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  1. Good morning! Stars, glad your appointment went well and I hope the medication helps. My mother has inner ear problems that causes vertigo as well. My drug addict sister claimed she had it and that nothing worked but valium. Eye roll. But now she's off drugs I haven't heard much about her vertigo. J22, good luck in the 10K. Hard to believe it's actually getting cool somewhere when it's still so hot here. Actually it seems to be a bit cooler here and won't even get to 90, but that's just a tease. Bowling was fun. We lost all the games and got sent to last place, 16th place out of 16 teams and the team that did this to us catapulted themselves up to first place. Covid restrictions that we had last season when cases were much lower are dropped now. It seemed crowded, but it's the usual way of bowling. I and one of my teammates kept their masks on the whole time and I saw one other person a ways down with a mask. Otherwise no one was wearing a mask and there was zero social distancing. Like I said before I'm presuming they are vaccinated and know from reading surveys that gay men have a higher rate of vaccination than the rest of Floridians (we tend to be liberal overall) so I have to let that go if I want to bowl. To me it even though this is normal, it seems too weird in these times. Funny how normal doesn't seem right any more. But this is Florida. I'm glad I got the booster though. I'm up early to take best friend to his colonoscopy appointment. This is just routine and probably will be his last since he's 70 if this one is clean as I suspect it might. They will let me in the ground floor cafeteria but not the upstairs waiting area and they will call when he's done. Some places still have some covid rules. It's in a part of town that I can't go home easily and pick him up timely when he's done so I just might hang around or find a nearby Starbucks or do something.
  2. Good morning! Stars, good that you got an appointment. Hope you feel better. J22, that's so aggravating about your meds. I don't seem to have any trouble with the one prescription. My issue is when I want a renewal he tends to ignore the pharmacy's request, but renews it when I call him directly. The insomnia bug really has me still. I've been up since around 4AM and I think I'm starting to relax and get sleepy. I'll just sleep the day away probably. Oh well, not much to do. I did schedule a hot yoga class this afternoon. BP is a better 124/79 which is surprising since I'm a bit sleep deprived. I have noticed before when I've come back from vacation and haven't exercised and eaten well that my BP creeps up. Hopefully will stabilize as I get back in my routine. Watched an interesting Chinese-American movie "Dead Pigs" which apparently was released in China a couple of years ago, and the festival circuit but just got a worldwide release. It came to my attention because of it's good ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. Pretty good movie that covers many angles.
  3. Good morning. I had my set my alarm to get myself up early to get the dogs and slept well. Went to bed past midnight. Ate dinner after 10pm which my body thought was 7pm. Will probably take a nap and use today as a rest and recovery day. Need to go to the grocery store. Going to try and post some of the pics I put up on Facebook of my trip. I have some a lot on my camera that I've yet to download. Hopefully they will show up. It was a much needed get away. I spent a boat load of money and have no regrets. I've been working hard and I deserved it and am worth it. J22, that seems to be the theme here in Florida as well, not only is there a labor shortage in some industries like the hospitality industry that is thriving, employees are coming up positive and complicating issues. Cases and hospitalizations are on the downswing here and the variant burns through us and moves on to other parts of the country. Although the issue is critical care beds, those that are sick are taking up the critical care beds and staying there for a long time. I will say that traveling, people were very compliant with wearing a mask, but the airport in Phoenix was very crowded and people really couldn't social distance six feet apart. I'm torn between wanting the economy to keep getting better and getting on with life, and the surge that's going on.
  4. Tweety

    Wednesday September 15 2021

    Joe, glad you tested negative. I'm thinking of being tested too. Stars, so sorry you're feeling bad. Hoe you get better soon. Coming home today and getting the dogs tomorrow since I'm arriving past 8;30. Shard a shuttle with the tour guide and he got me into the American Express lounge with free lunch and coffee. Nice place to rest for a couple of hours. Came early to fit his schedule. Have a great day.
  5. Tweety

    Tuesday September 14 2021

    Joe good luck with everything. J22 congrats on the run. (((Stars)))) Ted. ahem..... Grand Canyon was exceptional as you can imagine. I didn't take the mules but hiked down the trail they used. But no time to make it down to far. Today am taking a two hour jeep tour in Sedona. Ted influenced this part of the trip and I'm sure it's worth all his hype. Heading home tomorrow.
  6. Tweety

