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  1. walkingrock

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    OMG! What planet are you from?
  2. walkingrock

    I'm a Fitbit user. Are you?

    I'm a FitBit user.
  3. walkingrock

    What book are you reading or have read lately?

    :yeah: just finished reading: "cure" by robin cook currently reading: "through a dog's eyes" by robin arnold other books i have read in the last 3 months are: "the longest trip home" by john grogan "the memory keeper's daughter" by kim edwards :up:"a wall of white" by jennifer woodlief :up:"scent of the missing" by susannah charleson "a dog named christmas" by greg kincaid "love is the best medicine" by nicholas trout "invasion" by robin cook :up:"my sister's keeper" by jodi picoult "one good dog" by susan wilson :eek:"the passage" by justin cronin i am waiting for this book to come out oct. 12: "oogy" by larry levin books i have in my elibrary, and plan to read are: "the 19th wife" by david ebershoff
  4. oh, my! could the yellow labs be related to "marley" john grogan's book?? if you haven't read it you should!!! i had a chocolate lab, female that i got from the pound at 5-6 yrs of age, an owner surrender, she was only there the mandatory 72 hrs, i saw her the day she came in. she was not potty trained when i got her. she trained very quickly. however, when she was older, about 12, she got cushing's disease, and became a bit disoriented after i moved, and she had a non-healing wound on her tail that bled...visualize tail-wagging...thumping against walls, etc...she started vomiting and having pee and poop accidents all over the house. i did work full time, and she no longer had a doggie door and 1/2 acre yard fenced to roam around in with other dogs. i dealt with it the best i could for 6-8 months, taking her to the vet, actually 3 different vets...tried different things without success (she had already been on proin for several years for leaky bladder). tried to get them to put her to sleep for me, and none of them would...felt it was unethical. i was at my wits end. living in a rented house that was getting destroyed. i finally took her to the pound to put her to sleep, and was surprised that they were wonderful about it. i was very sad, as she had been a good dog, but i couldn't deal with the mess. now i have a 2-yr old female, mini dachshund...never had so much trouble potty-training a dog in my life, and i love dogs, and have had a lot of them. my husband could hardly stand it, he is not an animal person. but, she is very cute and entertaining. it seems that she is now either potty-trained or close to it. we'll see when it starts to rain again!! yes, she has a doggie door and fenced back yard...goes out at will. we crated her, we x-penned her, we took her to training classes, we tried doggie potty pads...plus the usual just taking her out, etc. i would never have thought it could be so hard, so i do empathize. :banghead:
  5. walkingrock

    Good Friday Morning 10-10-08

    Oh, Grace, what a story! Having had big dogs, including a Golden Retriever, I can't believe she didn't have that one under control! They are sooo smart and gentle, very easy to train. Yes, they are hyper for the first 2 yrs, but still easy to train. I did have a choc lab that I never really did get under control...but she was taught not to jump up on people...just can't have them doing that, when they are big dogs. She was just difficult to manage with leash walking. Fortunately, here, we have several dog parks where the small dog area is separated from the large dog area. And since I have the first small dog I've had since I was a kid, it is great!! She is a white and tan-spotted dachshund (cream piebald). She is hysterically funny, and not very well-mannered...bat mama, it's too easy to just pick up a little dog!!
  6. walkingrock

    Thursday, 09 October 2008 Morning Thread!

    just checking in...read all today's comments...:yeah:
  7. walkingrock

    SUNDAY 5th October, 2008

    :wavey: just checking in, haven't been on in quite awhile...i do enjoy it though! :typing
  8. walkingrock

    The Thrill Is Gone

    what an inspiring thread! i just read the whole thing!!! :heartbeat:redpinkhe way to go, marla! enjoy your next journey!
  9. walkingrock

    Did you ever meet an online friend in person?

    I met a gal on a tortoise newsgroup...we both had tortoises. We got to chatting online and discovered that we were both NICU nurses, both worked 12-hr nights (at that time), both did neonatal ALS, both had only 1 child that were born the same year, and our ages were within a year or two of each other. We regularly I'm'd each other for years...about 7 yrs. Then I moved to the same area she lived in, but I thought she was a couple hrs away...imagine our surprise to discover we were working together...same shift, same unit! It was wonderful as I didn't know many people in my new home area. It was as if we'd been friends all our lives.
  10. walkingrock

    Good Morning Feb 18th, 2008

    i'm with you, steph...going to get a glass right now...:chrs:.already had my high carb dinner of pasta and bread....:mad:....and btw, my doggie is on a fuzzy blanket on my lap, asleep, after our trip to the dog park before dinner...:anmllvr:
  11. walkingrock

