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  1. Good morning! Ted, hope you have a nice day. When they rolled out our "upgrade" there were so many glitches. It was amazing that in 2018 rolling out a program that wasn't new the company rolling it out had so many problems. I'm sure the upgrade wasn't cheap either. Good luck with that. Joe, sounds like a productive day. Best wishes in thinking of your next move. I know you don't do things without giving it a lot of thought. Stars, I had those "vegan brats". But not the human kind. "Beyond Meat" makes some that really satisfies my German half...with some mustard from Germany and kraut dinner was quite delish and very easy to cook in the microwave. J22, I hate to say I'm one of those that just throws things in the freezer. It's one of those under-the-fridge drawers. Every now and then I'll neaten it up. But I know where stuff is. The weather here has turned from unseasonable warm in the 80's to more winter-like. Won't even hit 70 today. Work was okay but annoying. We have a part-time tech that is in LPN school that only works 7-3 and there never is anyone to replace her when she leaves and we do without. So of course after 3:00 the do do hits the fan. But it was all extra money for me. Not going to do much today. Have the sheets in the wash, need to clean up the kitchen and take a walk and go to hot yoga. Weight was a new low this morning but fluctuates a few pounds here and there. BP was 129/83 which is good for me. Hope al have a good day.
  2. I thought I would create a thread where we can talk about what he's currently up to. No particular topic but one that's ongoing with what he's doing and saying. I'll start with this speech on Black History Month. Seemed very narcissistic, immature and disjointed. He went off topic to make a slam against CNN and their "fake news". Trump used a Black History Month speech to talk about himself, how he did with black voters, and CNN - Vox
  3. Good Morning! Stars, I echo everyone else in wish you the best. I know you guys did what was best for your own living situation and to take care of nannie as well, not knowing it would be so hard. Just take it one day day at a time and try to take care of yourselves however it plays out. If taking care of nannie and keeping a promise means looking after her seeing that she's safely put away needs to be done, that still fulfills the family duty in my opinion. Hope it doesn't come to that but you can only do so much for so long. There's no medication that fixes dementia. Hugs. Joe, hope J is feeling well enough to go out with you. Hope you had a good day. BC, having a good assistant is a Godsend. Our long term forecast looks like typical winter upper 60's and low 70's, but Naples being south can have much better weather. I'll order you up some. Regardless getting away will be good and it's usually about 50 degrees warmer down there than New England. Working an overtime shift that I didn't plan on. Quick made some quinoa and threw a can of salt-free pinto beans and seasoning to have a clean lunch. Probably going to have veggie brats for dinner since I'm not prepared. Anyway, sadly my realistic, tending towards negative attitude knows it's going to be a rough shift. Being nice and volunteering to help out always slaps me in the face. . Hope everyone has a great day. Better post and beat Ted as I see him "down there'.
  4. Good Morning! Working today just one day since I did Sunday and Monday this week. I can handle it. Had a decent day off. High was 81 but didn't need to turn on the air conditioner. One more day of nice weather in the upper 70's before rain and a cold front comes through and you guys up north send winter back down. Hope everyone has a nice day.
  5. Good morning! Joe, hope you were able to get together with J. J22, glad the device is checking out okay and sorry it's still tender to touch. Hope it gets better as time goes on. Stars, hope the gypsies behave. Glad you're MD appointment went okay. Ted, hope you continue to enjoy the days off. I can imagine composing isn't something that would get easier as time when on. It seems that's one of those things that you establish how to do and it is what it is, with everyone having their own style. I enjoyed the Celine Dion concert a lot. She's looking and sounding great, very energetic, and an appreciate adoring sold out crowd. Because of the concert I arranged my schedule to be off the "dreaded Thursday". Good thing since I went to bed after midnight. Nothing much going on today but have some household chores to do.
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    Definitely I'm not friends with Trump supporters and the only supporters I know is my 86 year old father and my aunt and cousins in Alabama. But I do work with Trump supporters. But the overwhelming majority of people I work with are indifferent and unaware and rarely, if ever, talk about being aware of what's going on a national level.
