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  1. 1056chris

    NFL Players Kneeling During the National Anthem

    The difference between their place of employment and most peoples jobs is simple. It is a ball game for the entertainment of fans and players. I don't think it is the time and place for the protest, but they are not protesting our country or the veterans who served. I believe when Kaprenick started this bs he did it to protest what he felt was racial divide being reinforced by the leader of our country, and being on tv he could get others to follow suit. Then all was forgotten he was off the team and not getting a job. A couple other players started to follow suit and our president starts tweeting that NFL players not standing for the flag should be fired. That was like throwing gas on a fire. He not only got Kaprenick followers fired up, but stuck his nose where it doesn't belong. Then the next thing you know everybody's kneeling for solidarity of their team, their friends, and their rights. If we start saying how one should act if they are not breaking the law, next thing you know Trump will have a statue built we have to bow to. Those men weren't hurting anyone and they have great respect for our country and the men that served. Trump should be banned from twitter is what I think.
  2. I think the point is no matter what laws we have in place to keep guns out of a person hands, there is always somewhere you can get them. They sell them on the street and there is a black market for the even the most illegal assault type weapons. If there is a will and the money there is a way. This man was determined and he planned this. These weapons were not bought in your local gun store and he didn't get this idea over night.
  3. 1056chris

    Two Texas toddlers die . . .

    I live in Texas and prior to this incident there were 2 other incidents this summer. Both involved mothers killing a young child. To be more specific stabbing a child to death. Both of these single mothers had been reported to CPS who was following their cases. Why were they still in the house? They might still be alive. I don't know the rules within these agencies that are supposed to protect these children but there is a serious flaw somewhere.
  4. 1056chris

    Castile Verdict

    There is still something wrong here. I think the cop thought Castille was pulling out the gun. Thats just my opinion. We weren't at the trial and we weren't the cop pulling him over. I mean when a cop pulls me over, I'm like yes sir, okay officer and I don't have a gun, even if i think (THIS IS ******** TICKET) its how you talk to officers of the law. You wait till they ask for your license , you are polite and your out of there in hopefully 20-30 minutes. It is a shame we don't get to see the videos where the cops get shot at, are spit on, rescue somebody etc. that might put it in perspective
  5. 1056chris

    August 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    Just relax Matilda the doctor will be here to deliver your baby real soon. We still have time.
  6. 1056chris

    American Tourists

    Hey Grumpy maybe these tourists are excited that is why they are talking loudly, maybe they don't know or aren't sure what tickets they need for the bus, maybe they only have a week to do what they saved up for for a year. I am sure if you said please there is the back of the line they would go. Tourism is good for a country. I kinda found it rude for you to put these rude people in groups of Asians or Americans. There are rude people everywhere.
  7. 1056chris

    How Much Leftist Ideology Has Corrupted Nursing?

    Really why are you worried about that. I never had any lefty, righty problems in nursing school. Unless you took some political electives you shouldn t have any problems. Keep in mind one thing. When you get your license you are going to take care of all kinds of people who have all kinds of views, a lot of them you might not like to hear. If you can be more objective you will probably do ok.
  8. 1056chris

    We're not English Majors, but...

    Its the typing and sometimes people talk to text and you really need to read it back to make sure they heard you right. I don't myself but I have friends that do . Hey what about coffeve? Ease up maybe it is just typo's.
  9. 1056chris

    Two Texas toddlers die . . .

    This women even at the age of 19, little education and little resources knew it waS DANGEROUS AND WRONG TO LEAVE THOSE BABIES IN THAT CAR. She was smart enough to get them out of the way so she could go party. She was smart enough to get her friends together, her party supplies, and not roast to death in a car herself.. I hope her punishment is to be locked in a car with the windows up in the middle of the desert for a week.
  10. 1056chris

    Castile Verdict

    First of all don't you think it is funny that this chick was taping it. Then she continues to tape. It was misleading the first time I saw it. They would never tell you to take out the gun they would get it out for you. They usually ask "do you have any weapons" the cop didn't need to shoot seven times(if he did) but these guys get scared too. I think he may have hit the panic button, these cops need better training in a situation like that but i think he felt threatened. I just can't see myself pulling out my phone to tape that scene, especially after the shooting. She should have been comforting that child.
  11. 1056chris

    The Medical Aspect of Execution

    I heard it was something to do with the age of the drugs. I think it may be poor IV access by maybe less than competent staff, but I don't know. Maybe it is the pump they use. I don't believe in capital punishment anyway. Even if you kill someone humanely who is healthy and doesn't want to die, it is still murder. Murder authorized by our criminal justice system.
  12. 1056chris

    One of Nurse Friends

    I had a friend on a med surg unit at the first hospital I worked at who was like this. I realized that she just likes to *****. If she has nothing to ***** about she wasn't herself. I learned to let it go through one ear and out the other. You moved off the floor so it shouldn't be to much of a problem. Next time try not to calm her or give advice, then she might not complain as long if she gets it all out.
  13. 1056chris

    Boyfriend in nursing school

    There is no reason why you can't have a boyfriend while you are in nursing school. You need to be diligent about your studies. If this is really a keeper he will be understanding. My boyfriend bought me all my books and helped me study. Now he is my husband.
  14. 1056chris

    Someone almost called the cops on me.

    Some years ago someone owed my husband 20 bucs and he came over our house to pay him back. When my husband took the bill he immediately said "i am not taking this, this bill is fake and he handed it back" it was thicker feeling than a normal bill. He said if he would of took it and went to the store to buy something and they caught it he would be in trouble. Guess he might of been right. I would have never noticed.