    Good Morning Sunday, February 17, 2008

    he is sooo adorable!! those are the kind of deliveries i get to attend! i really enjoy that part of my job though! i'm glad all ended well. he is really a big boy!!
  12. walkingrock

    Good Morning Sunday, February 17, 2008

    i guess you east coast and that general direction are heading to bed, but it is only 7pm here in ca. i haven't been here in a very long time! i forgot how to log in (had changed my login and password), and lost what i'd saved. my computer finally had so many repairs that when it seized this last week, i just decided it was time to get a new one, and woohee, this is a purty one!!! 22 in flat screen, hp. these desktops are surprisingly inexpensive in a complete pkg (except printer, which i had just gotten a new one, also hp, from my honey a few months ago), from costco or sam's club. very enjoyable. also, today was my 1st day shift in about 4 yrs! finally (actually, didnt take that long at my current employ) 8-hr day shifts! i haven't had that schedule for about 27 yrs! and then, i only worked 72 hrs/pp; i am doing 80/pp, so 5 days a wk. but, i am soooo looking forward to this! i've worked 12 hr shifts most of my career, no other options, and i am tired of them, takes too much out of me, i'd rather have a regular routine that works, and work more days. it was great getting home at 4pm today! but i am ready to go to sleep now!! didn't sleep too well last night, it will take a little getting adjusted to the new schedule. trying to stay up a little longer, then off i go, i do work tomorrow. it will be so much easier to be on when a lot of you are also on now, it was pretty hard to do while i was working those 10 hr shifts recently...so anyway, :yeah:for me, and :wavey: i've missed you all! :heartbeat
  13. walkingrock

    Friday, August 24, 2007

    good morning, friday, august 17, 2007 :trout: permalink who would've thought no one has started the gm thread yet??? i should be in bed, but, here i am...:typing :wavey:hi ya'll i'm ending my 1st wk on my new schedule: 1045-2115 4 days/wk (10 hr shifts). still not getting sleepy early enough!! have some sad news to share. one of our new nurses was killed on the way to work this last monday. she was running late, speeding, lost control of her car and hit a power pole...wrapped her car around it. the time of the accident was reported as the time our shift starts: 1445 (my former shift...8-hr pm's). she had only started working at our hospital and unit about 2 months ago. most of us hardly even knew her, i spent 1 shift orienting her to attending high risk deliveries, so got a bit acquainted with her. she was very quiet. so sad. 31 yrs old. she had a 4 yr degree from yale...graduated with a high gpa...in french literature, and then had just become a nurse about a year ago... several of us are going to her funeral on sat am. her mother requested that we wear scrubs in her honor. tonight, while on my dinner break, i was leafing through a magazine in the break room, and came across this quote from marie claire july 2007 magazine, in an article about angelina jolie dealing with the loss of her mother: jolie says billy bob thornton offered "the best advice. he said, 'you'll never get over it. it's never going to be ok, and once you accept that, you realize you never want to get over it. just kind of let it sit with you..." although, i wouldn't think i would want to quote something from either of them, i really like that. i think i will share that quote with my former co-worker's parents. good grief...it's friday, august 24, and zoey already started the thread...i need to go to bed!! :uhoh21: ttyl! __________________ tina b. last edited by walkingrock : today at 12:29 am. reason: stupidity
  14. walkingrock

    Good Saturday Morning

    jnette, missed you, glad you are feeling better! great pictures, thanks for sharing. love minnie! that pic of her and mutti is great, she sure loves that little dog! she will miss her when she goes back to az! a suggestion for all...would love to see the actual location you all live (in your profile, instead of the humorous lines most people put), when you are talking about weather, etc. wouldn't have to be extremely specific, could just be the state, or i'm not sure what those in other countries would put. just my :twocents::thankya:
  15. walkingrock

    Good Saturday Morning

    hopefully you are sleeping soundly now, nursemary. i can't sleep, but not because of shoulder pain...been there before, and it's no fun. gotta work this wknd, too. we also work every other wknd. i'm gonna start a new shift schedule on the 19th of this month. 10-hr shifts, 4 days a wk: 1045-2115. i think it will work well for me. my eventual goal is 8-hr shifts, 4 days/wk (0700-1500), or may have to do 5 days/wk for awhile. not that many places have 8-hr shifts, but my hospital is mostly that, and that is one of the reasons i'm there. the majority of my career has been doing 12-hr shifts, probably nearly equal time on nights and days (never rotating though!), and it is just too tiring, i spend my time off recovering, even working 0700-1900. i'm hoping i will be able to manage the 10's, as it will put me closer to a "normal" going to bed and getting up time.

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