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  1. Good morning! Joe, glad hope the trend of having a good day continues. Amo, I'm pretty bad with birthdays. Can only remember my siblings, not my cousins, or nieces. My bad. Work was busy and I left typically late and didn't chart well. Hope everyone has a great day.
  2. Good Morning! Ted, thanks for the video Sedona is adorable. I imagine there are some shift supervisor shifts in your future. J22, I wonder with global warming is an air conditioner in your future. I remember Herring didn't have one until recently. Amo, hope the issues resolve for you. I take 9 mg Melatonin myself, 5 mg quick release and 4 mg slow release. Not sure if it helps, but I think it does some. Slept the opposite of yesterday. Got up to pee and thought I have a few hours left to sleep and the alarm rang to wake me up while I was in the bathroom. Slept about seven solid hours, but I did take Klonopin. Got a group text "325 bonus for working on Wednesday!". No one took them up on it, so I'm not sure what I'm walking in on. Wednesdays can be busy with post op patients. Have a great day.
  3. Good morning! Joe, sounds like you had a good day. Glad you were able to get together with your father on Father's Day. BC, a beach day with great weather is a Diamond Day. You would be one of those that swim here all year around as it doesn't get much below 60 even in the Winter. Currently the temp is in the mid-80s which is comfortable to me. By August it will be warm and unpleasant to swim in. J22, sounds like you had a good day planned. Stars, glad your husband got a good physical, but yes stress does take its toll. Amo, hope the cleaning out and shredding goes well. It's amazing how things pile up. Strange night. Woke up around 3:30 thinking it might be time to get up and went to the bathroom and fell back asleep for what I thought was about three hours and was 45 minutes. Been up ever since. I really have to work on my sleep hygiene. Probably at this point it's the most unhealthy thing I do is not sleep well. Meh Been reading some decent news about covid in my area. Of the six most populated counties in Florida we have the lowest rate of positivity at 2.1% but are still rated "very vulnerable". Also read that 83% of people over the age of 65 are vaccinated and in my age bracket it's 72%. Better than I thought. Gen Z even though vaccines have been available to them have a dismal 35%. Spent a boatload of money on "Prime Day" over at Amazon. Got some good deals on sheets, towels, nursing scissors and clothes. On top of what I spent on my upcoming vacation, I do need to slow down on my spending and get back on the budget. It's "mop the floor Tuesday" and going to do some meal prep for the coming days. Hope everyone has a great day.
  4. Good morning! I had a decent day. Made some tacos using shiitake mushrooms instead of meat and it turned out good. Spent some time on the beach in the evening and up into the darkness with BF. Very pleasant but cloudy. Apparently nearby beaches are being plagued with red tide that kills marine life. Hoping it stays away from here. It's a natural phenomenon but scientists are studying if humans are contributing to it's flourishing. Saw where the popular rock band Foo Fighters sold out Madison Square Garden and the audience is required to be vaccinated. I've lost patience with the unvaccinated. I'll leave it at that. Day off today and tomorrow. Not much on the agenda. Need to mow the front yard. Have a great day.
  5. Good morning! Hope everyone has a great day. Working today and off the weekend without much plans.
  6. Good morning! Joe, hope you had a good day. Ted, glad to hear the puppy training went well. I'm sure puppies are like human toddlers just full of all kinds of energy, learning to test their limits, and who knows what goes on in their little minds. Air conditioners are expensive for sure. But hopefully with an upgrade you might notice lower electric bills. BC, good news about your BF not having cancer. I hope she can find some relief somehow. You certainly have a lot on your mind. J22, sorry you're having issues post colonoscopy and hope it resolves. That doesn't seem like a normal reaction. I had zero issues with mine and went out to lunch afterwards. I too had propofol from a nurse anesthetist (that I knew but at least it was a male) and loved it. The last thing I remember was the nurse rolling me over to expose my butt saying "he doesn't look 55 and I remember who he is now....". I had it at the day surgery in the hospital where I work and knew some of the people which was embarrassing. Anyway, that sounds extreme an hope you feel better by now. Amo, hope the shoulder is okay. Stars, I do seem to have a block in remembering your name. So sorry. Working today and tomorrow then off the weekend. I had a nice three days off. Got plenty accomplished and had time to reflect on things. I have a hard time acknowledging my failures and shortcomings in relationships, work, life in general, which is important because to do better I have to acknowledge I've screwed up, failed and being kind to myself and moving on. I'd rather beat myself to a bloody pulp, acknowledging what a total loser I am who will also fail and be single, will get fired from work, and crawl under a rock and not live life. Well, that's a bit dramatic isn't it? LOL
  7. Good morning! The error message I had logging in by hitting "clubs" to the right is gone and things are working. 🙂 Dianah, hope you're having fun camping. Joe hope you had a good day without the anxiety flaring up again. J22, glad you're feeling better and weren't down for long. Good to hear cases are going down and things are returning to normal in that part of the country. Davey, good to hear retirement is going well for you. I'm working towards that goal. I still have a ways to go and am envious of retired people. My best friend found a way to retire at age 62, my current age. Ted, hope the puppy and owner training went well. J22, looks like the Braves didn't pull it off. The local team here lost as well but are having a good year and are in first place. This puts them in a better position to bargain for a new stadium. They mayor has fought for several years to make them honor their contract with the city and their current stadium but they don't like it. I hope they get the stadium they want but not in this town, good riddance. The insomnia bug bit me hard again last night. Around 3:30 I took 1/4th a Klonopin and around 4:30 fed the dogs and meditated myself to sleep for a couple of more hours. Having coffee and feeling tired. Bleh Off today.
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    Vaccine Rollout how is it really going?

