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  1. jenn_rn_nj

    Goodbye Warcraft

    hehe - ex-player here, too. I've always enjoyed video games - played EQ for a few years then gave WoW a try. I liked the fact that I could play WoW for brief periods and still progress - it wasn't the time hole that EQ is, but in the end, I just didn't have time for it, either. Also tried Vanguard and City of Heros - I just like games, what can I say. Also, played around with some non-MMORPG - Splinter Cell and another but for the life of me can't remember the name (obviously didn't enjoy it). I do enjoy gaming and I'm sure I'll continue to play games once I'm done with school. It is funny to see a MMORPG post here - suprise, suprise!
  2. jenn_rn_nj

    Happy Friday, March 16!

    Good morning all :) I haven't been around to this board in quite some time. This semester is keeping my quite busy but it's been fun. This week is spring break though I think they should call it "catch up week". I hope all is well with everyone here in allnurses land. :) Happy Birthday, Fred! cheers!
  3. jenn_rn_nj

    Good Morning Presidents Day-Monday Feb. 19, 2007

    ugh - so sorry to hear that, cyber :( hi all and good morning busy, busy, busy - this is my first time on the boards in almost 2 weeks. i hope you all have a great day - it's a study and workday for me. busy week ahead - we have the njns conference which we must attend for school - it should be interesting. i hope i can get into the lectures that i want to attend. have a great day, all. cheers!
  4. jenn_rn_nj

    Good Wednesday Morning, Feb 7!

    happy birthday, thecommuter :hatparty: hope you all had a great day...school, clinicals and work are keeping me waaaayyyyy toooooo busy. you are in my thoughts, bethin ((hugs)) g'night all cheers
  5. jenn_rn_nj

    True or False Game

    true, though rarely TPBM is rooting for the Colts right now.
  6. jenn_rn_nj

    True or False Game

    false TPBM has a birthday this month.
  7. jenn_rn_nj

    Good Morning Super Bowl Sunday~Feb 4th

    morning, all been a busy week but i feel pretty good about what i have to get done today. school is keeping me very busy this semester - had our first test this past week which came up fast - soooo much info to learn in a short period of time - but the rest are spaced out a little better. i hope you all have a great superbowl sunday - i likely won't watch it - i'll be watching my books, instead. leslie you brought tears to my eyes with your little stuffed bear story - how heartfelt. have a great one, all. cheers!
  8. jenn_rn_nj

    What stops you in your tracks?

    kitchen gadgets and gizmos office supply type things, organization things "fun" socks
  9. jenn_rn_nj

    Monday January 29th, 2007

    hello everyone :) first test of the semester tomorrow, so studying today. just came off of 2 8's followed by 2 12's but took today off work to do some last minute reviews. our schedule got messed up yesterday morning (i work peds and peds ed) so i got sent to the nicu which made me very happy since that is where i'd love to work when i graduate! it turns out they need a secretary on the weekends so i called their nurse manager and i'm hoping i can work in some of my time on that floor. :) those pictures were beautiful, zoe - fall is my favorite season. make it a great day, all. cheers! ps - grace, i'm hearing some yucky news about aussie's water supply and measures to deal with it...will it affect you?
  10. jenn_rn_nj

    True or False Game

    lol - false TPBM woke up to snow today.
  11. jenn_rn_nj

    Good Monday Morning! January 22, 2007

    morning, all. workday for me and studying prior to that. when i'm not in school, i like to clean because i'm particular. sometimes during the schoolyear i think i'd like someone to do the bathroom and dust the floors and furniture. i just can't keep up and my BF is not super messy, but he's definitely not neat, either. i hope you all have a great day. cheers!
  12. jenn_rn_nj

    True or False Game

    very, very true TPBM enjoys playing video games / pc games.
  13. jenn_rn_nj

    Sweet Sunday January 21, 2007

    happy sunday to you all :) study day for me. i hope you all have a wonderful day or night. cheers!
  14. jenn_rn_nj

    True or False Game

    false...wow, i can only think of 2 TPBM licks icing off cupcakes, then eats the cake part.
  15. jenn_rn_nj

    True or False Game

    false - ran track TPBM has a post count over 1,000.