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  1. Tweety

    Monday December 2 2019

    Stars, your posts lately are so hateful and angry. Feel bad, but really going to have to ignore you. Peace out.
  2. Good morning! J22, I had a weird financial relationship with my ex. He was real cheap and I was the spendthrift, but he also made it clear we weren't to be one of those couples that pooled our money. We both had separate accounts and rarely fought over money. He wasn't so cheap he wouldn't buy nice cars or go on vacation though. His father left him comfortable, but not rich when he died after we broke up. BC, I agree it's good not to be the host for Thanksgiving. I also agree some patients are getting a bit more demanding than they used to be. I've always been a flexible person when it comes to change, going with the flow pretty easily. A good deal of the work changes I've been through have not been for the good, but I do what I'm told when it comes to things I can't control. Work yesterday was good. I let a nurse go home when we dropped the census and as I was giving report I was beeped for a new admission and then got another one. Both were ICU transfers. One was a mess and the nurse left me to give a med an hour late, a dressing change and a colostomy bag change. Working again today and off for three days. No overtime available to help pay for the new computer but I'll use my travel fund since I'm not traveling anywhere anytime soon. Hope everyone has a great day.
  3. Good morning! Joe, hope you enjoyed having Friday off. Dianah, sorry you couldn't make it to the apple ranch, but sounds like an okay day. Herring, hope you had a good time at the convention. J22, I'm sure the family appreciates the traditions, but I know how hard it is to be the host (hence my laziness at going out to eat these days) Ted, sounds like a decent night at work. Hopefully one of those 4 days you can get put on call. Stars, glad that you got some good sleep. I had a decent day solo yesterday, got some laundry done, cooking and gym. My computer arrived nearly a week early. Glad it came on a day off. So far so good. A couple of glitches and some new features, but otherwise similar to the old one. Works just fine, no issues on this site like the old one. Had a bit of insomnia in the wee hours and got up early before the alarm. I had a weird dream I was walking down the hall and was stopped for a lice check, they gave me two pairs of pants a paper one and a cloth one to change into but I didn't know which was to use. Weird. Working today and tomorrow.
  4. Good Morning! Ted, hope that work was "Q" and you had a good shift (if you didn't get put on call) and that you enjoyed the family meal and got some rest. Joe, hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Bummer you have to make a work call on your days off. Herring, that fellow definitely has a problem and it's probably good he didn't stay to disrupt things further. But nice he was invited. Stars, hope you had a good day, despite everything. I meant to say glad Nannie didn't get hurt this time. Diana sounds like a good time with the "kids". AmoLucia, congrats on the weight loss. That's a stunning loss. I had a good day yesterday. Best friend joined me and the family for dinner. The buffet did not disappoint, lots of good good of a wide variety. I had a bit of everything, prime rib, turkey, ham, shrimp, omelet, pasta, bacon, sausage, even Thai curried curried turkey, salads, cheese and dessert. Dad paid for everyone which was nice. Best friend lives across the street and we stopped by for conversation. Dad told some stories of his Vietnam War days that I hadn't heard before. I'm reminded how some of the harrowing situations he was in and how lucky he was to make it out alive. He's never been too talkative about those days. He's also getting hard of hearing. Mom was telling me that she has no friends because they all have died. Women I've known all my life are dead. The last was the neighbor across the street who moved in at around the same time we did in 1966. She said it with more amazement than this has happened, rather than a lot of sadness, but the tinge of sadness of was there. She's not inclined to get out and try to make new friends anymore either. She seems okay and said she isn't lonely because she has papa (my father). She's already said if he dies, she'd move to Florida but must have her own place. I think having these conversations made me a little blue and had some anxiety after I was alone. Took a sleeping pill because I was a bit restless. Slept pretty decently thank goodness. Today is my usual Friday off and it's "wash the sheets Friday" and that is being done. Having coffee and going to do the usual routine to get ready for the routine at work. Scale is not kind and I might try to join the weight loss crew. But really only about 4 pounds more than I usually am. We'll see what yesterdays indulgence does but hope to work it off. I can see the four pounds around my middle.
  5. Good Morning! J22, sorry about the ongoing frustrations with the pacer. Glad you got the Eliquis coupon. Maybe they didn't have it at the time. I know sometimes we run out of the coupons and it's the luck of the draw who gets one and who doesn't. Happy Thanksgiving Eve, I hope that those preparing for the festivities aren't stressing. I stopped to think that while I've had some financial challenges with appliances and now the computer, I've had a relative good year so far. Much to be thankful for. Haven't heard from the family in a couple of days but presume they are having a nice vice with the kids on the other side of the bay. They are coming over tomorrow for Thanksgiving and we are going to a resort on the beach that serves a great buffet and is sold out. I hope everyone has a great day.
  6. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    This thread is giving my computer the fits and it takes forever to post and sometimes I have to reboot. I should be getting a new computer next week and we'll see how it goes. In the mean time I just don't have the patience. Carry on.
  7. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I'm getting a weird sense of deja vu that we've had this conversation already. Or maybe the rhetoric is starting to sound familiar and worn out. So I will allow you your opinion. But I will say it's a rather childish idea that I suggested that Americans all of a sudden lost their decency just because I didn't get my way in the election. I was saddened that it was there all along, and in big numbers, and found a voice in Trump, in the same country that elected Obama. Trust me I've spent many hours thinking, reading and having real live conversations about it and while I might simplify it, I am not lazy. I'll not address the jabs at Clinton, allowing you your opinion, but I said in this forum many times that she had a lot of baggage and wasn't a good choice.
  8. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I agree that liberals were confident and personally I was shocked and appalled she lost and had some of that confidence myself. But I don't believe it was as you say "a big factor". Clinton worked her butt off but was up against a "lock her up mentality", Bernie or Bust and other factors like Toni Morrison describes here as the fear of losing white privilege. The idea that this won't happen again in 2020 is one that I'm not bought into just yet. I have no confidence and really have lost faith in America and humanity in general. That's dramatic, but I don't remain hopeful. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/toni-morrison-fear-of-losing-white-privilege-led-to-trumps-election_n_58330ee2e4b058ce7aac0964?fbclid=IwAR0oOeZNVXTGNYAeQ_nzf4HFa6wd6zBzlH50h7BQBjs5oQ2cHfZ-y9ZrzqE
  9. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I think I'm coming from a place of being burned. He lied, was sexist, is an adulterer, racist and made fun of handicapped people and was still elected. I really honestly had more faith in the decency of Americans. Yes, I know he lost the popular vote but he should have lost period, and should have lost by a landslide. I haven't forgotten this.
  10. Tweety