  7. Good morning! Ted, hope you enjoyed your date with your wife and got some rest after the work week. BC, glad you're feeling better. That was one annoying patient. Hope the weather in Florida holds out for you, but even if it's 60 degrees visitors from your part of the world don't bundle up and sit outside and read, so I'm sure you'll have a good time. J22, that is a bizarre situation with the electric bill, but at least you're not going to be hit with six months of bills at once. AmoL, I tend to leave things on my kitchen counter for days and weeks sometimes. Hope you have no incidences of rolling around traffic. Yikes. Had a fitful night of waking up often, but was able to fall asleep after each episode. Got woken up by a Gmail notification on my phone. Apparently I signed up for New York Times emails to get at 6AM when best friend wanted me to read a travel article he emailed me. Dentist went okay. The good news is last years implant looked good on X-ray and implanted itself in my jaw very well. The bad news is that I have some gingivitis on the gum in front of the implant. He described it "you have a pimple there"....gross. I was a little sore but really didn't notice. So I'm being treated with a rinse and need to go back in two weeks for a check up. Like I said, I hate going in for a cleaning and exam because it's always something. He advised me also to get a water pick and start using that. Ordered one on Amazon like a good patient. Ordered a new Japanese tea pot and cups while I was ordering my water pick. No justification for that other than I wanted one. Tonight is Celine Dion in concert. Been a fan of hers for a long time and looking forward to it. Got tomorrow off which is why I worked three in a row. Our electronic W2's have been posted and I'm going to gather my stuff together and hopefully do my taxes here in a bit. My taxes are quite easy to do and I hope to get a refund. We've been having great winter weather. It was over 80 yesterday and will be in the mid-70's today. Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Presidential Election 2020

    I really hate that it's this early and I'm sure it won't get much talk until the time approaches, but lets get it started anyway. First turning backwards to the invention of the political meme 15 years ago with Howard Deans scream. LOL https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/howard-dean-s-scream-turns-15-its-impact-american-politics-n959916?fbclid=IwAR0kAJcaY8YxTlci_Yga0QJ63MmqeFniIvS487N9nHwYqHJ021gpcppuwrQ
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    Yes. But her delay and his blistering speech above blew up in her face. But the overall affect of the impeachment on politics does remain to be seen. She still is someone that is a brilliant politician at the height of her career as well.
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    https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/14/politics/nancy-pelosi-mitch-mcconnnell/index.html As I said a few posts up a week or so ago. The delay was a bad idea.
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    I know you live there so I won't argue. But it's interesting that a state that doesn't love him has elected him since 1985. I have to admit, he's good at what he does and he's at the height of his career. I hope that his blind support of President Trump is his undoing and that you're right that the tide has turned against him, but I'm not holding my breath.
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    An evangelical speaks about Trump and his fellow evangelical followers. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2020/01/11/donald-trump-evangelicals-rally-stunning-sad-unprecedented-column/4421150002/?fbclid=IwAR23BTwYr7AXiMVmH5PoDGdeMZxkrEfP4HaTSx1PUH-YExKvutafhtmhBiI
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I have trouble posting pics, but I'll try. It's a picture of Pelosi and Bloomberg of in Islamic headwear. The. President. Of. The United. States. tweeted this racist Islamaphobic picture. Shaking my head.
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    I think McConnel is full of crap, but he's really killing it. Score one for him. https://news.yahoo.com/mcconnell-house-democrats-already-done-220930921.html
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    Tuesday January 14 2020

    Good Morning! I survived 3 12's in a row and now off until Friday. Yesterday, I took four post op admissions back to back. Squeezed in a lunch, but stayed late to nearly nine finishing up my charting and some charge nurse stuff. Slept in today. Going to the dentist for my six-months check up and cleaning. Not a task I enjoy at all, because a good deal of the time they find something wrong that needs fixing. My days working it was unseasonably warm and sunny in the 80's. Today is more seasonable, Siri says "not nice right now but will be later" but only a high of 70. Humph Hope everyone has a great day.
