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  1. Jedrnurse

    Mental Health Checks

    BTW, limits ARE placed on the constitutional right to vote (whether or not you agree with them). This right, like any other, is not absolute.
  2. Jedrnurse

    Mental Health Checks

    Gosh, you read my mind! (Even more amazing as you did it before I read the OP's post...:roflmao:)
  3. Jedrnurse

    I think coworker is in witness protection program

    Hmm. I didn't know Witness Protection offered CNA training. Do they have an RN to BSN program as well?
  4. Jedrnurse

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    Ah, is this essay/post serious, or satire?
  5. Jedrnurse

    period talk, a little embarrassing

    Oh, gosh. I thought that this would be from a school nurse embarrassed about speaking with the kiddos...
  6. Jedrnurse

    We're not English Majors, but...

    Exactly. Your credibility and/or your ability to convince someone of the validity of your argument suffers when the post isn't well written or at minimum, proofread...
  7. Jedrnurse

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    NETY becomes NETS (Nurses eat their shorties...)
  8. Jedrnurse

    Most Unusual Side Job

    Do gigolos eat their young?
  9. Jedrnurse

    Most Unusual Side Job

    Hi, all. A recent response to a post I wrote suggesting finding a per diem job for skills maintenance/acquisition. While it was a valid point, one of my inner responses was "Hell, no! Any more work hours will NOT be in nursing." What are some of the most decidedly NOT related to nursing jobs you've had on the side?