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  1. nurs4kids

    Thinner Wife Makes Happier Marriage

    This site is so enlightening. What I've learned her in the past couple weeks is amazing! Because I'm overweight...or, okay...FAT, I 1. Can not be a good nurse. 2. Have an unhappy marriage. I guess all that extra cellulite I'm carrying around is causing a sort of euphoria. Being nominated for and receiving several annual awards over the years, receiving rave reviews from my coworkers and families and lastly, but most importantly, an insanely amazing near 14 years of happy marriage is giving me the wrong impression, I see. Next up: "Fat Women Are Unfit Parents But Make Excellent Donut Samplers"
  2. nurs4kids

    claiming "against my beliefs" for immunizations?

    Mine was and still is a big old cuddle bug too, thank God! Had poor eye contact, delayed language. Was and is very passive, NEVER threw the first tantrum. So, our diagnosis was tricky too. You ever think we may be grouping more than one disorders under the spectrum? A child who loves to cuddle versus one who doesn't? A child with good eye contact vs one with poor? A child meeting milestone receptive and expressive language versus one who doesn't? A child who throws tantrums versus one who doesn't? I do. I think we're dealing with more than one disorder and therefore, probably more than one cause. I think we may be missing the forest because we're focusing on only one type of tree.
  3. nurs4kids

    claiming "against my beliefs" for immunizations?

    Ditto. Ours was not a quick diagnosis either, but a very definitive one that I had no doubt about long before the "label" was stamped on my son. However, I definitely think some children are being diagnosed as autistic without full clinical signs. I see them come through the hospital every now and then where I just see very little evidence of autism. One problem though is that the spectrum is so vast. Two autistic children can be very different in both behavior and functional level. :o Shame on me for speaking and assuming before researching. much as I've researched this whole topic, read whole boring books on the subject, etc. I never looked at my own child's record to see what exactly he received at that age. Also, shame on me, the pediatric nurse, for not knowing the immunization schedule..haha So, ya'll peaked my curiosity and luckily, I have his immunization record in my car because we have to have it to start school next month. So, out to my car at 1am I go. To my humble amazement, I find you two are correct. He did NOT receive the MMR @ 4 months of age, rather at 15 months of age...well after he was clearly showing signs of autism. At four months, as I'm sure you already know, he received TDAP, IPV and HIB. So, this just goes to strengthen my feeling that the vac played little if any part in the autism. It also goes to show that being the parent of an autistic child does not, by any means, qualify you to speak for or against vaccinations (Jenny McCartney). Thanks for the education!
  4. nurs4kids

    claiming "against my beliefs" for immunizations?

    First, OP, got flamed and I think she was only putting something out as food for thought. More importantly, as the mom of a precious autistic child.... Did vac's cause his autism? I seriously doubt it, but I'm not 100% sure. What I DO know is that I first noticed poor eye contact at four months of age--same time as MMR. Before vac or after? I'd give anything if I'd documented the date of my first concern that I blew off as being a paranoid nurse-mom. Most pediatrician put it best as I pondered further vaccinations after his diagnosis. "Would you prefer an autistic child or one who suffered and died of a preventable childhood illness?" I completed his vacs and just got the 11year old booster last month...after much agonizing and debating the "what if's". He's fine. I have family who home schools and does not vaccinate. I have a dear coworker who is an excellent nurse and mother and she does not vaccinate. I believe in vaccinations. So who is right and who is wrong? Neither. As a parent, we have to educate ourselves and make that personal decision based on what we feel is best for our own child. If my child is vaccinated, then the non-vaccinated child poses no harm to my child. Just as I have to live with the deep down question of did I cause my son's autism by vaccinating, a non-vaccinating mother would have to live with the same should her child become ill due to a preventable illness. To say there have been no decrease in the number of diagnosed cases of MR since the increase in autism diagnosis is totally bogus. MR relates to IQ ( My professional/mommy opinion: Some children have a genetic predisposition for autism that IS triggered by thermasol (trace amounts found in SOME vaccinations).
  5. nurs4kids

    The Deabate debate thread...

    Heya Linda-loo! Alright, Kerry was the better debater, no doubt. However, I didn't think either had alot to say, just the same things over and over. I'll still vote for Bush. Smooth talkers always make me nervous, I tend to lean toward those who appear more sincere. -t
  6. nurs4kids

    1honorarynurse aka babyfacejoey died today.

    Guiseppe, My heart goes out to you and those who love Joey. You two were a true inspiration.. you fought the system and sacrificed. You reminded us why we chose this profession.. If you need me, you know how to find me! Tracy
  7. nurs4kids

    Acronymity...wanna play?

    over-rated penile implant XXX
  8. nurs4kids

    Political Cartoon

    lol..exactly. Deb, It was intended as sarcastic tongue-in-cheek I drive my 350 chevy truck
  9. nurs4kids

