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  1. Good morning! Ted, glad you had a "Q" shift and hope you enjoyed the day off. Stars, getting a specimen from a dementia patient is indeed a challenge. Not sure what disease causes black tongue, but it's annoying. J22, congrats on the weight loss and getting off metformin. I was listening to a podcast yesterday that featured a patient that was told most patients never get off diabetes medications so good for you! I'm not too worried about the A1C and am confident it will be WNL if I stay the course. One high fasting glucose doesn't necessarily mean anything, other than some follow up might be needed and I needed to clean up my act some. I have stopped my peanut butter and jelly addiction and gotten rid of some things with high fructose corn syrup like ketchup (which I would glob on air fried sweet potatoes often), etc. I will try to avoid too many processed foods and eating anything other than what I bring at work (a huge problem in my emotional eating). I didn't hear from SlowBro's vet and that's a good thing. I left on a "no news is good news" stance and said to only call if something is wrong with his bloodwork. The dentist was extremely efficient. I arrived one minute prior to my appointment, was taken in one minute later, and left in another minute. Dentist pronounced me better and to "keep doing what you're doing". I'm stopping the treatments and hopefully any of the black tongue staining will disappear. I enjoyed a nice 3.7 walk yesterday. Weather is typical for this time of year, sunny and on the cool side in the upper 60's and low 70's so I walked in just shorts and a t-shirt. Today is going to be a catch up day with housework and cooking.
  2. Tweety

    Monday January 27th 2020

    During the code a young man, presumably a grandson or son, very muscled came in (the daughter called in the family and they must have been very close) and ran to the bed, I gently touched him and said he could stay but needed to stand way back and let people do their jobs and help her. He took a stance like he was going to punch me in the face. I stared him down until the daughter ran in an ushered him out. Not sure what I would have done had he socked me. Probably nothing but it would have been tempting to have him arrested because I doubt this is a new behavior but how he gets through life being the tough guy. His anger deep inside him was palpable. I understand he's in distress but man.......
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    Monday January 27th 2020

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    Monday January 27th 2020

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    Monday January 27th 2020

