse could be in a situation that he/she might get dragged into it (in a hospital setting), I dont know if that would ever happen but protections in place would be nice so you wouldnt have to worry about it. I have also done the blood hanging type thing for others but unless you work in a setting where that is expected (Onc) than it would be nice to have that law in place for a float etc. But like i said, I think Trumps regs go too far. I know a few gay/lesbian couples that would make much better parents than some heterosexual couple. Not a good way to decide.
  4. Daisy4RN

    American Values

    When I think of American Values I also think Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. I think our Country has made many horrible mistakes but I also think we have done much good. I think we should do our best to give all people that said opportunity as much as possible. I don't have a problem with the freebies per se, it is the abuse that IMO is the problem (which could easily be fixed if gov would do their job). I am hopeful that our Country will again become united (agree to disagree) so we can continue on providing people with the opportunity for their American Dream (what ever that may mean to them personally).
  5. Daisy4RN

    As a first generation American..

    Speaking from my personal experience I dont think that most (everyday) conservative Christians want those things (that you state). Most just dont want to be labeled for their religious beliefs, that yes, do come from the Bible. Most I know have no intention of foisting off their beliefs (myself included) on others, believing that people are free to choose for themselves. I hadnt heard about the laws you are talking about (in your article) so I did some looking around. I can see how a few of the issues make sense, not for forcing a nurse to take part in an abortion (unless emergency); but, I agree that it (the mandates) go too far. As far as Antifa goes, of course they are free to speak their minds but they seem to have a bad habit of being violent.
  6. Daisy4RN

    Media behaving badly

    Just because the known liar Cohen has accused Trump of wrong doing does not make it true. Can you say plea deal!! This whole three ring circus is obviously just another way to attempt to discredit Trump. It is especially pathetic to have to testimony on the very day our President is in Vietnam attempting to help all people of the world. What we did learn however is that Trump did not tell Cohen to lie to Congress, and no evidence of Russian collusion. Maybe the media and Dems time, and taxpayer money would be better spent on things that would actually help the people.
  7. Daisy4RN

    Media behaving badly

    Yes, that was a stupid thing for a Trump to say. That being said the Gov does not do a good/competent job of handling the issues involved with voting. Too many people on voter roles who dont belong (Calif just had 1.5 million that shouldn't have been on the role), missing ballots in Fla, etc. I would think that the Gov would be able to come up with a plan for enforcing who is voting, watching over elections etc. Esp with all our technology that is available. The fact they can't (or wont) should concern people who want to give the Gov even more power and control (ie Green Deal).
  8. Daisy4RN

    Media behaving badly

    According to Pew research all three major news (US) outlets/networks plus CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, and others are left leaning. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/ There have been other studies that show this as well, one from UCLA in 2005 (so this has been going on a long time), Harvard, etc. https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/media-bias-left-study/ https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/kass/ct-trump-media-coverage-harvard-kass-0521-20170519-column.html And yes, I know that some references are form right leaning outlets, but you would not really expect for those left leaning news outlets to come out and admit they are left leaning would you, esp. CNN "the most thrusted news". Some news outlets on both sides are easily visible and expected, but the problem is that the so-called mainstream news organizations are left leaning. This is why Fox news started to give a different perspective than the left-liberal ideas that were permeating TV/cable. They have succeeded because they resonate with people who do not always agree with the liberal ideas.
  9. Unfortunately I think they all are, both sides!
  10. Daisy4RN

    Media behaving badly

    I dont need anyone to tell me that the media is bias because I have been watching it for a very long time. It is obvious just with the recent coverage of the Covington kids, and the Smollet faux attack, not to mention the ongoing Trump Collusion story (just bc some were caught up in the dragnet doesn't mean Trump himself is guilty, still waiting right?). All the stories, that are not covered without bias, fairly, are doing real damage to our country, IMO, and I wish they would stop bc people just blindly believe whatever the reporters, and some politicians, say. Both of those stories are made out in the media to be racist (racism by whites) when in fact they were not. Why the news media and politicians want to cause division is beyond me and just wrong!
  11. Daisy4RN

    Media behaving badly

    Do you really think that when 85% of journalists claim to be liberal dems that there will be no bias. Yes, we will see soon what the Mueller report says but there have already been 2 investigations that show no collision and that idiot Schiff is already saying he is going to open another one, seriously haven't they done enough damage and spent enough money already. Yea,I can't imagine why people dont trust the media when they have been screaming Russian collusion for the last 2 years. The article below is a bit long but very informative. https://amgreatness.com/2019/02/17/autopsy-of-a-dead-coup And yes I read your left wing article/propaganda already.
  12. https://www.lifezette.com/2018/02/10-dumbest-things-nancy-pelosi-said-lately/
  13. Daisy4RN

    Media behaving badly

    While I am also grateful that he pulled it back I cant help but wonder why he is leaving the train in place where it probably is not necessary. Maybe to save face, maybe so Calif doesn't feel obligated to pay back the 3.5million it got from the Fed gov, maybe so the state gov has a "good" reason to impose more taxes on the people.. This whole thing has been a disgrace from day 1, corruption and incompetence run a muck!
  14. Likewise, I don't agree with everything Trump does either. And, I also believe that Trump has the peoples best interest at heart. At the same time I know that all people are human and will do things in their own best interest also, it is just naïve to think they don' (not cynical, IMO). We pretty much all want the same things, just disagree on how to do it (not that any of us really have a say so anyway).
  15. Daisy4RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I am against any and all racism including racism against the Jewish people from sitting Congresswomen. thefederalist.com/2018/08/20/democrats-fielding-even-anti-semitic-candidates-congress/ Seriously, you cannot possibly think that a MAGA hate is hateful, you do get it stands for 'Make America Great again" which we should all want. It was also used by Clinton and Reagan. Please!!