    Political Cartoon

    I think all automobiles should be outlawed. In comparison, even the most efficient cars require waaaay more petroleum than motorcycles. We should all be required to use motorcycles for transportation. It's a bit cold in the winter, damp on rainy days and tends to mess up the make-up... but hell, for the sake of the economy we should all be willing to sacrifice. They're also pretty safe in terms of causing damage due to their size. suzy, loved your comics..still enjoy dropping by to read your and a few other insightful thoughts. unfortunately.. i see some things never change.
  10. nurs4kids

    a monument of the Ten Commandments,

    Thank you, spacenurse. Okay, so how does restricting public display of religious items in public buildings, parks, etc. PREVENT and/or forbid one from worshiping the idol of his/her choice? I agree, Susy, we have a statue of Vulcan atop a mountain here in B'ham (symbolic of our past steel industry)..a public park..big bucks were just paid to renovate. Hubby and I talked about how that could be considered a religious offender for some. I still don't understand how he can justify breaking the law (ruling of the supreme court) when he's sworn to uphold the law. FYI.. We are up for a big tax increase vote next month..supported by the Governor. Hubby suspected, last week, this would all be tied together. I couldn't imagine how. Last night, on the local news..employees from the courthouse where Moore is assigned were complaining..."..lack of pay raises, short-staffed..wishing Moore would focus his attention on their needs." Perhaps we, as nurses, should errect some statue..sneak into a place in the middle of the night and force our statue to be seen by all entering/leaving that building..stir up some media attention..and then draw attention to the real problem.
  11. nurs4kids

    a monument of the Ten Commandments,

    Susy, My hubby keeps using this same argument, but I can't find where it's printed. Where is it elaborated that this is what our forefather's intended? I don't believe he placed the monument there to piss off "the northerner's"(that could have been accomplished much cheaper ) Religion flows deep down here and he is passionate about his belief. I don't necessarily agree with his decision, but I HIGHLY respect his guts at standing for what he believes. Another little note. The company here in town that delivered the monument had no clue where it was going to be set when they left Birmingham with it. Sneaky, eh? Somewhere up north, out west..somewhere in these great united states, in a federal courthouse..there sits a statue of Moses holding the 10 commandments. I was told where, but umm, I'm not one to remember details. I fear that if we remove it, we will cause a mass of demands to have "history" removed from every public facility imaginable. I can see it now..the clan demanding that MLK's statue be removed from the park, etc. After all, the park IS a public place, and to offend is to it religion or some other mode. Then I fear if we leave it we will again start a huge demand for all religions to show their god, etc. Courtrooms are crowded enough w/o us having to squeeze between statues from every religion. We just have to remember, either way...what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I don't see either decision as being 100% positive.
  12. nurs4kids

    Dumb crib question

    I'm with Kristi, it can't be stressed enough!! DON'T USE THE BUMPER PADS!!! Those dang things should be outlawed. They serve no functional purpose..your baby is not going to end up with some massive skull fx from rolling into the side of the crib. If the crib is not one of the old ones with the rails wide apart (>4", i think) then their head will not go through the rails (unless you have a premie, that is). Also, make sure the mattress FITS snugly inside the crib. I'm serious, the pads do not receive half the negative publicity they should. Get rid of them!! Also, the positioning aids are wonderful and I did use them with my kids as I was obscessed with the fear of SIDS (comes with the territory of being a peds nurse). However, I have read some negative reports from them; babies sliding down in them and face being trapped in corners of pads, etc. I did find one of mine slid down with face pressed into foam, once. That was it for me..I got rid of EVERYTHING in the crib. If I had another infant, there would be no pads, no positioners. If the infant is able to roll over, they are also able to manipulate their head so that suffocation is not a great risk. Also, another thing to be VERY careful about..stuffed animals, etc in the crib. Yes, they are precious and all that stuff, but they are dangerous. Be very careful about leaving the infant unattended with small toys, blankets, stuffed animals, etc in the crib. And most of all, don't use the crib to store baby wipes and diapers at the foot...dangerous. Okay, enough from the paranoid peds nurse.. most of all, enjoy the baby while it's small. Before you know it, your walls will be decorated with colored markers (did I mention my kids are on my sh*t list right now??).
  13. nurs4kids

    What kind of diet pop do you like?

    the kind with sugar in it
  14. nurs4kids

    First Impressions

  15. nurs4kids

    Father's Day and "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

    Beautiful poem.. My dad.. God have I been blessed. Two wonderful, loving parent's. No, I didn't say perfect, but as perfect as they, being human and being a parent, are capable of being. I witnessed little arguing, I saw my dad raise his hand at my mom once..only once..that brought complete horror into my adolescent heart...I can not imagine those who had to grow up with violence being "normal"..My father..he is and has always been "my rock." He just turned 68 and the increasing age often forces me to wonder how much longer I have with him. He is healthy as a horse and has yet to slow down. I think of him getting old and it brings tears to my eyes. He's always been so strong, so independant. I can not imagine him becoming frail or having to depend on someone for care. I honestly fear he will not allow that to's a pride thing with him..."machoism." Tenth grade education, Army vet...worked his whole life in blue collar jobs. He's worth more today than I'll ever hope to be and he did it all with guts and grease. His knowledge about the world and about everything amazes me. He's the first one I call to get an opinion before purchasing anything..he's the first one I call when I'm in need..his opinion is the one that matters..his opinion/love is what kept me out of trouble in my teens, kept me close enough to reality to live..yet not stray. He raised four wonderful kids. He was the "boss" and he was a strict disciplinarian. You did not do as he told you b/c you respected him, but because you feared what would happen if you didn't. I resented that for years..until that is, I became a parent myself. Now I respect him for everything he did..for I have realized it's alot harder to care than to not. I've met one other man who ranks up there with my's my kid's hubby. He's the opposite of my father. He's gentle and he prefers talking to spanking. I love to watch him with our kid's..he enjoys every second he has with them...he takes nothing forgranted. He, imo, had a pathetic father..but he has broken the mold...he is a wonderful dad. He and my father often disagree (respectfully) on how he disciplines my kids, but they have a mutual respect for each other..and respect the differences in opinions. Ah, man..I have fought tears through this post.. I love my father with all my heart. I never fail to tell him how much I appreciate him and all he does/has done. We exchange hugs and "i love you's" each time we part. I really worry how I will handle the day "my rock" is crushed...but for now, I enjoy the time we have.. father's are such blessings. Dad's my's my heart. I'm so blessed to have them.