    Good Morning! Joe, hope that J continues to get well and gets the identity theft thing straightened out. I've been through that three times already. The credit card companies were very efficient though and I wasn't charged anything. But it was a huge hassle. Glad you're feeling less stressed and better. Amo, that is a good question "how do you go bagless with home delivery?". Was sad to hear about Kobe and his daughter, among the others that died in that helicopter crash. J22, hate to say I had to Google what "CGI" meant - computer generated imagery. . I'll pass on that movie. Herring, mac and cheese ranks among pizza as one of my favorite foods. Something I rarely have since I don't eat dairy unless I'm out. So a gouda mac and cheese sandwich with chorizo (another favorite food)...I'm there. We had a very decently staffed day RN wise. We called for two techs but they sent a nurse instead and I was a "free charge". Got settled into the day and a family member was screaming and ran to the room and we coded her mother. She had a good heartbeat just stopped breathing, perhaps from narcotics. But off to ICU she went intubated. She was a tough intubation and anesthesia had to come and help. Day went pretty well after that and we all left pretty much on time. Discharged nine patients and a nurse got to leave early. Slept in today and am going to the gym and today is Slowbro's vet visit that I thought was last Monday. Bowling tonight. Hope everyone has a great day.
  6. Good Morning! BC, safe travels home today and glad you had a much deserved vacation. Best wishes to your finance in his interviews. J22, did you see Doolittle? I get annoyed sometimes with remakes of the good movies over again. This is what the third remake? Work was a bit challenging yesterday, but garden variety. Just little annoyances like an admission I got 60 seconds notice on because they forgot to beep me and there was no bed on the unit and I had to get one from next door, an IV that fell out of a hard stick obese patient with a stat dose of solumedrol, a picc line that wouldn't draw blood and needed activase (?), on and on and on. I was so tired from the insomnia the night before I could barely eat dinner before falling fast asleep. Slept well with my sleeping pill and was surprised when the alarm rang thinking "am I working today?? It's my day off isn't it? Please it's my day off why is this alarm ringing. Dammit". One of those "rude awakenings". Ha! Hope everyone has a great day.
  7. Good morning! Stars, glad Nannie wasn't hurt this time. Amo, the patient had her flu shot this season as well and it didn't help her. We also had a coworker a get her flu shot and was confirmed with the flu. It really gives the flu shot a bad rap with this kind of stuff happening. I had a nice lunch with my sister and best friend. We went to a gay-owned sandwich shop that I like. I had a wonderful chorizo and mac & cheese sandwich. We ate outside the weather was so nice. My sister brought over some stuff from her her store-throwaway collection, including some luggage, a frying pan, a knife set, a doggie bed, just to name a few. Amazing what good stuff stores throw away. She said mom is getting forgetful, but dad is totally clear. They are still independent but like Herrings step-mom, I dread the day they lose it. Insomnia came on around 3AM and I was doomed after that. Got up at 4:15AM and it's a 12 hour shift. Dreading it. Hope everyone has a great day.
  8. Good morning! BC, hope you have a nice relaxing time in SW Florida. The lazy tech that kept calling in sick took a traveling CNA assignment and called off her last day leaving us short handed. She had asked to go per diem when she comes back, but she burned that bridge and is now a "do not hire". I don't get this. I know some people quit because they hate their jobs and don't work out a notice with a "what are they doing to do? Fire me?" attitude but it's a major pet peeve of mine if. you commit to a two week's notice and don't work it like a professional adult. Had a patient of mine test positive for the flu even though she had her flu shot. She'd been admitted with pneumonia and passed a rapid flu test in the ER THREE DAYS AGO, but a more detailed "respiratory panel" revealed it. She's really sick. This ain't no joke. I got my shot too and really hope I don't catch her strain. Off today and meeting my sister for lunch. She said she has my Christmas gift. To be honest didn't expect one and forget about it. She's really broke.
  9. Good Morning! Joe, sorry to hear J has the flu and that you've been a bit out of sorts. Hope both of you feel better. J22, hope the exams were completed and the anxiety abated. Sounds like a cluster. Herring, I had some mysterious bug bites last year that took weeks to heal and which I still have scars on my forearms. Weird. Stars, if your low was 20 and high was 42. You were colder than us. Our low was 38 and high I think was about 52. Stay warm. Ted, hope you have a good day off whatever you do. Work was okay. We're having a seasonably busy time at work, expect for my floor. We have a relatively low census compared to the chaos in the hospital. We have a patient that is 25th in line for an MRI for back pain and numbness. Crazy. That's not counting the countless ERs that are coming in. It's a doubled edged sword, we want the business then someone gets on social media "can you believe I've been waiting two days for an MRI????" We're scheduled for six gyn surgeries. Scheduled for today. I took a patient that was the husband of one of the docs NPs. We have nicer and private rooms so I agreed. Turned out I worked with her 20 years ago when she was a relatively new nurse on night shift in the neuro unit. She knew me right away, but it took me a minute but I remember her. Her husband is only 54 and has a new diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and is having some complications with his bile duct. We had some interesting conversations about not sweating the small stuff and what's important as he and his wife busted their butts for a good life with a house and a boat. It made me stop to count my blessings. I get a little anxious when a good deal of my patients with horrible illnesses are now younger than me. Hope everyone has a good day. The two-day Winter of 2020 is over. Thank God! It's already int he 50's and will warm up to the 70's today. I see BC made it safe to South Florida, where it's going to be even a few degrees warmer than here in the central area. Have a great trip BC, if you're reading this.
  10. Good Morning! Joe, sorry to hear that J isn't getting well. These things seem to linger a long while. Hope the doctor provides some relief. Hope the pet sitter situation gets resolved. Ted, sorry to hear about your co-workers chronic illness. Probably not going to get better. Hopefully you won't have to give up too many days off as time goes on. J22, sorry about the poor sleep. Sounds like you had productive day plan. BC, save travels. Sorry it's so "cold" down this way but it should warm up in the next couple of days. But I suppose it's better than the cold up there and just having time away will be nice. I slept well but took my sleeping pill. The doc has taken to only giving me one refill at a time instead of the usual three. I think here in Florida you need renewal and to see the doc ever three months on a Benzo. but since it takes me about three months to use on script he only writes one. It's annoying having to drug seek every few months just to get a good nights sleep every now and then. Working today and tomorrow. Making plans to meet my sister for lunch on Friday. Working the weekend. I had a night stretch of days off. It's a dreadful 38 degrees out there now. Very unusually cold for us. Feel bad for the tourists as we were having a busy season so far, especially when it was in the 80's last week. Up one pound this morning. Going to stop the daily weighings. I've met my goal. BP last night was a great 110/73. Hope everyone has a good day.
  11. Good Morning! So good to hear they found the Mahogany Earthworms! Whew! Dianah, sometimes those lump on a log weekends are needed to recharge ourselves. Stars, my BP is usually high in the doctor's office which is why I have a machine at home because I was told to watch it. I seem to go through periods where it's high at home even. Last night was a quite good-for-me 106/76. I was pretty chill. My baseline is 130/80's but have been getting more decent readings with the weight loss and healthy eating. I think I'm at that point in my life where there's no falling off the wagon for long and it not affecting my health. Had fun at bowling last night. We won 5 out of 7 points and moved up to 9th place. Today is a usual day off before working the "bad week". I have to mop the floors and cook some dishes. It's a blistering 43 degrees this morning. What the heck guys? Keep it up North please. I reported the spamming.
  12. Tweety

