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  1. Good Morning! I slept good and for a change didn't wake up early. Aftering being up since 4AM and so exhausted I slept until the alarm went off. Stars, glad you got to go to the appointment. Husband, while he can be angry about the COPD diagnosis, he's lucky he doesn't have lung cancer. I don't care what anyone says about their granny smoking until she's 99. Smoking two packs a day for 50 years affects 99.9999% of people and their quality of life is miserable. I hope this isn't your husband's fate and that he quits soon and treatment helps. Sorry about that soapbox. I wish you guys nothing but the best always. Keep on him about Nannies future.
  2. Good Morning! BC, congrats on the finance getting the job! I know that's a relief. I liked Fort Lauderdale, but didn't like the traffic nor the cost of parking. Might be better in the summer, but that heat and humidity......Hope you enjoyed meeting the kitty. Ted, sounds like a love-hate relationship with Firestick. Joe, hope you had another quiet day. Fran, nice to see you. J22, that's a bummer about the filling. My insomnia lately is that I get up way too early. Today it was 4AM and I couldn't go back to sleep. Hate that. I was indeed productive once I got started. Binged watched some shows added to the Netflix show "The Chef Show" which is a cooking show you can watch on the side and not pay much attention to. Does it seem like though there's always something to cook, clean, wipe, put away, straighten up, and cook, clean, wipe, put away and straighten up? I go to my brother in laws, or best friends, and everything is sparkling and put away and not a speck of dust and my house is always a mess no matter what I do. Meh..... Working today and tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great day.
  3. Good Morning! Stars, glad to hear you are able to support the husband in his pulmonary appointment. All the best. Rose, those dang litter boxes. I'm in the same situation as my house didn't seem to clean itself these past couple of days. J22, good to hear weight loss is back on track and that you were good. Being out and about at mealtime can be a challenge. Pachinko does indeed look like a good book. Parasite was an excellent movie, well deserving of all it's accolades, including the SAG Award for best cast, and the Oscar for best movie. Excellent all around. I'm up really early considering I went to bed so late. I'm tired but can't sleep, so I got up. Have plenty to do today in the way of laundry, housework, cooking, gym, etc. I have zero motivation to do any of it. Hope everyone has a great day.
  4. Good Morning! Joe, hope things went well with the credit union., We were allowed to join a city employees credit union (that has since been sold to another credit union) when I started my job. I was in another credit union prior so I joined. Been in it ever since. They've been good. Better interest rates and disbursements of profits at the end of the year to members with loans, something a big bank doesn't do. Not that it's a lot of money but better than a big bank. Plus no fees for anything. If I use an ATM out of network they will pay me back any fees. Rose, hope you enjoyed a well-earned lazy day. Herring, my yard has two types as well: weeds and dust. . J22, glad the head is better and that you're giving journaling a try. I just to journal more than I do today. I have mixed feelings about it. I have some journals from the 80's when I journaled more when I was trying to crawl out of a deep depression and in alcoholism recovery. Ever few years I'll take a look at it...it's pathetic. If nothing else, it shows how far I've come and grown. I still have a journal that I sometimes jot things down in, but did more a few years ago when I was undergoing a some anxiety. Ted, hope you hope you didn't get called in. I'm glad we don't have to be on all all that often. Sometimes when we are put on call when census is low, but have to stand by in case they get admissions. Dianah, ouch! Glad you're okay. Retirement already? I think for us, it's easy. We just put in our notice "I'm quitting and retiring and they say "bye, don't let the door hit you on the way out". Work yesterday was steady. By steady, I mean I worked and worked, took a 30 minute lunch and then worked and worked until it was time to go home. Funny thing was I only had three patients all day. Just lots to do. We had no tech after 3pm which didn't help. Plus I was in charge. Good news was I left almost exactly on time as it all came together. Found out they are closing our telemetry unit and combining the patients with other floors since they opens a larger cardiac unit. Still they were a large floors. All the nurses are staying employed and no one is losing a job, but they have to find other units to work for. It will affect us because some of the medical patients they take will go to a floor that takes post-op patients and we will absorb more post op patients. I think it's just a continuation of our demise as a premier facility in town and the rise of another hospital in town with huge financial resources. Remember at one time last year I considered interviewing for that hospital. Hope it wasn't a mistake to not try to get a job there. It is what it is. Working today and off the next three if I don't do overtime.
  5. Good Morning! J22, hope things go well with your counselor. When I went to counseling a few years ago he was into the inner child therapy kind of thing. I stuck it out because I did need to verbalize some things and see how it was affecting me today, but overall I felt it didn't quite help in the hear and now. But I do think sticking with it a couple of times to see if it's a good fit is a good idea because it might be a fear-based or "I don't really want to deal with this" rejection of them. Rose, sorry to hear about the loss of your patient. My employer only takes AHA approved CPR cards with a live demonstration. The class can be taken online, which is what most of us do since they stopped teaching the class themselves for free and offer the online class for free and we can demonstrate skills there with the educator. However, I procrastinated so long on the last day I took it with live with an AHA-approved class. But it only took about an hour and seemed worth it to pay out of pocket. Stars, hope that things continue to move along with the elder care workshop and follow up. I had a decent day off but seemed tired from the overtime and was only semi-productive. Working this weekend then off three days (if I don't work overtime). I'm not sure why I'm working overtime when I don't need to, but it always seems a big expense is right around the corner and 2019 was a year of big expenses (again) and I do want to retire one day. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  6. Tweety

