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  1. Tweety

    Questioning Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

    Her response is pretty epic and almost sounds Republican. https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/18/politics/hillary-clinton-tulsi-gabbard/index.html Trump supporter and racist David Duke likes her. https://www.newsweek.com/tulsi-gabbard-david-duke-endorse-bds-israel-ilhan-omar-west-bank-boycott-1318365?fbclid=IwAR1eaNVIxRoEuq0vT6_hH6ldPjRt_554Rlh0oyFjX0gpDDS8Czoveh8Fwmw
  2. Good morning! My sister went through a genealogy phase and it shattered some family lore. I've mentioned in another thread we all grew up thinking we had Cherokee blood in us and it turns out my grandmother was raised on a reservation in Oklahoma but was orphaned and of European origin. My dad swears there's also French in us and there isn't. My and my siblings DNA all showed English and Scandinavian. Which is interesting since my mother was born and raised in Bavaria. It's interesting now what is online in the way of records and articles. It was kind of shame because I was proud of my heritage as a Native American and they survived the infamous "Trail of Tears". I would often say my darker complexion was my Native American heritage. Anyway, it genes don't like. Had a nice day off doing chores, went to the gym, and cooked some. Watched a few shows while cooking. Hope everyone has a good day. Working today and tomorrow. We've been getting a bit of rain through the night which might be from the tropical storm out there.
  3. Tweety

