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  1. Mango Juice

    No honey, I am not that impressed...

    I hear what you are saying, but no way. Just had to vent. All was forgiven when he did more laundry and thought it would be funny to nonchalantly wear my leggings while doing so :)
  2. Mango Juice

    No honey, I am not that impressed...

    Disclaimer - I am happily married and feel as though my husband and I have an equitable distribution of responsibilities. However, sometimes I become enraged when he does something verrrrrry insignificant and expects to receive high praise. Some examples: -I walk into the room where my husband is folding laundry (not one of his usual duties). He stops as soon as I walk in so I can take over... -I intentionally did NOT replace the toilet paper roll that had half a sheet left when I came into the bathroom, with hopes that my husband would have to experience the inconvenience of an empty roll firsthand on his next trip to the bathroom. BACKFIRE - I was the fool who used the bathroom again and inherited the empty roll. He did end bringing me a new roll. -I make dinner most nights. I ask him to one night last week. We had fish sticks. Just. Fish sticks. Anyone else?