    Fauci has always stated what he's known to be true at the time. It always wasn't what we wanted to hear and some people under the leadership of Trump and senators like Rand Paul shot the messenger and continue to do so. That he didn't always have answers or his answered changed as more information came about is unforgivable to them and constitute as "lies". SMH That MTG somehow has some information on his "lies" and that he needs to be fired isn't surprising. Again, like her belief that the election was stolen I would simply want some honest proof and not just her BS rhetoric that a minority of Americans want to hear. I can't find it but a friend did tell me the governor here in Florida was asking people to be vaccinated. Florida had the most covid cases in the country last week. There are some counties with less than 25% vaccinated. It's about 45% in my county. Still should be better. But like I've already said, you can't educate the unwilling or people with their mind closed and made up. Thus covid will continue to rage.
  9. Good morning! My way of finding this area is to click "Clubs" over there to the right but have been getting an error message and thus having to go around about way. Anyone else having this problem? Maybe I should report it. Davey that drawing is hysterical. Stars, it's amazing how quickly a pile can turn into a mess and organizing and cleaning is an endless task. BC, sorry to hear that your BF is such pain. Here in Florida things are expensive too get done and with demand high and labor short it also takes a long time. Ted, hope the doggie kindergarten goes well. I'm sure it will. You devotion to the puppy is admirable. They grow up real fast so best train them while their young. Amo, sorry the shoulder is giving you trouble. I have an area on my kitchen counter that sometimes gets backed up with papers, receipts mostly. With all my bills being paid electronically and my banking done electronically, I don't have to save bills or statements anymore, and vet records and insurance policies are all online so paper is limited these days. It does pile up and needing going through every now and then because my default is lazy. I was supposed to meet a friend and see "In the Heights" and go out for dinner afterwards but he got it wrong and was at the movies last night. By the time he texted me he was waiting for me it was too late. He liked the movie though. Have a staff meeting this morning. They have a way we can attend with our cell phones and get paid. Since I'm up anyway I'll attend. We have joint commission coming soon. They visited the facilities in Orlando and got a good initial report and we traditionally do well here. But it's a pain in the butt to get ready for and go through. I'm feeling a bit better about things I can't control and bitter pills needed to be swallowed and accepted. Such is life. Hope everyone has a good day.
  10. Good morning! After spending some time organization a trip. As I was out and about I stopped into work and used the computer to schedule my time off in September. A coworker mentioned she was looking at September to take off herself. Sorry honey but while you were deciding I took September. We're so poorly staffed only one person at a time, especially charge nurses get time off at a time. I suppose I could change my time if she insists but she early bird gets the worm. Usually I schedule my time sometimes a year in advance and I don't take spontaneous vacations usually. She thinks she might also go in August but hasn't made up her mind. My mind is made up and time in and the manager said okay. So there's that. Noticed they had 6:1 ratios yesterday and probably will again today. Working today and tomorrow as it's my weekend. Hope everyone has a great day.
  11. Good morning! Joe, glad that work continues to be good. Sorry about the heart burn. I get plagued with that from time to time myself. Ted, two extra shifts in a week is a lot. Hope they go well. Stars, I hear you about not having kids. It was a good decision for me as well for a variety of reasons, one of which gay guys didn't have the options 40 years ago that they have now, the other of which I might have passed down abuse and other dysfunction. The only thing will be not having adult children to advocate for me in my extreme old age, but hopefully my niece will be around and I will be comfortable from a financial and physical point. But the chips will fall where they may. J22, we're switching to EPIC soon, which is what our "not so new" owners switched to earlier this year. I'm not looking forward to what will surely be a confusing time, but my generation (boomer/gen X) seems to do well with this kind of stuff since it's been a defining theme of our generation (we started with no cell phones or computers and we invented this stuff) which kind of made me scratch my head when the coworker we just had couldn't quite get it together and blamed the computer system. I had my roof and house cleaned yesterday and they did a good job. I'll leave a good review on Google, since that's important these days and I tipped $100. Easy come, easy go. Work was busy as usual and didn't get out on time but not too bad. Had to do an incident report on a fall which slowed me down. Off today. Nothing much on the agenda. Hope everyone has a good day.
  12. Good morning! BC, best wishes to your good friend. Work was busy. Started 5:1 and got 6:1 and discharged one. Stayed until 8:15. Yet another nurse quit in the middle of orientation because it was just "too much". She's an older nurse and blamed the computer, but I also think she had a lazy streak and didn't want to push herself to work and handle things. She comes from a nursing home. The RN role is more desk work and supervision here in Florida where LPNs and CNA's run the nursing homes. Oh well. Too bad there's a shortage and they can do a better job selecting people. If they have one application for 10 positions, they'll take their chances on that one. Hope everyone has a great day.
  13. Good morning! The regulations in Florida is that if you take a Benzo you have to be evaluated every three months by your doctor to document it's needed. My doctor will give me three refills to last three months if I take it daily, but will see me every six months since the prescription lasts and I don't take it every day. Plus he likes to monitor my thrombocytopenia. I would like to stay on it because it seems to help sometimes, especially when I travel and on planes. But we've discussed alternate sleep aids, such as melatonin. I'm on 10 mg melatonin a night and that doesn't help me stay asleep most nights. Oh well. Once I retire it won't be a big deal, but not sure he'll keep me on the klonopin that long. Anyway, I had a nice solo day. Very production, mopped, cleaned the bathrooms, cooked a couple of dishes and went to hot yoga. Still spending too much time districted on the internet, especially "Reels" on Instagram. I don't dare get on Tik Tok which is similar to Reels but the program a lot of younger people use and it's funny. Was looking at a good Grand Canyon vacation, but it's a bit off season away from the crowds in November and it's cold then. This Floridian doesn't do cold well. Several of the tours are sold out so it's still a popular time to go I suppose. Working today and tomorrow. When I went in Monday it looked like the Rehab unit was still helping staff us. Hope everyone has a great day.
  14. Good morning! Ted, you dog is very cute and glad you're having such a good time with her. j22, I grew up camping and seeing national parks out west as well. My preference usually is to not be out in natural all the time. I like the trips I've taken in the past that have combined seeing what natural beauty is in the countries I visit but the big cities as well. I do love a good hike. Stars, sorry about the boredom. Some days are like that. Yesterday was an okay day. The computer teaching lasted about an hour and 20 minutes of which I did clock in. That's too long to do mandatory teaching for free. Treated myself to a vegan sandwich at one of the vegetarian restaurants. Started watching a new indie movie "My Salinger Year" which is okay. Haven't slept well the last couple of nights so took 1/2 a klonopin and it worked well along with fatigue. I'm not sure how long my doctor is going to keep giving me a benzo and I hate it, but insomnia and anxiety sucks and I like having neither. I do have to work on sleep hygiene. Have some cooking and cleaning to do and have a yoga class scheduled. Hope every one has great day.
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    Monday June 7th 2021

