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    Media behaving badly

    Trump accused of rape. No mainstream media outcry, not front page news, nothing to see here. Trump says she's not his type anyway. https://www.salon.com/2019/06/24/trump-accused-of-rape-major-media-yawns-why-is-e-jean-carrolls-story-not-front-page-news/
  2. Good Morning! Joe, what's your cross stitch project? I think I might have mentioned that when I quit smoking in 1988, I took up cross stitching to do something with my hands. I still have a couple of the simple things I did back then. Ted, glad the new pastor passed. Hope she works out well for you. J22, hope you enjoyed the grilling and the grandsons today. Herring, your grandmother did very well indeed. I never got to meet my mother's mother in Germany. They were estranged for many years and when they finally got together my sister went with my mother. My dad's mother died young of heart disease when I was six. She was a housewife and I always felt her love for us. Grandpa was never the same. My mother's father died before I was born in WWII. SlowBro was a bit nervous at first and the dog beach, but eventually relaxed and seemed okay. There were only about five people with dogs there so it wasn't busy like it can be on weekends and when it isn't so hot. Went to best friend's to vacuum, take out litter and trash, and do laundry. He was down in the dumps which is not his usual state at all. But I listened and let him get it all out and hopefully cheered him up some. He's bumped because he doesn't think his heel is better and it hurts to full weight bear. He has an appointment on Wednesday and they'll probably schedule an MRI and back to square one. To make matters worse his other heel is hurting a bit and he spiraled into a "what if" both feet were in casts and non-weight bearing. That would not be good as he lives alone and I work and wouldn't be able to help him full time. The course of steroids for possible plantar fasciitis doesn't seem to be helping. Bummer. Woke up at 3:30and took a while to fall back asleep. When I did, I dreamt I was smoking some recreational marijuana with some friends, had a meeting with people to come up with ideas about how to increase business at the hospital I work, and couldn't get back into a play I was attending somewhere in Asia with best friend because I didn't have my ticket. All this in a matter of a couple of hours. Sheesh.....
  3. Sums up that side very well.
  4. Tweety

    Media behaving badly

    I've always liked Chuck Todd, he's a good at political analysis. Trump hates him already and has made more than one Tweet against him. That he would even sit in the room with him and allow himself to be interviewed by him is interesting. I didn't see the interview, as I really can't stand his interviews. Todd is indeed getting a lot of criticism for not calling him out and digging deeper. I think like this article states there are two ways to interview him. One is to go on the attack, and the other is to just let him speak for himself (i.e. lie) and let the analysis occur later. Chuck obviously choose the later and I am a bit surprised since they both have obviously not liked each other. Maybe he just wanted to keep the peace and come across as a neutral interviewer, rather than anti-Trump. Trump doesn't have much depth to him, so deep analytical questions and digging deeper and confronting him doesn't lead to much. https://www.poynter.org/newsletters/2019/how-to-interview-this-president-plus-leaked-vetting-documents-and-a-clubhouse-confrontation/
  5. Good Morning! Stars, I wish I could infuse life with more of a sense of humor, but I tend towards depression and negativity. I do tend also to be a bit "it is what is", "don't sweat the small stuff", "complain, whine and moan and then move on" kind of person as well. BC, that sounds like a lovely evening with music that I would enjoy. Jakob Dylan was inescapable around here on the airways and VH1 (back when they played music) with his group The Wallflowers and their huge hit "One Headlight", which I liked. Ted, I hope the potential pastor gave a good impression. I've been through that process with churches I've belonged to. When I belonged to Metropolitan Community Church the organization didn't seem to have a shortage of Pastors that they could send us though. They would send a temporary pastor during our selection process. However, when I switched to UU finding a pastor was much harder. For months we had to go week to week picking "guest speakers" for the service portion. Actually it was interesting, we had people talk about the environment, human rights, Native American spirituality, Islam, etc. We also had to deal with dwindling finances. Dianah, having children move away must be a bittersweet thing as you will miss them, but want the best for them. I couldn't live in the town my parents live in and I immediately took a job in a bigger city when I graduated nursing school. I think it was harder on them when my sister and their grand daughter moved away than me. Grand daughter trumps me any day. I have an exterminator coming this morning to deal with the ants in the attic and do an extermination around the house. I think I've done a good job keeping the bugs at bay myself, but never really thought about the attic. Then they return every three months for routine service. Best leave things to the professionals. SlowBro and I have to be away for at least three hours after the attic treatment. We're going to the Dog Beach. I've never taken SlowBro to a dog park before, so I hope he likes it. It being off season and being early on a Monday, I doubt many people will be there, if any that early. Otherwise, not much going on. I hope everyone has a good day.
  6. I think the people that opposed the Iran deal in the first place are going to say this is all Obama's fault. International inspectors have said that Iran was complying with the terms of the International deal when the US pulled out saying they weren't complying and the deal wasn't tough enough. So now it's the tough guy act threats with "obliteration like you've never seen before" (sound familiar) and sanctions and "let's make a deal" but on his terms. I would agree with him that loss of lives was not "proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone". Maybe showing he's willing to attack, but willing to be a peaceful guy is a good strategy. I'm not sure. I personally think there was no need to get this far and pulling out of the international deal that most of the world wanted us to keep was mistake and lead us to where we are now. We'll never know because it is what it is. I'm glad that he did show some restraint. Iran, despite the shooting down of the drone (which probably was in their territory) I'm sure doesn't want a war but doesn't want to be pushed around either. The United States and the rest of the world doesn't want a war either. The one with Iraq didn't end well.
  7. Tweety

