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    Fellow Nurse with a no moral compass

    Hello, I have never done this but I figured this is where I could get the best advice. My best friend who is a RN is cheating on her husband for the last 3 months. He is retired military and works at a prestigious place for 9 years. She has had 9 different jobs in that time span. All nursing. Her last job she was let go for giving an inmate food. Little did I know she fell in love with the inmate and was doing more than just giving him food. She also brought in meth and heroine. I have tried talking to her but it Does no good. She has trafficked the drugs in front of her children. She claims she isnt doing it anymore but has a burn phone to talk to her boy toy. She is also goes to nj8rse practitioner school where i am an alumni too. question is that since I am a nurse, what should I Do?

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