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  1. NotYourMamasRN

    Most Unusual Side Job

    Circus performer.... Oh wait that is my 9-5.
  2. NotYourMamasRN

    President Trump

  3. NotYourMamasRN

    President Trump

    Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven't responded quickly. Thank you all for your responses. Some I agree with and some are the other side of the coin, so that helps with my assignment. I hope to be able to show a clearer picture of the different arguments. Thank you again!
  4. NotYourMamasRN

    Military Relationships - Tell Us About Yours

    My ex-husband and I met on active duty.... he is now my ex-husband. My husband now is a vet as well and we never worked together.
  5. NotYourMamasRN

    President-elect Trump

    I can't take anything a Catholic organization says seriously after watching Spotlight..... And after being raised Catholic and getting sex-ed in elementary school from a bunch of nuns telling me if I touched myself I would burn in hell.
  6. NotYourMamasRN

    Movies You Love

    Dirty Dancing Castaway Forrest Gump The Hangover
  7. NotYourMamasRN

    I'm scared

    I am not particularly excited, but I don't know about the Antichrist bit.
  8. NotYourMamasRN

    Have You Ever Attached Biblical Advice

    I know a lot of atheists who are just as you described. Good people don't need a story book to explain morality, they are just good people.
  9. NotYourMamasRN

    Shaven Pubic Hair

    Thoughts like this are the reason pregnant women think they have to shave their whoha and legs before going in to have a baby.
  10. NotYourMamasRN

    President Trump

    Thank you all for your responses.
  11. NotYourMamasRN

    President Trump

    I definitely agree. I am not a Trump supporter so I am more in need of the opinions and worries of the other side. I am comfortable with my position and viewpoint, a well rounded argument on my part needs to take in as many view points as possible.
  12. NotYourMamasRN

    President Trump

    I definitely agree. I am not a Trump supporter so I need less of an opinion base on that aspect of this conversation. It helps me to hear the other side more than my own.
  13. NotYourMamasRN

    President Trump

    This happened to our family this year as well. It stinks!
  14. NotYourMamasRN

    President Trump

    Thank you very much for your reply!
  15. NotYourMamasRN

    President Trump

    This reply is going to help me immensely, thank you so much! I also want to point out that I am very sorry for your experiences! You have brought up so many good points, thank you!

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