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  1. SarahLPN2RN

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Raviepoo, just out of curiosity, why did you decide to write this post in a forum about nursing?
  2. SarahLPN2RN

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Two VERY different scenarios, birth mother choosing a private adoption vs the state terminating parental rights. So, how can you possibly equate the two?
  3. SarahLPN2RN

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Lets separate fact from fiction. 1. Myth: If you place a baby up for adoption, he/ she could end up in the foster care system. Fact: Foster care is where children who are abused/ neglected are sent by DSS. Birth mothers can choose an open adoption or a closed adoption, but either way the child goes to loving adoptive parents. 2. Myth: Only white, male infants are adopted. (I can't believe anyone would actually think this!) Fact: Infants are easily adopted out, REGARDLESS of race or sex. I personally know several families that have adopted cross racially, and both girls and boys. Also, of course no one is 'forcing you be a vessel' to carry a child for some one else. You did not become pregnant magically, you made choices that brought consequences. Life, and certainly our profession of nursing, has many ethical considerations. It is a very slippery slope when you start deciding who would be better off alive and who would be better off dead. As a nurse, you should value all lives.
  4. SarahLPN2RN

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Raviepoo, you had to know writing this post that it would be contentious, and why put something so personal out there if you're going to be offended by differing views? Your post is a thinly veiled pro-abortion plug. So, you were clearly not ready to be a parent, good for you in knowing that, but abortion was not your only choice. You had a choice to have sex, you had a choice to not use birth control, and finally you had a choice to abort or give a beautiful gift to one of hundreds of families waiting to adopt. Choose life.

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