    Tuesday November 26th 2019

    Good morning. Bowling team had another losing night. We dropped to 13th place after being in 5th, then 9th....and so it goes. Not much going on today. One again this site is giving me issues and required a reboot as I was typing in the political forum. Right now I'm getting a "This webpage is using significant energy. Closing it may improve the responsiveness of your Mac". I'll report it if I still have issues with my new Mac, but I suspect it's the old Mac. My payment was declined by my credit card as possible fraud and I had to approve it. Hopefully it won't delay delivery of the computer. I'm actually glad they do this when I purchase expensive items since I've had identify theft. Stars hope husband continues to do well. I have a nurse friend that had body aches and a fever and went to the doctor the same day, unlike your husband that waited. He was tested for strep and it was negative and sent home to rest. I thought it odd a nurse would run to the doctor at the first sing of a cold/flu. I'm not sure I would go to the doc same day but after a couple of weeks I would.
  11. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    For a man that is harming the environment, that hasn't delivered on health care, that has a deficit out of control, that is under impeachment, that lies constantly, yes I do this his approval ratings are outrageously high and that he remains popular enough to win. Maybe I overestimate him, but I think you are over confident and we can disagree how we see things.
  12. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Polls are interesting. Rasmussen Reports Trumps disapproval at 55% and heading the "wrong track" 56% Emerson: In a general election of Biden vs. Trump, Trump would win by 2%, against Sanders, Sanders would win by 1 point. Against Buttigeig, Trump wins by 4 points. Emerson puts the disapproval rate at 47% with approval at 48%. Marquette pollers have Trump winning against all the top Democrats. St. Anselm polls have Trump losing against all the top Democrats. Gallup polls have Trump's disapproval rating at 54% Nothing shameful in acknowledging the polls. That Bloombergs campaign acknowledges the current crop of candidates might lose is just another strategy in trying to get the public to look at him. Bloomberg isn't getting much love from progressives because they are judging him for being so rich, but he's right. Bottom line is Trump despite everything remains popular and can win a 2nd term.
  13. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    She might be telling the truth this time. Trump has said he doesn't have time to read books, and in that case he might read more books than anyone she knows. More than likely she runs with a crowd that isn't very literary. Just sayin'
  14. Tweety

    Monday November 25 2019

    Good morning! This site is definitely problematic for me and my old computer requiring a reboot almost every time I try to post, especially in the political forum. Oh well, keeps me out of politics. Joe, sorry that the job has come to that and is taking time away from helping people. Not much going on but the usual Monday. Not sure what my parents are up to. Bowling tonight.
  15. Tweety


    I can appreciate that as Independents have always been issue driven. I too would rank healthcare above impeachment. I think what also is important to note that independents also lean one way or another. There's an article in the Washington Post that is suggesting that independents are turning away from Trump. My computer is acting up right now and it's hard for me to find it. So while they may not rate Impeachment as an important "issue" the question to them would be "who are you going to vote for in 2020?". They may be undecided now. They might agree with Trump's ad nauseum Tweets that the Democratic congress is distracted and not doing anything important like their job, but they aren't necessarily going to side with Trump at the end of the day either. CNN also indicates that independents also lean either to the left or right and tend to vote which way they lean. I'm like that in that I'm anti-abortion and pro-conservative fiscal policy but have always voted Democrat. In fact this year I switched my affiliation from Independent to Democrat so I can vote in the Primary. https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/15/opinions/independent-voter-america-myth-magleby-nelson/index.html