    Sunday September 12 2021

    Good morning. Off to another adventure. Can't believe it's Sunday. Joe, getting away causes me to reflect a lot. Dianah large crowds don't bother me. I got a feel that covid was over when people crammed onto a tram st the airport The planes are sold out, people close together on long lines, etc. I'm good with it I suppose but a big disconnect from the surge. Have a great day.
  7. Tweety

    Saturday September 11 2021

    Joe, glad you had a good time. Stars, get well and sorry about the stressors. BC good news about BIL. Hope you husband can bring in a steady income. Dianah enjoy the weekend. I'm enjoying my trip a lot. Beautiful scenery. It won't let me download from my phone for some reason.
  8. Tweety

    Thursday September 9 2021

    Joe, have a good time. After an easy check-in we sat on the plane near two hours waiting for clearance due to bad weather. Then had to wait again in Charlotte because of some other flight at the gate. Luggage didn't make it and I had to go back after midnight so I would have it to leave this morning. Anyway all is well now. Slept four hours and my body wanted to wake up Florida time. Hope to have a feeling of relaxation soon. lol
  9. Tweety

    Wednesday September 8 2021

    Easy peasy. Checked my prepaid suitcase outside curbside and according to the app it's on the way to Vegas. Since I checked in already and had my boarding pass on my phone, I avoided a line. Lots of people everywhere. I started with an N 95 and ditched it. Covid every but hated it. Wish me luck. BC hope the migraines are better. J22 I wonder if other states are in line as it moves through the south.
  10. Tweety