    Friday October 18, 2018

    Stars, Sabby responded with this: Baaaahahahahaha love this. I probably felt like a sloth on Sunday due to having this week off. Thanks Buddy I had posted her this link. https://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/fun/international-sloth-day?fbclid=IwAR06fS7hiEEY25-5ASuYiNvEsAX1ztD5ZiMEcWvby8SC4Y7SIWumPqNmM_s
  4. Good Morning! Joe, hope that work wasn't too busy and that the anxiety and depression ease up. BC, glad you didn't lose power. I too was saddened by Rep. Cumming's passing. He was a good servant to the people. Herring, enjoy the AIDS walk. Ours was moved from Sept. to December because of the heat in September. They combined it with another fundraiser. I haven't walked in a couple of years but used to volunteer. Stars, hope Ozzie did okay at the vets. I posted on Facebook to Sabby that you wanted her to know about International Sloth Day. I'll let you know if she responds. J22, sorry about the busy work day awaiting you. Ugh. I turned into somewhat of a foodie over the years. I love eating out and cooking. I was raised by a housewife and as was typical, boys were not raised to cook and I had to self teach. Even when I went to college she would freeze some meals for me to bring to the dorm since I didn't get a meal plan. My ex was raised the same in that he didn't know how to cook but didn't self teach. He ate out or ate simple meals that could be microwaved. So I cooked for the two of us and he pretty much was easy to please. The last 20 or so years I've gotten into vegan cooking and love International foods of all kinds. I don't know how to bake but love to meal plan and cook. It's easier to cook for one though. Off today. Going to cook something for dinners. I have lunches made for the weekend. Nothing much on the agenda. It's "wash the sheets Friday" and that's being done. Hope everyone has a great day.
  5. Good Morning! Work yesterday was garden variety. I discharged my two patients and was able to stay caught up. Working today and we seem to have good staffing. I hope everyone has a nice day.
  6. Good Morning! Herring, thanks for the video. BC, that is a lot of damage. Cars these days even for the smallest of repairs are expensive. Dianah, sorry to here that the dog is not feeling well. Sounds like a nice weekend planned. Stars, good that you're trying to get things under control. Sounds like you're on the right track. Plants have no cholesterol and things like beans and oatmeal with soluble fiber are proven to lower cholesterol natural and have other benefits. My cholesterol has always been under 140. That's all I'm going to say because I don't want to come across as one of those preachy vegans, which as you know I'm not even vegan. Had a decent day off. Guess insomnia caught up with me during lunch at Georges house and I almost feel asleep at the table and laid down on his couch and snoozed a few minutes to refresh myself. He said "we've traveled together and done some exhausting things but never saw you so sleepy". I literally could not hold my eyes open. Anyway, I refreshed myself we went to the movies and enjoyed Downton Abbey a lot. Definitely one for the fans and I loved it. Listening to one of my favorite singers singing Bob Dylan covers. Joan Osborn was a one-hit wonder in 1995 with her single "(What if God Was) One of Us" but she's made many good albums since then. I saw her a couple of years ago when she opened for Mavis Staples. Love her.
  7. Good morning! It's "mop the floors Tuesday" woo hoo! Going to make some lunches for the next couple of days at work: my old standby beans and quinoa because I don't have time to be creative. Yesterday I made some penne with some homemade sun dried tomato pesto for dinner. Meeting best friend after yoga for lunch and laundry. Then we're going to crutch or wheelchair to see "Downton Abbey". He's able to bear some weight on his foot but walking long distances isn't something he's able to do much of. Best friend got the good news from his dermatologist that the margins of his specimen removed during removal of skin cancer were clean and they got it all. Good news!
  8. Good Morning! Dianah, that sounds like a nice day. I had to Google "tri-tip". Must be good. Up early again today. Didn't realize it was a holiday and took the trash out. In fact I've done the "clean the bathrooms Monday" thing, have a load of laundry in, and dusted. Good to get that out of the way before getting distracted by the internet. Will take a nap later as it's bowling night tonight. Hope everyone has a good day. It's already 76 degrees and will get up to 87, but it does feel like Summer's tight grip is lightening up a bit.
  9. Good morning! Still thinking of Nel. J22, sorry to hear that your pain is not resolved. That really sucks big time. Stars, hope Nannie isn't too horribly confused and that it's managed well. It's my weekend off and the insomnia bug bit me. It didn't help that Slowbro was being a pest at wanting to be fed early. I just went ahead and got up after about five hours sleep. I'm having oatmeal and coffee and will go back to bed later. Not much going on today. Slowbro's punishment was to wait until 6AM exactly to be fed. I'm not rewarding him for getting me up. Humph.....
  10. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I saw a meme yesterday that showed a pic of Trump and a few of his hateful quotes on the top. The bottom was a couple of rapt females at a rally saying *Swoon*, "he's just like Jesus". Now that is a bit of an exaggeration,however conservative Christians in particular that have been so harsh and judgmental in the past but yet bow at his feet practically without holding him accountable or finding a more Godly leader to support, it certainly does appear to be a cult.
  11. That's tragic news. That horse was her life. My sincere condolences.
  12. Good Morning! Joe, glad to hear that the weight loss is going well. BC, I have those "meh" days about going to the gym or yoga. Hope the new diet plan works well for you. Ted, hope you had a good day and hope that the work applicants fill the position soon. Herring, enjoy your walk. I like to walk listening to music or a podcast. Wish I could just stop and "smell the roses" as they say. J22, glad you got to sleep in and had an enjoyable day. Had a busy but decent day at work. Census is on the low side but we're short staffed today. I hope they can find us a float nurse to help. I'm off the weekend with no real plans.
  13. Good Morning! Ted, hope your back is feeling better every day and that work went well. Those online ACLS and BLS are soooooooo annoying. Stars, I believe "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" was also a documentary. Interesting enough upon release of the doc she became somewhat of a gay icon. We love her outrageousness, tragedy and trauma and that she was a survivor. She kept a gay man close to her as an assistant. I met him once in a gay bar in North Carolina. I thought it odd a gay man would work for them but he loved her. OK, now I had to Google to see if I was correct about her: https://www.theguardian.com/film/2000/aug/04/culture.features2 Joe, hope you had a nice dinner out with J. NB, so glad to see you. Thanks for stopping by. J22, surviving those conferences can be torture. Dianah, computer issues are a major disruptor of an already busy flow. I had a good day off alone yesterday and accomplished a lot. Off to work today and tomorrow and off the weekend. Binged watched the rest of Downton Abby and hated to see it end but glad the movie is still out and I hope to see it next week. Have a great day.
  14. Tweety

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Now Trump is going to destroy Turkey's economy. Obviously they didn't take his threat seriously. What a mess. But a pretty good distraction from Ukraine wouldn't you say?
  15. Good morning! Herring, too funny about the topic of conversation at the lodge before the young guys arrive. J22, hail is an oddity around here but I've actually seen a couple of tiny pieces of hail. Funny I just read in my novel I'm reading about a hail storm at the most opportune time to save the protagonists from getting themselves killed. Sounds like a frustrating day at work. Stars, sounds like one of those days. Hopefully today will be calmer. Ted, glad the back is doing better and that you're able to be active. Dianah, hope you have a calmer and better staffed day. Best friend's excision of his skin cancer went well. He has eight sutures and hopefully it was all excised. He'll get a report in a week on his follow up whether the margins are clean or not. The movie Judy was pretty good. I actually saw the play it was based on not too long ago. Renee Zellweger did a good job but I thought her singing was a bit off but admire her passionate commitment to the role. Have much in the way of housework and laundry and didn't want to get distracted on the internet, but needed to reschedule a jury summons I received so I thought I would stop by and say hello.