    Good morning! Joe, I hate getting up early. Makes for a long day when I have to work. Dianah, I know you will have a good time on your camping trip. BC, sounds like a good day. J22, I thought about streaming "Dream Horse" but thought that it would be indeed "predictable". I'm not a camper and never will be. I think though if I were a better sleeper I would do one of those trips where you hike the Grand Canyon and camp, but have guides to help you. I met a couple in Peru that was doing that in the Andes. Their guides were always a step ahead and set up camp and took down the camp and they enjoyed the scenery. They said it rained miserably one entire day though. It just seems like a lot of work. RV would be easier but still not my thing. I had a nice outing yesterday with best friend. We went to one of the local parks with a small hiking trail south of here. We sat and had some fruit on a bench at the mouth of one of the big rivers that dumps into Tampa Bay and it was nice. It was hot and the mosquitoes were heavy but they weren't biting. Going in to do a lesson on phlebotomy that's due this week and apparently is a long one. This time I will be clocking in. Might treat myself to lunch. Hope everyone has a great day. I was cleaning up one of my rooms and noticed on my diploma that it 6/6/91...30 years ago I graduated nursing school. I can't believe the 90's were 30 years ago. ugh
  16. Good morning! J22, what movie did you see? I still haven't been to a theater yet but nothing has caught my eye. Didn't sleep well for some reason. Was tired. I was watching "reels" on Instagram, sort of like Tik-Tok, short and quick funny videos, on my phone in bed so maybe that was it but I have my blue light filter on. Had an uneventful day yesterday. Washed the car and went to hot yoga class. Weighed myself for the first time in a few weeks and it's still the same. Pride is a bit of a bust again this year due to covid. No parade and you need to purchase a ticket for the events to limit the amount of people. Not really into it. If things continue to go well I'm sure next year it will go on as usual. Going to get outside some today. Supposed to rain later in the day and be hot in the upper 80's or maybe 90 as is the norm for this time of year. Have a great day today.
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    Sunday June 6, 2021