    Friday February 21 2020

    Good Morning! Joe, hope you have a good day. Ted, I was the lone person in my BLS class (which enabled her to move through it quickly). It seems a good deal of people are doing it online rather than live these days. Took a break from internet distraction for a few days, but am off today. Overtime shift was busy but could have been worse. The last few days were rough busy and no tech. I had a four patient assignment, no tech, and was "in charge". I put that in quotes because I totally couldn't be in charge, a floor nurse and a tech. Had a patient with a sat of 65% and a blood glucose over 400. I left at 8:45 last night charting. Bleh..... Off today. Took the car that got scraped in Fort Lauderdale to a collision repair shop and they estimated $1800 of which my share is zero as the guy had good insurance. They will order the parts and I'll take it in and get a rental car that the guys insurance will pay for. Lucky me to be hit by someone insured. Turned so much colder today. Yesterday I turned on the air conditioner for a bit when I got home and I just turned the heat on. Temp has dropped 10 degrees since this morning.
  7. Good morning. My overtime shift was good. Wanted to say you might not see me for a few days. Taking a break. My Instagram and Facebook will stay active probably. I love social media.
  8. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    Yes, and his response was "I'm not taking lectures on family values from Limbaugh and Trump......" which was awesomeness. It gave Mayor Pete a lot of publicity as many news sources covered his response thanks to Limbaugh. Honestly, the adulterers and many married heterosexual men have nothing on Mayor Pete in the morality department. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/483281-buttigieg-not-going-to-take-lectures-on-family-values-from-limbaugh
  9. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    Agree and well said. I wasn't "playing nice" when I marched with the women the day after his inauguration. When I make contributions and sign petitions I'm not playing nice either. There's a difference between getting out there, getting angry, and getting loud, and slinging that mud, and being ugly and immature. We don't have to be as you say "nice and polite". ActUp wasn't nice and polite when tens and thousands of gay men were dying. PETA is not nice and polite in getting major corporations to not torture animals. I agree that we can't be "nice and polite" in dealing with Trump. However, his weight, color, and penis size really shouldn't factor into things. I'm not stooping to his level. I can't complain about his ugliness if I'm ugly in return. That's me but I've said this before so I'll stop.
  10. Tweety

    Questioning Pete Buttigieg history?

    Well, surely people are because you can't be the only person that knows about it. But yes, the point being that people don't look deep into candidates but only on the surface at what speeches make the headlines, and what their ads say.
  11. Tweety

    Wednesday February 12 2020

    Good morning from Fort Lauderdale. Had a lovely drive. The hotel and suite are nice. Perfect weather. Stars, hoe the husband gets well soon. Yikes. Herring. Hope all is well and good that his and feels good. Hope you had a good day Ted.
  12. Tweety

    Presidential Election 2020

    We've had thus conversation before and disagree. No need to ask me yet again. Fat shaming and bullying will not be my new normal no matter how Trump acts.
  13. Good Morning! Beets are one of those tastes I acquired as an adult. Somethings like onions and mushrooms I've grown to like as well. I had canned vegetables of any kind. Fresh, raw, steamed, roasted or sautéed and I'll google them up. I once had a lover a couple of years ago swear I was on the little blue pill. I told him it was my low cholesterol and good circulation. I wish I'd have thought to say "it's beets, you should try it" to confuse him. Joe, glad you got together with J and he's feeling better. Have a good Sunday. Ted, hope the weekend at work is kind. Sounds like a good event. I usually wear the red on heart day but was off today. Herring, hope the husband got to go home and recovers well. Work ended on a sour note. A patient was waiting on orders to go home four two hours and was getting agitated. I told her we finally got her scripts and her nurse was walking on it. She understood and said it wasn't our fault. Then as the nurse was going to discharge her she got a call and the doc called and said he wanted her to have an ultrasound for fetal heart tones. Why he didn't order it earlier in the day is beyond me. The nurse told me to go tell the patient because she would be made. I told her no that she should tell her. She got serious attitude. "you're the charge nurse and I ask you to help me and you said no". She'd been with the patient all day and had rapport and I was to get yelled on because she didn't want to. Don't think so. Patient refused the ultrasound and went home AMA. Why do nurses think the charge nurse is there to be their flunkies and do their dirty work. Humph........
  14. Good morning! Stars, I do know about beet juice and eat beets regularly because of that knowledge. I have a juicer and make beet and carrot juice but lately have been roasting them to lower the glycemic index. I don't think it makes a huge difference but apparently a bit as it dilates blood vessels (nature's viagra is what some call it..). There are some foods like high potassium foods, flax seeds, and hibiscus tea that I've also tried to stay off medicine. I still don't have a handle on job stress and sleep issue that I think contribute. Last night's BP was 122/79. I've also read that doctors offices shouldn't take just one blood pressure but three, about three minutes apart and take the average. I've noticed sometimes big differences that way, but don't do that on myself, and I know doctor's offices won't do that. Ted, hope your heart healthy day went well. Don't you love being the middle man? Why couldn't that person have called the contractor who sands the road themself? Or is it your job to. I hate when someone from pharmacy makes us call the doctor when they are PharmDs and perfectly capable of clarifying a medication. It's what pharmacists in free standing pharmacy's do. Same with radiology. You call the nurse, the nurse calls the doctor, and the nurse calls you back. Bugs me. I had a pleasant day off. Didn't do much. Working today and tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good day.
  15. Tweety

    Questioning Pete Buttigieg history?

    Yes, it's quite clear the agenda of this thread is to look at the negative things about him. Perhaps this is fair because one does indeed need to look at the whole picture, the good the bad and the ugly and beyond the surface, so will look at it with interest. I do like that it's various sources, although some of the sources "real clear politics" are extreme left, and TYT is just a propaganda machine for Bernie Sanders. I think that Mayor Pete brings much needed common sense, intelligence and civility and isn't quick to delve into mud slinging. I've said before that I'm not sure he's qualified. But he's looking better and better to me compared to some of the other offerings. But I'm a little more centrist to get behind Sanders and even Warren. There's still time to learn.

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