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  1. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    I am not splitting hairs. As I've said my parents go to private for-profit health care facilities for their government funded healthcare. Does the government have an impact on how healthcare is provided. Of course it does. Does insurance? Yes it does. When I needed shoulder surgery my insurance company said I had to fail conventional non-surgical treatment first. Or how about the recommendations that we have a colonoscopy at age 50. If it's clear, then the next one is due in 10 years. Medicare decided on that 10 year number is what they will pay, and insurance companies followed suit. So yes. We're already in the midst of that, so that fact that this isn't going to change doesn't factor into my wanting everyone covered equally. Even though my insurance company dictated my health care eventually they paid for it at a for-profit private facility to a for-profit private doctor. I don't see a move towards the government buying out all the healthcare and running it. Having a say so...yes, they already do. I have opinions about that, but it's not relevant.
  2. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I'm not going to say that they didn't decide what sort of action they would take if it got ugly. They have to show strength and solidarity. Of course, it was predictably ugly since Trump can't help himself and doesn't act Presidential. Who knows if they would have walked out had he acted in a decent matter. Good for her for not taking his verbal abuse and insults. https://www.politico.com/news/2019/10/16/trump-nancy-pelosi-meeting-walkout-048909
  3. Good Morning! Work yesterday was garden variety. I discharged my two patients and was able to stay caught up. Working today and we seem to have good staffing. I hope everyone has a nice day.
  4. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    So where to begin with Trump's speech with Italy's President. How about " “The United States and Italy are bound together by a shared cultural and political heritage dating back thousands of years to Ancient Rome." Um...isn't the US only 243 years old? He made a racist dig saying the approval of "Christopher Columbus Day", spitting ini the face of indigenous people. Talks about the crimes of Obama. Just a dreadful rambling man. So where to begin with his meeting with the speaker over the situation with the Kurds. He apparently was quite unprofessional and Pelosi said that sadly we are witnesses a meltdown. Just another day. Nothing to see here.
  5. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    I somewhat agree. I'm not sure any of the proposals are for turning over healthcare to the government. Many people including my parents are on government funded healthcare but see private docs and go to private for profit hospitals. I think this is what is currently on the table. There's a difference between government funded healthcare and government run healthcare. During the debate you mentioned above, I said this ad nauseum. I know you were responded to J22's post, but are any of the candidates saying they are going to take over all the hospitals and doctors offices, nursing homes and run them? I have a friend that has a friend that has cancer and asked me to contribute to her GoFundMe to help pay her healthcare bills. It's not that she's not getting the healthcare she needs, I think she is, but is sacked with insurmountable bills. I also know someone with cancer that didn't have insurance but was told she made too much money for publicly funded plans (she makes barely a living wage) and couldn't afford her medical bills. So now the cancer spread and she can't work due to pain and can get some help because she's now poverty stricken and will lose everything, but probably is going to die at this point and cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars more than if we had universal healthcare to start with and could have nipped it in beginning stage.
  6. Good Morning! Herring, thanks for the video. BC, that is a lot of damage. Cars these days even for the smallest of repairs are expensive. Dianah, sorry to here that the dog is not feeling well. Sounds like a nice weekend planned. Stars, good that you're trying to get things under control. Sounds like you're on the right track. Plants have no cholesterol and things like beans and oatmeal with soluble fiber are proven to lower cholesterol natural and have other benefits. My cholesterol has always been under 140. That's all I'm going to say because I don't want to come across as one of those preachy vegans, which as you know I'm not even vegan. Had a decent day off. Guess insomnia caught up with me during lunch at Georges house and I almost feel asleep at the table and laid down on his couch and snoozed a few minutes to refresh myself. He said "we've traveled together and done some exhausting things but never saw you so sleepy". I literally could not hold my eyes open. Anyway, I refreshed myself we went to the movies and enjoyed Downton Abbey a lot. Definitely one for the fans and I loved it. Listening to one of my favorite singers singing Bob Dylan covers. Joan Osborn was a one-hit wonder in 1995 with her single "(What if God Was) One of Us" but she's made many good albums since then. I saw her a couple of years ago when she opened for Mavis Staples. Love her.
  7. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    Not sure how I missed this, but last month a good take down of the President by Fox News no less.
  8. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    But offered no real alternatives for those that could not afford insurance. Removing the tie to employers would just cause more people to be insurance as group rates would be disappeared and people would be thrown into the private market and insurance companies would dictate prices. I remember those debates well. I will give you this that conservatives even acknowledged we needed some sort of reform. But all I heard was "we need health care reform, just not this reform (i.e. not Obama's) but no real ideas. Obamacare was massively hated by the right because it was Obamacare, but wasn't really understood and no good ideas came forth, which is probably why it's still in effect years into Trump's presidency. We're still rating for his great plan that is cheaper and covers more people.
  9. Tweety

