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  1. VickyRN

    iPhone apps to stay organized

    Moved to the Technology Forum, as better suited to this type of inquiry.
  2. VickyRN

    Obama sends disaster aid to West Virginia

    North Carolina is offering support also: Governor McCrory Signs Executive Order To Support West Virginia
  3. VickyRN

    Reversal of Fortune

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you :)
  4. VickyRN

    To AKY, with love

    Just reading this now. Sending prayers of healing your way. Please know that we care (((hugs))))
  5. Trouble is, the low information public do think this is all nurses do. It leads to poor public image of nursing, less respect for our profession, and fewer bright individuals desiring to enter the field.
  6. VickyRN

    'Obamacare' and your job

    From my neck of the woods: Cutbacks, Possible Layoffs Coming To Lenoir Memorial Hospital Of course, many of these fiscal problems predate the ACA, but the ACA ('ObamaCare') has served as a catalyst to accelerate the fiscal demise of many of these entities that were tottering on the brink. Remember, $700 billion was cut from Medicare to fuel the ACA; Medicaid is being expanded in some states, but Medicaid rarely even covers providers expenses. We are all in for some very hard economic times, folks.
  7. VickyRN

    Why GOP hates Obamacare so much?

    Thread reopened. At the risk of sounding preachy, patronizing, or condescending (which is not my intent), I wish to post a few reminders. So please bear with me. Everyone here should know the TOS. We at allnurses encourage lively debate. However, we also wish to create a 'flame-free' respectful atmosphere where the free exchange of ideas can flourish and members can learn and grow from each others' contributions. In order to create and maintain this 'flame-free' respectful atmosphere, please adhere to the following guidelines: *Please refrain from offensive stereotypical statements such as 'All conservatives are weak minded simpletons whose only source of information is Faux News' or 'All liberals are tin-foil loons who are deeply imbibing the kool-aid from the liberal mainstream media.' Sound familiar? *Please avoid personal attacks. Debate the topic at hand and the substance of a person's ideas, but do not attack the poster. A sign of weakness in debate is ad hominen personal attacks. This means you have run out of ideas and are resorting to abusive remarks for lack of anything further to say of substance. *Please avoid strawman arguments. Do not twist, pervert, or catastrophize what another person is trying to say. *Please avoid sarcastic replies. This belittles the other person. *In short, please treat other posters as you would like to be treated: with respect, dignity, open-mindedness, and fair play. There is a real live breathing person on the other end of the computer screen. If you would not treat someone with such incivility and rudeness in real-life, why are you doing so in cyberspace? I realize that this is a hyper-charged emotional topic within the context of an ugly ultra-polarized political climate within the US. Nevertheless, please try to keep the rabid negative emotions and hurtful stereotypes at bay while rationally debating the other person. Thank you.
  8. VickyRN

    Why GOP hates Obamacare so much?

    Shut down for a cooldown period and moderator discussion.
  9. VickyRN

    Why GOP hates Obamacare so much?

    Moved to US Politics Forum, as better suited to this topic :)
  10. Moved to the Parenting/ Family Center, as this forum is more appropriate for this type of information.
  11. VickyRN

    "School Nurse Hid From Shooter"

    Too bad staff and teachers can't conceal and carry. Running towards a psychotic shooter unarmed is throwing your life away.
  12. VickyRN

    Pet Gift Box - Any Suggestions?

    Thank you! Will check these out :)
  13. VickyRN

    Pet Gift Box - Any Suggestions?

    Would like to buy a Christmas gift for a wonderful couple who showed me extraordinary kindness earlier this year. They have two dogs, a cat, and a parrot, which are like children to them. I think a suitable Christmas gift for them would be a large "goodie" box of sorts for their pets. Can anyone recommend an Internet site that creates gift boxes (treats, etc) for pets? Or any other suggestions? Thank you in advance :)

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