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  1. Miss Mab

    The Kill Team

    Seems odd that anyone, even the casual reader of the Rolling Stone article, might conclude that it was detailing anything more widespread than a very specific and blessedly small group of soldiers gone horribly astray. Even more strange is the Michael Lyon piece calling for the boycott of Rolling Stone advertisers. Certainly his right, of course, but I noted nothing really in his accompanying text to explain his rationale as it applied to the actual story. Certainly no "fiction in a non-fiction world", as from the 'obituary' he's written. In fact, he clearly states he finds no issue with the reported facts that purport to come from the troops themselves via official military investigation, trial testimony confessions, etc. Is Mr. Lyon(and others)simply objecting to the publication of this terrible saga in itself? Is it the separate issue of the pics/vids that had already been so widely disseminated by the men themselves? ???
  2. Miss Mab

    And on the coattails of blaming the victim......

    Really? You're not able to envison why many could find such a stance mystifying? And maybe even distasteful and unseemly? How easily it would be viewed, frankly, as more than just a little bit obnoxious? Such a position, on its face, is both selfish and self-serving given the enormous 'give-away' stake that the anti-choice/pro-life crowd already enjoys and has been taking advantage of from the federal government for years now. Seriously, it takes some kinda gall, nerve, chutzpah(whatever), for the lone special interest group that is already receiving this special kid-glove tax expenditure treatment, to then go ahead and keep pressing for ever more of the 'gimmees' 'cause it's just something that you really, really want to see happen. When exactly did we earn the right to pick and chooose where our personal contibution of federal tax dollars is going to end up? Legitimate question... Because I promise you that I also hold equally fervent moral and ethical oppostion to a number of programs my government currently funds and I would quite like to put into action this special interest right that the pro-life crowd has been enjoying for so many years. Particularly if ya'll are going to be expanding this special 'power' even further given a like minded congress in the majority these days. I guess it must be covered in the constitution somewhere---maybe next to ammendment covering Roe v. Wade? Now, I'm positive THAT is in there. Anyhow, heck yeah. Sign me up. Seems like the deal you've got going is pretty sweet as it is already. I'd probably take my kickback and realize it's grossly unfair to my fellow citizens, know that it should never have legally happened in the first place and then very likely just shut up about it. I lack the balls, being a 'Miss' and all, to even think about going back to the trough to demand even more. :rolleyes:
  3. Miss Mab

    Keith Olbermann Suspended

    Does this inevitable influence apply only to on-air talent? Not disagreeing w/you necessarily, just curious. Should there be graphics on the screen before every FOX story that has to do w/politics(not the 'opinion' side--wink wink) stating something like, " In the interest of full disclosure, the owners of this network have donated one million dollars to the Republican Governor's Association and another million and a half to other Reupublican candidates/causes? For that matter, concerning inevitable influence and potential personal gain, wouldn't Fox have been wise to preface every one of their scary Ground Zero Mosque 'where is the money coming from' stories by announcing and flashing a graphic underneath informing viewers that the cultural center's funding was largely coming from the man who is the second largest investor/owner of the Fox News network? ETA--I think it adds a bit of critical info to the content of the controversy being incessantly covered. But maybe others view it differently? Olbermann did miss up--taking his lumps. As it should be I suppose..
  4. Miss Mab

    2 billion dollars and 3000 staffers.

    If he can somehow work in a bow it'll practically be the hater trifecta! Re the OP story: Remind me again why it's not okay to point out ignorance?
  5. Miss Mab

    Tea party candidate rips off Obama speech

    And to roughly half the country, AEB about half the members here, an answer like that doesn't matter, either. Certainly shouldn't affect his chances..
  6. Miss Mab

    Thousands gather in D.C. for 'One Nation' rally

    What a perfectly apt example of the competing ideological concerns that most of us confront each day. Right here @ AN! A post about a rally for the purpose of drawing attention to education, jobs, economy, immigration,etc., etc.... Responses about communism and pen.....woops...crowd size.
  7. Miss Mab

    General Election 2010 Thread

    A few republican gains. Not nearly enough to take over house or senate.
  8. Miss Mab

    Democrats and Voting

    It would be rather pointless to comment directly on the OP regarding, well, much of anything because I never learned how to cunduct reasonable discourse if one unabashedly presents and promotes info that is so easily able to be proven false. There's just nowhere to go there.... But there was a part that could be instructional, so I ask: What is the thinking behind the demonization of SEIU(and other unions) for the Fox's, the Beck's, the OP's? Is there a poltical gain to be had by doing so? I'm just lost on this one because I notice the tact is one that's gaining in popularity(Ms. Whitman spent most of her most recent debate here in CA blaming unions for the state/country's financial crisis-- lol)and it makes little sense to me. Is it really a wise choice to put down your teachers, nurses, cops, firefighters, etc.? They vote too. Lots of them. Anyway, I see the SEIU connection fgures quite prominently in OP's story, too. Really, what's the deal?
  9. i know you've felt this way for a long time now( and there are many, many who would agree) but i honestly couldn't see that really happening and certainly never to the extent that the most bloviating of 'r's among us seem to believe. anyway, i was willing to perhaps see the potenial error in my thinking until this last summer wave of waaaaaaay right candidates they're now fielding. no way, never gonna happen. i don't begrudge the tea party the huge victories they've achieved in their own primary's at all. good on them! but independents aren't exactly looking for that kinda' change either. so was it twain? rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated? that's likely to be the chit-chat on the morning of nov. 3.
  10. Miss Mab

    Too fat?