    Joe glad you were able to get together with your father. Hope you have a good day.
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    Saturday June 5th 2021

    (((BC))) so sorry to hear this.
  19. Tweety

    Saturday June 5th 2021

    Good morning! Joe, glad that vaccinations have allowed you to see J and family. Ted, hope Amy got some good sleep and that you enjoy your stretch of days off. J22 my I tried putting on a sweater on one of my dogs when it was chilly out and he hated it too. Now I don't even try. But it's Florida and they don't get cold much. Stars, guess that "sandwich" generation of people caring and worrying about a generation older and younger can still be burdensome. I had 4:1 ratio yesterday!! I manage very well with 4:1 most of the time and had a decent day. We've been lucky to borrow staff from the Rehab unit which has a full staff but not a full census. Off for four days. Nothing on the agenda. Need to wash the car and I scheduled a yoga class this afternoon. Have a good day.
  20. Good Morning! My short haired dogs loves the sun. Waffles does anyway, Slow Bro likes his bed. Waffles loves to lay out in the sun as did my late Billy. In his very old age at around 17 my Caesar fell asleep in the sun and got heat stroke and I thought he was a goner. Crazy dogs. A co-worker got a text from his son at school that his young son got bullied by the cop at his school that knocked a drink out of his hand and spit on him. I had to talk him down from going to the school and spitting on the cop. I said "this wouldn't end well for you" (he's African American) and think about your license and that you might even get shot. Sad state of affairs that I had to worry about his life like that. Turns out they got it on closed circuit TV and he's pressing charges of assault against the school security officer, who is a police officer. I swear I try to keep cops in my good graces but just can't. It's my Friday today. Looking forward to the weekend. Yesterday we processed 12 discharges and a bunch of admissions.
  21. Good morning! Joe, glad you had an easy day. Ted, have a good night at work. Six days off sounds nice. J22, 85 is just too hot to be inside without air conditioning, at least in Florida it is. When my house is above 80 the air conditioner comes on. Stars, sorry you're in a funk. I was having a dream my doorbell was ringing and I was thinking "who could that be so early, and I'm all wrapped up in sheets and couldn't get untied to answer the door, and I saw the red lights of a police car flashing, then my alarm woke me up. I was sleeping and dreaming real hard. Took a klonopin and slept extremely well for a change. A coworker texted me that they have three nurses coming to help me tomorrow since I'm the only nurse on the schedule. I hope everyone has a good day.
  22. Good Morning! Yesterday was a bit more productive. While at the gym I started watching a new movie on my phone called "The Dry" and finished up on my tablet while I cooked. It was a good movie. It's an Aussie movie just released in the US this month. It's playing in a few theaters here but I watched it on Amazon. I wonder if this will continue to be the norm, releasing movies for streaming (for a cost) the same time they are out in theaters. Some movies I'd like to see in the theaters. Haven't been to a movie in a theater in a long time. Today's yoga class has a waiting list and rather than try to get in, I'll go to the gym again instead. It's "mop the floors" day. Hope everyone has a great day.
  23. Tweety