    Monday January 20 2020 MLK Day

    Good morning! Happy MLK Day! Joe, hope you have a good shift. Ted, enjoy relaxing before work. I always hated sleeping the night before having to go in and be awake all night. Funny how your perceptions and the fit bit are different like that. I didn't sleep well myself. I 'm off today and may take a nap later. The cold blast has made it here, it was 48 degrees (yeah I know, that's not cold) and am glad I turned my heat on before going to bed as it's cranking this morning. Supposed to get even a bit colder tonight. We always worry about the strawberries and oranges when it gets close to freezing inland. Today is SlowBros six month check up that I pay for by the month in his wellness plan. I'm not expecting any issues. Hope everyone has a great day.
  13. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Again, I'm baffled by the idea that Trump doesn't seem to care that he's being fact checked. Some like the claim that farmers were crying at a signing event seem so unnecessary. Others like his claim of having the best economy in history have been repeatedly disclaimed but yet he repeats them as if saying it enough will make it true. Other things that counter his claims about the Impeachment he can easily dismiss as fake news and a witch hunt. After three years, I'm still stunned this man is the President. Of. The. United. States. and getting such crazy support. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/01/20/president-trump-made-16241-false-or-misleading-claims-his-first-three-years/?utm_campaign=todays_headlines&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=Newsletter&wpisrc=nl_headlines&wpmm=1
  14. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    In breaking with their tradition the NYT endorses two Democrat Candidates instead of one. Warren and Klobuchar https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/01/19/opinion/amy-klobuchar-elizabeth-warren-nytimes-endorsement.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_200120?campaign_id=2&instance_id=15297&segment_id=20477&user_id=16d4e1e8109c2d5072025ae104173e
  15. Good Morning! Stars, I echo everyone else in wish you the best. I know you guys did what was best for your own living situation and to take care of nannie as well, not knowing it would be so hard. Just take it one day day at a time and try to take care of yourselves however it plays out. If taking care of nannie and keeping a promise means looking after her seeing that she's safely put away needs to be done, that still fulfills the family duty in my opinion. Hope it doesn't come to that but you can only do so much for so long. There's no medication that fixes dementia. Hugs. Joe, hope J is feeling well enough to go out with you. Hope you had a good day. BC, having a good assistant is a Godsend. Our long term forecast looks like typical winter upper 60's and low 70's, but Naples being south can have much better weather. I'll order you up some. Regardless getting away will be good and it's usually about 50 degrees warmer down there than New England. Working an overtime shift that I didn't plan on. Quick made some quinoa and threw a can of salt-free pinto beans and seasoning to have a clean lunch. Probably going to have veggie brats for dinner since I'm not prepared. Anyway, sadly my realistic, tending towards negative attitude knows it's going to be a rough shift. Being nice and volunteering to help out always slaps me in the face. . Hope everyone has a great day. Better post and beat Ted as I see him "down there'.

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