    Fitness/body-type testing concerns still abound in the Air Force. In fact, there's some quite recent changes begun(effective July 1) that folks may find interesting. As stated above, scoring poorly in this assessment, albiet for what seem like good reasons, absolutely WILL have a highly detrimental impact on a military career-----for enlisted and officer alike. So, first off, yay, they got rid of BMI measurement as an official component of fitness testing awhile back. This was welcome news for many reasons, including the inherent flaws you all touched on so clearly in this thread. Now the new 'body size' component-----that in combination with running/push-ups/sit-ups makes the official twice yearly AF fitness test---is the 'abdominal circumference' measurement. This is just your waist size using a standard tape measure and you earn scores for each of the 4 categories that added together must come to a minimum of 75 total points. This system was in place for around 5 years or so and folks were generally pretty happy with it. The beauty was supposedly in that if you lagged a bit in one area(maybe @ running, for example)but excelled in another(you're a push-up king) you could still cobble together a passing score on the whole. That's not to say you didn't have to do relatively well in everything, mind you, just that there was undeniably some wiggle room built in. ANYWAY, ever since the 'abdominal' replaced the BMI there's been concern as there's no correlation to height and/or body frame types-----just a straight down the line male/female breakdown w/a lot of the same issues as those that affect the BMI----like the 5'5 guy and the 6'3 guy get the same number of points for a 30-whatever inch waist. The saving grace with that, though, was that you might be the 6'1-muscle-head and have what was considered an 'unhealthy' waist for a man but then go run like the wind and knock out a lot of push-ups and still pass w/a respectable score. Well, July 1 they put into effect what are called minimum component scores where you must pass each section or else it's an automatic overall failure, so now the tall, heavily-muscled, bodybuilder guy without an ounce of fat on him might again do poorly w/the wonky abdominal circumference, but now with it the entire assessment, no matter how well he fares on anything else----it's an AUTO FAIL. And for the record, a single fit-test failure WILL derail promotion/assignment/award opportunities and ultimately can lead to career-ending discharge. Anyone surprised to learn many are now calling for the return of the BMI?? Boo to all the measurements... Just FYI if interested
  11. Miss Mab

    What is the conservative or liberal agenda?

    Oh, that? That was a little conservative outreach I’m trying --- reparations through translation . Just doing my part to stave off appearances of the dreaded tit/tat retort. In this case I’d given an example of republicans behaving badly and I’ve learned that for many a reality like that just won’t process unless you also allow for the possibility of an equally negative opposing scenario. I hold high hopes that there’s a bonus involved when you introduce the suggestion yourself. So I don’t mind. It’s for the greater good. A sentence....that's just darling....
  12. Miss Mab

    Smart Spending Stimulates The Economy....

    It was already enough that you chose not to blow my question out of proportion. Thumbs up!
  13. Miss Mab

    What is the conservative or liberal agenda?

    Bless your heart, and what w/my poor writing skills being practically legendary. .... :yawn:
  14. Something interesting happening right now: The farmer's 80 something year old wife is being interviewed on CNN along w/Ms. Sherrod.
  15. Miss Mab

    What is the conservative or liberal agenda?

    I think you left something out there....... like the rest of the sentence that came right after those words but what's the diff, right? Context/shmontext... Herring asked a specific question about the meaning of conservative/liberal 'agenda' and how it's not the same thing as a party's platform. 100% correct--it's not. The only time people even use the word agenda is when trying to trash the opposition. Think about it. And they're never made to define what it means either, just pairing the words up makes it seem scary and sinister and all plot-like when you say it. What I wrote is accurate. The only big ® agenda I find is the one highlighting how scary the (D) one will be. Could be vice/versa if only way to compute. So, in another thread I learn that I used a hateful conservative smear back in this one ----Really, I did? Now, seems whatever i wrote above doesn't actually define somebody else's conservative beliefs----C'mon, get out!! Enough already---the willful misunderstanding thing happening here is ridiculous. I remain appreciative of Herring's topic though and my encouragement was directed there. I suspect conservatives here already do post their true beliefs. I can't imagine much still hidden. But again, I don't think there's clarity as to OP question...