    Vaccine Rollout how is it really going?

    Lots of luck with that. The data is showing that the areas here in Florida that are the least vaccinated are those areas that were most strongly Trump supporters. They got the same education as the rest of the state. They are making a deliberate choice, as is their right, to reject it, whether it's based on good common sense or not. But I get it, we should not stop educating. Doctors and nurses educate people on how to prevent heart disease through diet and exercise year after in their annual appointments until they die of heart disease and lack of exercise and poor diet. But my question remains. How much more education do these people need?
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    Tuesday June 1 2021

    Good morning! Joe, hope you have a good day at work today. We didn't get the predicted rain but south of us did. Not much of a rain chance today. There was a big wreck going to the beach that closed the main road to the beach from this side of town so I'm glad I decided not to go. Of the ten most populous counties in Florida where I live has the lowest rate of positivity. Will be interesting to see how it goes as people take off their masks and gather for Memorial Day events and Pride events this coming months. While movie theaters and concerts have been open for a while people are feeling more confident about going. I'm certainly looking forward to going back to the movies and concerts. I have three concerts tickets that we canceled during covid. One is scheduled for November and one for April 2022 and another I'm waiting to be reschedule. Plus will be nice to go back to little theater. Also I want to travel. Wasted yesterday doing nothing. Went and got some Beyond vegan burgers that were buy-one-get-one-free and had that for dinner yesterday. Hope everyone has a great day.
  25. Good Morning! BC, so sorry about the family drama your BIL seems to be causing. Hope the family meeting goes well. Ted, life always revolves around the pets doesn't it. It get a little anxious those long days I stay late worrying about my hungry dogs waiting on me. Funny thing at work is my ratio was 5:1 when clearly it could have been high because patients were holding in the ER. Administration mentioned one of them to me, but "only when you have a discharge and are able to take him". WHAT??? You're not forcing 6:1 on me? I wonder if my blistering email getting things off my chest and that "if this is to be the normal I will not accept that" and you need to examine why three people quit in the middle of their orientation, not a direct threat that I would quit, but the message is clear, that I won't tolerate it much longer, had an effect? Before I left the acting manager called and instructed the night charge nurse to not go above a ratio of 5:1 for the day charge nurse (me). Interesting. We'll see how much it lasts. In return I put my filter on my mouth, stayed positive and cooperated with management when I had a discharge and needed to take a patient. It still was crazy busy with 5:1 (sent two patients to surgery, discharged two patients, and got a shift change transfer from another hospital) and I didn't finish on time but I was glad it wasn't 6:1 and will take a small victory. If indeed it's a victory. It's tax holiday for hurricane supplies and I'll have take a look at that but want to stay away from people. The beaches are crowded as the weather is gorgeous. Stores might be busy too. Hope everyone has a good day.

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