  16. Good morning! BC, so glad to hear that you're on the mend. Hope you continue to get to 100% well. Ted, hope you're surviving your back to back 12's yesterday which included church and little sleep. Work was okay. I was assigned a busy patient that had some medical issues that were somewhat time consuming. But she's holding her own. 90 years old without an advocate other than some lawyer that will do everything, and a out-of-state daughter that has nothing to do with her and is not her POA but has a court order to proceed with competency evaluations. The nursing home she lives says there is no daughter to be found. Odd situation. I just bumped it up my chain of command. Working today. Didn't see and OR schedule to see how many are coming in today. Day 3 of 3 12's in a row. Not complaining as I'm rested and having good days. Looking forward to knocking this day out. I'm going to miss bowling tonight. Our team is in first place as we were the only team to win all games the first week. Hope everyone has a good day.
  17. Good Morning! Yesterday was not bad. Decent staffing and people behaving. We got the usual shift change admission which set me a little behind. Could have left exactly on time but noooo...... Hope everyone has a great day. BC hope you can rest and recover.
  18. Good morning! Working today first of three in a row. I won't complain since Ted is doing 4. Oh well, maybe I will. Had a decent day off. Washed the sheets, went to the gym and prepared three beans and quinoa lunches, and some whole wheat orzo with mushrooms and tempeh for dinners. Had a Korean tofu dish for dinner. Still sticking to my cleanish diet of no processed foods, meat, dairy, added oils, sugar or salt. Mainly this means not stress eating at work. I find if I don't start eating the candy or donuts and just leave them alone I won't overeat them. Ya think? I 'm not one of those "oh just one" type of eaters. The scale is stuck, but that's okay, I did manage to get six pounds of extra fat off. BP has responded somewhat better for the most part to the good eating 119/69 last night before bed. Even at work the other day it was 132/82...hypertensive by the new guidelines of being over 130/80, but under the 160/90 my doctor wants "a man of your age" to be. I'll break my diet soon enough as I have some dinner plans next week. Better close now as the page spontaneously refreshed but this time saved what I wrote but not the title. Getting the "this webpage is using significant memory. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac.". So I'd best close. Have a great day.
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    As I've indicated in a few posts, I am leaning towards the idea that the blind devotion to Trump and not holding him accountable or believing his lies is like a cult. Here's an opinion about that. https://www.latimes.com/opinion/story/2020-01-10/donald-trump-cult-steven-hassan-moonie?fbclid=IwAR1827CA1BEFktXooTBzn3F5iuIBMomkLNFlZR1J6AUOEJqklUegjiBsrgQ
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Trump says: He doesn't mention who or what he's talking about, but the leader of Ethiopia won this prize back in October, but Trump really had nothing to do with it. Another day, another "stretching of the truth". We're supposed to believe him that killing the Iranian General saved the world. Okay...... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-51063149
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    The Congressional Thread

    I know we're not supposed to restart closed threads, but how about an AOC/Green Deal/Socialist thread? "The Latina Thing" https://news.yahoo.com/ocasio-cortez-fires-back-at-fox-news-over-latina-thing-segment-140426925.html I would think she knows how to say her name. I've seen bilingual people pronounce their name and other words while speaking in English with an accent. It's nothing to be made fun of. I think she would know how to say her name. Of course her firing back is a bit of her usual bravado and arrogance.
  22. Good morning! You guys remind me I need to mow the grass because we had some rain. Usually don't need to mow much this time of year because it's our dry season. I had a rotten end to my shift. At shift change a patient with a new ileostomy leaked everywhere. She was so upset and had to shower and bed change. Her daughters helped, but she was embarrassed and upset since it was a new unwanted situation. Then a nannie next door vomitted a huge amount of coffee ground emesis. While a doc was called the tech and I cleaned her up and changed the linens. All the while she was combative screaming "help, help, help!! Get of my house, call the police!" To add insult to injury or relief was late. Called him "I'm not on the schedule". Me: yes you are. Him: well I'm not coming in". He's has two shifts left of a two weeks notice and it's just "termination behavior". So they pulled a float nurse from another floor that had already started his assignment which short staffed that floor, but we would have been worse. One person throwing at least a dozen people is disarray. Came home by nine, eight and took a sleeping pill even though I knew I could fall asleep, I just wanted to stay asleep. It worked. I didn't wake up once. Now trying to wake up and face it again. We're short staffed ourselves on today. Hope everyone at least shows up. Have a great day!