    Winning...the economy under Trump

  10. Good morning! It's "mop the floors Tuesday" woo hoo! Going to make some lunches for the next couple of days at work: my old standby beans and quinoa because I don't have time to be creative. Yesterday I made some penne with some homemade sun dried tomato pesto for dinner. Meeting best friend after yoga for lunch and laundry. Then we're going to crutch or wheelchair to see "Downton Abbey". He's able to bear some weight on his foot but walking long distances isn't something he's able to do much of. Best friend got the good news from his dermatologist that the margins of his specimen removed during removal of skin cancer were clean and they got it all. Good news!
  11. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Or opinion. I was reciting some pretty understood facts recently and was told "well that's just your opinion". Since when did indisputable truth staring you right in the face, become "just your opinion"?
  12. Tweety

    Monday October 14, 2019

    My condolences Rose
  13. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/10/14/president-trump-has-made-false-or-misleading-claims-over-days/ From the Washington Post. Just another day in America where true doesn't matter.
  14. Good Morning! Dianah, that sounds like a nice day. I had to Google "tri-tip". Must be good. Up early again today. Didn't realize it was a holiday and took the trash out. In fact I've done the "clean the bathrooms Monday" thing, have a load of laundry in, and dusted. Good to get that out of the way before getting distracted by the internet. Will take a nap later as it's bowling night tonight. Hope everyone has a good day. It's already 76 degrees and will get up to 87, but it does feel like Summer's tight grip is lightening up a bit.
  15. Tweety

    Sunday October 13, 2019

    BC, I hate to say I backed out of a parking space and plowed into a driver that was also backing out behind me but obviously was ahead of me as she was turning and I plowed her side. I took responsibility, gave her my insurance information and took pictures and we didn't call the police. It was quite amicable. She wasn't the angry person yelling at me and I wasn't the jerk denying responsibility. About a week later my insurance paid her as they agreed I was at fault. I had accident forgiveness and my rates didn't go up. Now my fancy 2018 Toyota has a camera I can look at when I'm in reverse. Stars, I don't think with me working 12 hour shifts I can get Slowbro on a daily schedule unless it's 9pm at night...hmmmm.....my mother had a dog that ate daily as well. J22, that's a cute story about the grandson. Ted, it's no wonder you fell asleep. That's a long stretch to be up and alert. Dianah, sorry to hear about your insomnia and your friend. Dementia/alzheimer's is really a dreadful condition. Didn't do a whole lot today. Managed to get a couple more hours sleep this morning and hopefully can sleep better tonight. Usually though when I nap like that it spoils the night's sleep...and so it goes. Nonetheless I felt good and refreshed today. Went to hot yoga and made a nice vegan chorizo that uses mushrooms and tofu. I don't think anyone here follows me on Instagram where I post food porn, but it was really good. I used some homemade corn tortillas that I had frozen and nuked and they were hard as a brick and I threw them away. I used some blue taco shells I found in my cabinet and they were stale and I threw them away (I realized they'd probably been in there a couple of years....) Going to clean up the kitchen and relax some. I'm done with the intense novel about slavery. Took me two months to plow through the 500 pages and am reading a very light hearted novel set in Hollywood starting in 1977 (the year of my high school graduation).