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  1. As a male who is probably past that stage, I don't remember anything like that happening. I believe the "mid-life crisis" is BS. Some men just use it as an excuse to try and relive their twenties, and then dismiss it because of the "mid-life crisis". No man, no matter the excuse, should put their marriage in jeopardy with cheating, drinking, etc. If one does, it is not a crisis, it is self-indulgance no matter the consequences, and highly disrespectful of their wives and families. Kick the bum out!! bob
  2. 2ndCareerRN

    What do you think about Nurse : Michael Jackson's ex-wife ?

    Chad, Shouldn't your whole post be prefaced with the word "allegedly"? The jury has not come back yet. bob
  3. 2ndCareerRN

    Police taser a six year old?

    There is a lot of varying opinions here, tase the little fella or not? I really don't know. I wasn't there, have not talked to anyone who was. The action taken is what was deemed necessary at the time, by the people who were there. There is often quite a bit more to the story than what you read in the paper. bob
  4. 2ndCareerRN

    What's the likelihood of THE DRAFT?

    Slim to none. bob
  5. 2ndCareerRN

    Should I buy a ready-made turkey or cook one of my own

    anybody can do a turkey, what you want to impress your friends and family with is a turducken. http://www.thesalmons.org/lynn/turducken.html bob
  6. 2ndCareerRN

    Heinz Kerry Asks if Laura Bush Ever Had 'Real Job'

    Well, I have learned from THK this year. I am going to stay naked, eat gin soaked raisins for my OA, and get a job as a teacher so I don't have to work for a living. :rolleyes: Of course, the naked part is more in tune to my nature anyhow, so that will be easy. :rotfl: bob
  7. 2ndCareerRN

    Worst President in History?

    Not even close. As someone who was in the military during that time I can say no way that Iraq is the "quagmire" that Viet Nam was. Here is another man's opinion of the comparison between the two. bob
  8. 2ndCareerRN

    Worst President in History?

    I would love to say who the worst president was. But I have not made a study of the presidents or the era that they served in. I am sure each president was disliked by one group or another during their tenure, but to call one the worst would take some research. bob
  9. 2ndCareerRN

    A Feeling of Quiet Desperation

    I can understand your concern. Kerry can't seem to stay with one story. I am afraid his comments today hurt more than helped. My pet "tinfoil hat" theory is this: The democrats do not want Kerry elected. If he is elected he has to run for re-election in 2008. If Kerry is running then the democrats can not trot out Hillary Clinton as the savior of the republic. So, the democrats are trying to make a show of trying to win, but really don't want to. OK, "tinfoil hat" is off. Here is a site where you can see daily changes on the electoral vote. http://www.electoral-vote.com/ bob
  10. 2ndCareerRN

    Baghdad TV Reporter killed

    I tried to wade through the 6 pages of posts on this subject. It veered away from the reporter being killed into the always present argument about how the US should not be there. To get back to the subject as stated, I feel that anytime a coalition vehicle is destroyed by a roadside bomb, or car bomb, and then a celebration ensues by locals waving terrorist flags and dancing with glee then we should always use helicopter launced missles and destroy the remnants of the vehicle. If we send a few people off to meet Allah, then so be it. After a while the media will not have the opportunity to show the terrorists and insurgents celebrating the destruction of vehicles and killing and maiming of the occupants because the celebrations would not happen nearly as much. Also, a lot of the posts on this subject focused on the poor children. Well, the people inside that Bradley that were injured, and possibly killed, are also someone's children. Let's not forget about them. bob
  11. 2ndCareerRN

    Kerry picks Edwards VP running mate

    From a totally biased source.... but there may be some truth hiding there. http://www.gop.com/RNCResearch/Read.aspx?id=4345 Must be read with an open mind. Even I am leary of websites like that. bob
  12. 2ndCareerRN

    Nurses for Bush ...thread #2

    Wow Julie, you may be onto something here. After 4 years, people still can't accept the fact that he did win. Maybe this will help them realize it: http://www.fec.gov/pubrec/fe2000/tcontents.htm bob
  13. 2ndCareerRN

    Micheal Moore....Hatriot?

    Just the first page of a google search on "afghan women new freedoms" I would say there are still problems, but many new found freedoms for women in A-stan. At least they aren't being publicly executed at the arena anymore for not wearing their burqas when venturing into public. Yes, some of these sites are 2-3 years old, but do you think things have reverted back to the "old ways"? bob
  14. 2ndCareerRN

    Fahrenheit 9/11

    That is your opinion. My opinion is that he is making these movies to make himself rich. I don't believe he gives a rat's behind what is going on in this country or any country. If he can fatten his wallet by being controversial and peddling his half-truths and innuendos as documentaries, he will. bob
  15. 2ndCareerRN

    Micheal Moore....Hatriot?

    For those that would like to see the trailers from the other film. http://www.michaelmoorehatesamerica.com