    Tuesday September 7 2021

    Good morning! Joe, hope things work out with the minister. Amo, that does seem a silly rule about wearing white after Labor Day especially in climates like Florida where summer burns on through October. I was schooled about that when I had a white pair of khaki's once...who knew? Stars, sorry that Nannie doesn't seem to be as physically active. Maybe the doctor will tell her things are okay and she should walk. Are you guys keeping her if she eventually gets bed bound? Happy birthday Dianah's sister! Had a decent day. Started watching a movie on my phone at the gym "The Pig" and finished it up on my TV. Rented it from Amazon as it's a new movie with Nicolas Cage. Pretty good. Mainly a movie about experiencing loss. Mercifully the covid admissions in my organization and indeed Florida seems to be easing but the death rate is the highest yet and indeed the highest death rate of all 50 states. On the other hand, I'm vaccinated three times, masked, thin and healthy with no co-morbidities and of the mindset that life must go on. I'm leaving for my trip tomorrow. I'm staying in the US so will continue to post. If you follow me on FB, don't say anything as I'll surprise my friends there and put up pics. I've canceled two vacations because of the pandemic, Covid be damned, we just have to live with it. Having dinner with my sister who will babysit the dogs. I'm worried about the mostly blind one and how she will adjust to a strange environment. They will get a bath today, and a nail trim and I'll do some packing. Hot yoga class this morning. Have a great day.
  11. Good Morning! Stars, sorry to hear Nannie feels she's not ambulatory. Joe, hope your day was indeed quiet and you had a nice dinner. J22, as you know I'm sure, The WHO is saying not to get a booster when so many people around the world haven't got their first dose yet. I haven't heard any different about me being off tomorrow. So just one day. Not sure what awaits. Lately on the weekends we haven't had a tech. Although I've been told people are hired to work the weekends. I keep hearing that and keep having to work without a tech. They get good RN care, but no baths, personal hygiene and have to wait long times for call lights to be answered. It's stressful. I got the third Pfizer dose yesterday. I thought about it and while I'm not 100% sure it was necessary, and the guilt of taking away from other people (but really would my dose go to someone in the third world if I didn't take it? No it wouldn't), I decided it's right for me to get it. I'll be on planes and busses traveling and would just feel better that I'm doing my part and all I can while still going on with life. Covid is something we're going to have to live with but I'm living with it vaccinated. No side effects but a sore arm. I also got some labs drawn at the lab where I work. With our new system we also have a new portal connected to it and I signed up and got a notification on my phone when my labs were resulted. So I got them before my doctor most likely. They look good. The two labs that are always abnormal are stable, platelets are slightly low but better than last time and bilirubin is just slightly high but stable and unchanged. Have a great day.
  12. Good Morning! Amo, I looked up BB bridge and that is quite some footage and too close for comfort I'm sure. I once went out in a summer rainstorm that turned torrential (not an unusual thing for Florida in the rainy season and no need to not do what you have to do) and turns out I was a few blocks from a tornado that ripped through a mobile home park. My ex was watching it on the news and had a fit when I arrived home oblivious. Planning on doing some meal prep for the coming days and going to the gym. Otherwise will get some lab work done and hopefully get my booster shot. Hope everyone has a great day.
  13. Good morning! BC, sorry about the new development at work. Hope you can set boundaries for a smooth work situation. I love a good grilled cheese. Rarely eat them these days. Dianah, the new bowling team is pretty good. Not sure if we're a winning combination yet. We one 2 points and lost 5 on Monday. Time will tell but they are nice guys. Glad to have a full team. It's always a bit awkward when the league matching you up with players you might not click with. Had a nice four day week-end. First in a long time. Got a lot done yesterday. Slept well but took the sleeping pill again. Working today and tomorrow and then Saturday and Sunday, my "bad week". Hope everyone has a good week.
  14. Good morning. Work was really busy with 8 admits. They all stayed. Today will be a mass exodus. I'm tired from a bit of insomnia. Working today then off four days. Looking forward to some rest. Have a great day.
  15. Good morning. Ted, sorry you got called in. Hope the transition goes well. One of my patients wasn't doing too well with low BP and shortness of breath but settled down eventually but took a lot of my time. Going to higher level if care is not an option unless you're intubated. We're nearly 90% at capacity for ICU beds due to covid. The other large hospital down the road shut down elective surgeries and one of their ortho surgeons is bringing four joint replacements to my unit. He wants to discharge them all same day. Plus our regular surgeries. Good times. The same hospital has so many covid patients and staff out with covid they are paying $750 extra to work an extra shift. The long term hospital here is paying $1000 for an extra shift. Same situation here. One of our floors that started having to take covid patients is having a breakout among staff. Community percent of positivity remains around 20%. My vaccinated friend with covid is symptom free still. Our unvaccinated secretary is out sick for the third time with her covid symptoms. and so it goes Sorry for typos
  16. Stars "what a mess" doesn't seem adequate to describe your stepdaughter situation. Dianah, good to hear from good. Glad to had a good time albeit mixed with sadness. Spent $700 on routine maintenance. It was time for the big stuff. Overtune day today. The last week of six in a row Enough if that But happy that I didn't bat an eye as to wherw the $700 was coming from. Also my insurance is due...always something. Today is a retirement party for a coworker. Going to eat off plan. She's making me curried chicken which I'm surprised as knows I don't eat meat. But she said it's "with all my love" so I'll eat some. African Americans loved curried chicken here because of the Carribean influence..which was influenced by British Indians imported to the Islands to work for the Empire back in the day. We've worked together 10 years.
  17. Tweety

    Monday August 23 2021

    Good afternoon. Joe, it's understandable that you would be nervous given the uncertainty of it all. Stars, so sorry for the discomfort that you're going through. Hope it gets better soon. Had my sixth month check up with the doc. I go every six months because I'm on the benzo as it's some state requirement that you have to go in every 90 days but I go every 180 since my script lasts 90 day script lasts that long. Plus he monitors my elevated bilirubin and low platelets, all of which are stable. They took me right in and he didn't make me wait, but did send a PA student in advance to talk to me first which was no problem. The cable guy came right on time at the beginning of the hour window and fixed a couple of problems and I'm back online at home. I miss working on the computer having wireless to stream TV and music. Although I usually watch the TV on my table in the kitchen and not the actual TV. Off today and tomorrow. Already mowed the grass so it's a productive morning so far. Hope everyone has a great day.
  18. BC congratulations! Ted I remember one tropical storm when I was working night shift and day shift called off in large numbers but all of us on nights made it home. One storm my late Cesar went outside through his doggie door oblivious of the wind and rain. My current too are a bit ire delicate. Better day today at work but no tech.
  19. Tweety