  23. Good morning! Not sure why I'm up so early but the insomnia but really bit me this morning. I'm quite tired but awake. Ugh. Bowling was fun, we were assigned to be team 19 to play team 20 that was vacant. Plus one member is out for a foot surgery and the other was a no show and there was just two of us and we bowled quickly, but we had fun. It was a routine day off other than that. Finally, made that black bean and butternut stew that I was going to make a while back, cleaned the bathrooms and made it to the gym. Scale is kind still showing total of six pounds lost. More than likely this is the weight I can maintain as I've essentially been this weight most of my middle age. I've had six days in a row of quite clean vegan eating. I think that's my longest stretch of no junk food for years. BP was nice a low for me at 113/71 last night. Don't dare take it now with such sleep deprivation. If I don't go back to bed, I'll go to yoga today and mop. Have a killer schedule coming up. Working Wed., Thurs, Sat., Sun and Mon. Five out of six days, all "12 hour" shifts. I did it to myself so I can be off for a concert next week. Best friend decided to go with me to Fort Lauderdale next month. His foot is getting better and he's walking more, but can still take it easy since we don't have to do much.
  24. Good morning! Ted, your fit bit is certainly going to say you're a poor sleeper. You keep odd hours and have first sleep and second sleep and are just a mess that way. I can relate, especially when I worked night shift. You're entitled to complain about work. I have a rough spell coming up myself and you will hear from me. That fit bit sounds annoying. I couldn't be bothered with a reminder to get up and move. I'd say "witch please, I'm relaxing, so shut up!". Joe, glad you had a chance to visit family. Dianah, sounds like a dapper day. Rude people that think they are entitled to just jump in line annoy the crap out of me. Imagine the example he's setting to his children that it's okay to do this. This happened to me at the airport once when someone just walked in front of me. I said "by all means, please jump the line in front of me". He looked guilty and said, "oh, you can get in front of me". I just smiled "no thank you, the line's not moving and I'm not in a hurry and the plane won't leave without me." Herring, I enjoyed the music. Stars, I meant no disrespect. I meant to say "if you want to feel old along with me...........". Sometimes I look at those shows I enjoyed as a kid like "Lucy" and think "they are all dead now or old". Crazy huh? So I did decide to take my walk on the beach. I made 3 miles. It was "Florida cold" in the low 50's, but I had a sweater and my heavy jacket and was actually too hot and broke out in a sweat. But I can handle hot, being cold is painful. Stopped by best friends to park for free and he was home and joined me, although he walked very slow and I left him behind. The beach was lovely. I also splurged and decided to book a few days in Fort Lauderdale next month when I'm taking my Christmas and New Year's holidays. Since my England trip was canceled and I have that money and then some I decided I could afford to splurge. The gay guesthouses were all booked for what I wanted, so I went mainstream. I wanted a suite that was either on the beach or walkable. The "on the beach" ones were too expensive, so I couple of blocks away, I found a good one that borders on the gay neighborhood "Wilton Manors", so I can support some restaurants and other businesses there. It's still an extravagance, but as my mother always said "you only live once and you can't take it with you". I got a place with two beds in case best friend wants to come (and split the cost...hehe). Today is a routine Monday. Going to the gym first among my chores, and it's "clean the bathroom sMonday". A new season of bowling starts tonight. Maybe we'll do better than 18th place. Hope everyone has a great day.
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    Icebreaker #2

    I set aside money every month for travel, as long as no other unexpected expenses show up. My parents, both in the 80's now and don't travel anymore instilled in my brain to "travel while you're young and able...don't wait". I won't retire rich or young but hope to have seen many places around the world before I retire and continue when I finally do retire. The Costa Rican trip was canceled on the runway in Miami as we are in line to take off and had to go back because a volcanic eruption nearby closed down the airport due to ash. Big disappointment. But a few months later parlayed that money into a memorable trip to Greece and Costa Rica remains on the bucket list.

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