    Friday June 21, 2019

    That's too funny Stars. Hope you can get an appoint sooner rather than later to see your doctor. BC, busy is good. Enjoy the weekend. I'm weird in that I love crowds, but not always the bumper to bumper crowds at Pride or tourist attractions. Hope you enjoy the weekend after a busy week BC. Home after a busy 12 hour shift. I was on one side with a tech with five patients, one admission and three discharges. Kept me hopping. Off for four days!
  8. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    Sanders implying that Warren is rising in the polls because she is a woman, rather than a qualified opponent, might come back to bite him. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/06/bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-woman?utm_brand=vf&utm_source=facebook&utm_social-type=owned&utm_medium=social&mbid=social_facebook&fbclid=IwAR1-hmhNn1VKkpT2_yVa46TvYs2XBVWwl65WlC4FlQPiEBMMElyVGkg4h9o
  9. Good Morning! Nel, hope you get that appointment and some treatment that helps. J22, that music sounds pretty good. Hope you enjoyed it. Gyros sounds good. Working today and off the weekend. It's Pride Weekend. Not sure, what if anything I'm going to do. It's the largest Pride in Florida and one of the largest in the Southeast. Not sure I want to deal with it. There's a mini-controvert brewing over them naming it "Tech Data Pride" after a corporation that gave a lot of money. People are complaining that Pride has become too corporate. I have mixed feeling as it's great to have corporate support and know who is supportive of equality, but ultimately don't approve the name change even though it's quite expensive to put on this event and they need the money. Hope everyone has a great day.
  10. Tweety

    Thursday June 20, 2019

    Stars, at least she's not being taken in and spending money. My doctor used to work for a company that online appointment scheduling. You could schedule your own rather than talk to a person. He doesn't have that now and doesn't even have a portal. I still don't know what my lab work says for my last physical in November. Hope he looked them up or the lab sent them to him. He did give me his personal cellphone number which was cool of him. Nel, the one time I looked outside the hospital was a hospice job and it involved an $8.00 an hour decrease and I could never afford that. Seems jobs away from the bedside don't pay well. Hope something comes up for you. Sorry that you didn't get the best of news from the doctor today. Dianah is posting some gorgeous pics of her camping trip on Facebook. Herring, so glad your husband is feeling better. I got sent home early today around 4pm. Several surgeons are on vacation and the census dropped and since I had two patients only it was easiest to send me home. No problem with me. I had a relaxing afternoon and didn't do much. Going to give Slowbro a walk and go to bed with a book.
  11. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    Just pointing out another list. I can see why a state were homes are 500,000 vs. a state where homes are $130,00 like Mississippi, can have differing rates of poverty. I can also see how a state like Mississippi which is the worst or near the bottom in every economic, education, and healthcare status would be #1 on someone's list.
  12. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    Not sure why you would ask when it clearly states that certain young people can't afford housing. Still the article mentions of socialist countries like Norway, Finland and Sweden that have seen their homelessness drop due to their attention to housing moreso than Denmark. They aren't paradise by no means, but they do try and seem to care.
  13. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    To be fair he probably knows the Democrats ideas, but he was asking you which of those ideas you think will fix the problem. A reasonable discussion question as we don't always agree 100% on the agenda of the party we will vote for. It wouldn't be spoon feeding him to offer what you think will work. He's already offered examples of what he thinks doesn't work. At least that's how I took it.
  14. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    Democrat candidates addressed poverty and systemic racism a couple of days ago. https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/6/18/18683811/poor-peoples-campaign-2020-democrats-biden-sanders-warren
  15. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    I guess the word is still out wether increasing wages in Seattle is helping their poverty rate. But the good news is the rate has dropped. https://www.washington.edu/news/2017/09/14/poverty-decreases-income-increases-in-seattle-area-and-washington-state/