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    Got Milk? Better not! It may kill you.

    My in-laws were dairy farmers for over 50 years; cows are not treated with cruelty. From, A milk-sucker (taken from Men-in-Black)
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    Embarrassed to be an American - AGAIN !

    If the whole world lived like us, I wonder if there would be as much world poverty, hunger and disease. I'm a firm believer in that yes, being technologically advanced and wealthy as we are has it's benefits: clean water, advanced medicine, etc. There are drawbacks as well - ecologically. Just like those nations who DON'T use as much resources as we - and while they are preserving the planet, they also are plagued with things that are a distant memory for us.
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    Donations to Asia Doubled

    I just can't give anything right now. My tuition is due, the medical bills are due, and my dad's $8000 expenses for his funeral are due. I just can't. If this makes me a bad person so be it.
  4. Q.

    Embarrassed to be an American - AGAIN !

    True Fergus, but then I can't help but ask, why would anyone (UN secretary or not) make such a comment, even one? Why?
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    Embarrassed to be an American - AGAIN !

    Well said, Tweety. This constant back and forth about which country is giving more, and basing the "generosity" on sole numbers only, without looking at the whole picture is short-sighted and unintelligent. To a dual income family, for example, "x" amount of dollars could very well be very generous considering their circumstances, though the actual amount may be less than a single income family donated. In other words, just because there are two income earners (=larger economy) doesn't mean that automatically they are in a position to give a larger dollar amount. This kind of bickering reminds me of those pompous church-goers who sit in the front pew, give huge donations to the church but yet are the meanest people around and really only donate not to help, but make themselves look good.
  6. Q.

    Embarrassed to be an American - AGAIN !

    The OP is known for sniping; writing inflammatory posts to get a reaction. I just never thought he/she would use such a tragic human event to do it.
  7. Q.

    Embarrassed to be an American - AGAIN !

    Good question. :wink2:
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    where is the outrage today?

    Actually I thought THK's comments were that water should be sent first as opposed to clothing, hence the remark: "Let them go naked."
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    How many children do you want to have?

    I always wanted one, but have been blessed with twins on the way!
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    U.S. sends relief to Asia

    So why out of all the Western countries, the USA was the only one specifically named? Would that be any different if I said something like: "Gwenith and the other moderators really don't moderate fairly. They use knee-jerk, subjective judgements rather than intellect and fact." Why wouldn't I just say "the moderators?" or am I really referring to Gwenith only and mentioning "the other moderators" to soften the blow? Bottom line for me: I don't care if they were referring to the USA or to Podunk Nowhere Island - to make such a comment is tacky and ungrateful. And interesting when in another thread, all of us are encouraged to give to the Red Cross and to help out "no matter how small." Well apparently to the UN Undersecretary, we best not even bother giving a small amount because clearly, that aint enough. What kind of message is that sending? Don't bother giving unless you can give "this" amount?
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    U.S. sends relief to Asia

    Thanks all for your PMs. Sorry to throw that info out there. I tend to do that.
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    Christianity and Christmas

    I think you are looking to place blame somewhere and you choose to blame your parents. There are children in this world who want for absolutely nothing, yet still understand the concept of giving and not "expecting" gifts. This, unfortunately, are lessons that parents teach. Even if your parents stopped giving your child gifts altogether, unless she learns these lessons from you, she will still be "expectant" and "greedy" - just in a different way. In other words, it sounds like you believe that if you eliminated your "parent problem", your child's greed will magically disappear. It won't.
  13. Q.

    U.S. sends relief to Asia

    I think such criticism is tacky. My dad just died last week and some people/friends gave cards with money designed to help our family with the expenses of his immense medical condition and burial. Should I publically announce on the behalf of the family that such donations were "stingy?" If the amount is so "stingy" and therefore insignificant, give it back. However, I highly doubt anyone will give any of it back. Why? Because it's not really stingy at all.
  14. Q.

    Failure in Congo

    Exactly. And we should stay out of the Congo, N. Korea, Ghana, and everywhere else as well.