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  1. ILoveCats, R.N.

    Dating advice should I even bother with dating?

    Avoid a relationship! You have a lot of work ahead of you, and you don't need the extra strain that a relationship will demand. It's fine and perfectly normal to have no life during nursing school. Spend time with your friends and family for now, knowing that you're bettering yourself. 30 is not anywhere near too old to start a family, especially for a guy.
  2. ILoveCats, R.N.

    fed up with fiancee

    Five days ago I had a septoplasty with turbinate reduction and a tonsillectomy. To be frank, I've been feeling like crap. I'm 40 years old and don't heal like I used to. My fiancee is really disappointing me when I feel like I need him the most. He keeps making snide comments like, "jeez, it's not cancer" and then getting all butthurt when I tell him that I need him to be gentle and supportive (you know, like one might be with a sick person...) He says that I am "in a bad mood" and am being critical of him. Yesterday I told him to stop mopping the floor where he had spilled with his dinner napkin, and he barked, "suddenly there are all these rules!" He was playing music very loud, which I asked him to turn down, and he said, "you didn't have surgery on your ears." I don't know how to get through this. He was great about doing the shopping and cleaning my apartment as a nice surprise. He's not great with actually dealing with me. Today he was bouncing around being hyperactive, and he bumped my nose...I saw stars and was really pissed off. I just asked him to leave earlier and not see me for a few days, because I can't deal with this at the moment. I don't understand his failure to act like an adult when he is usually so good at being sensitive and responsible. I'm not sure which possibility is worse, that he's just becoming a jerk over time, or is really bad with sick people. To be fair, he's had the normal amount of work related stress, but I really needed him and he's let me down. How should I address this?

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