    Saturday August 21 2021

    Good afternoon. At work and on my phone on lunch break. It's 3:50 and I'm hangry. That's all I'll say. BC, have a great wedding.
  20. Tweety

    Friday August 202 2021

    Joe, it's a grind to find a job. All the best. Stars sorry you're feeling bad and glad a plan is on place. BC that sucks about the hurricane. As expected they need to send a technician to fix my internet. They are coming Monday. Off today and not much happening.
  21. Tweety

    Thursday August 19 2021

    I'm on my phone because of no internet. Waiting for it to reboot even though I did that several times. But have to humor the robot I'm talking to. Busy day at work but off tomorrow.. BC I hope the wedding is memorable if not as planned.
  22. Tweety

    Wednesday August 18 2021

    Good Morning! Good luck with everything Joe. Stars, sorry that Nannie is so obsessed with her cold hands. Always something. Dianah, have a good trip!!! It was a relief that the air conditioner was a simple fix. The humidity is unbearable without it. Uneventful day planned. I am off today because I worked Monday instead. Will work tomorrow and then the weekend and I think I'm back on my usual schedule without overtime. Hope everyone has a great day.
  23. Tweety

    Tuesday August 17 2021

    Lucked out and was able to get the air conditioning fixed already. I was afraid with covid sickness and labor shortages here I'd be stuck waiting for a few days with no air condition. All is well though.
  24. Tweety

    Tuesday August 17 2021

    Good morning! Joe, sorry that you haven't heard back from your current company. These things take time. I've always been the impatient type when I've transferred and switched jobs "I want the answer right now this second, so I can move on". But it doesn't work like that. Ted, I'm sure you're tire of working overtime as I am. Sounds like you had a nice day off. BC, it's frustrating that people just because they find it inconvenient to them personally want to ignore scientist and doctors. Don't know why this surprised me with all the climate change denial and other crazy things out there. Child abuse...please. Glad you're feeling better after your mother's memorial. J22, enjoy your time away in Vegas. Amo, I've been very confused as to the date as my work schedule has been changed. I barely know the day of the week. I should be back on my normal schedule this week other than having Wednesday off for working Monday. They broke their own rule due to covid and allowed the coworker that missed her computer classes to return to work (after being out with covid and now recovered) and her return yesterday while she was clueless was a relief because they also floated another nurse from another floor as well. The clueless nurse had a nurse on orientation to help her navigate the computer system. She's very smart and will catch on quickly. Lots of people are picking up overtime and taking advantage of the 500 to 700 dollar bonuses which is easing the situation caused by the covid surge someone. I'm tired though and will stop. As our old friend VivaLasVegas said to me on FB, I'm getting crispy around the edges. If have no air conditioning. In Florida. In August. With dreadful humidity. I was able to sleep but it's getting really hot. Hopefully it will be an easy fix and can get back on today sometime.
  25. Good morning! J22, safe travels! Lots of airline employees are getting covid necessitating the canceling of flights due to staffing. Joe, hope your GI symptoms are settled and that you slept well, Ted, while the governor is an idiot for his "freedom first" over any covid ides like masks or lockdown, the current surge is caused by the people's stupidity and he's just the scape goat. Everyone had the information they needed to get the vaccine and they are widely available on every street corner or they will come to your home. He's not the reason for the low vaccination rate. He's pro-vaccine and we could have had herd immunity and and it's not his fault we don't. He's catching flack for not requiring masks for school aged kids, but people have the same information as I do whether or not wear a mask. I'm not giving him a pass because I hope he losses his re-election but he's the Republican's darling. I hope you enjoyed the lovely day. Dianah, sorry you didn't sleep well. Guess that egg was too tempting. 🙂 The refrigerator is nearly empty and not one of the areas I need to purge. No salad dressing because even though I'm plant centric I don't eat salads. Most salad dressings are not healthy with sugar, oil and salt so I don't use them. Overtime day today. I really really really don't want to do it. I'm the lone man available to work. Every single day shift nurse has an issue right now, be it vacation, covid, or death in the family. It was with anxiety that they filled us up as I was leaving last night knowing there's only one nurse scheduled today and maybe 6 to 8 post op that need to be place.

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