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    Thoughts on a US civil war.

    [quote=heron; ETA: happily, I still have spring bulbs that need planting. Reason seems to be failing us ... maybe magic will work! As a self-comforting behavior, it sure beats Ativan! :geek: Thank you for bringing it back down to the real. Life goes on. There is always hope
  2. She was a true "iron lady" who led one of the most honorable of American institutions, the FBI. She was smart and tough and she did a good job. Waco was a tragedy because it was handled badly, but it wasn't directly her fault. It was the fault of the field officers calling the shots--they made a series of bad choices and lots of people needlessly lost their lives. A shame that Reno's name will always be associated with the horror of Waco rather than her accomplishments.
  3. CryssyD

    Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature

    I don't know about the Nobel Prize, but it is hard to imagine anyone calling Dylan the worst poet ever. Hyperbole, anyone? Maybe a smidge of jealousy? Anyway, I never cared much for his voice, but, still, no one sings a song quite like the person who wrote it. He may not be the world's best poet, but the man can turn a phrase. One of the best songwriters ever, for sure, IMHO.
  4. CryssyD

    Thoughts on a US civil war.

    As to whether Trump or Obama can calm things down: I think Trump will make a token effort to stem the tide of rage and vitriol, but peace-making isn't his forte. He's good at stoking fires, not putting them out. As for Obama, the people who most need to hear his words never listened to him to begin with; they aren't going to start now. What a mess.
  5. [quote I am not sure why you dislike your fellow Americans. I am your fellow American now. I went through a test and everything. It's not like I came shooting out of a random American womb happenstance. Oh my God, so sorry I can only hit "like" once. That was beautiful. :roflmao:
  6. CryssyD

    Is Donald Trump an ethical man?

    And now grade-schoolers chanting "Build the wall, build the wall!" I really liked the Clinton ad showing children watching some of Trump's uglier moments: "Our children are watching." What are they learning? And do we really want to teach children these things? I realize Trump was often just throwing red meat to the base. The thing that bothers me is how base some of that base is. I'm sorry, but we didn't hear that stuff from Hillary. I just hope Trump realizes that he's going to have to behave like a grown-up now, because our children apparently are​ watching.
  7. CryssyD

    Thoughts on a US civil war.

    Another civil war probably isn't likely, but he's right that most of the ingredients are there. The one that worries me the most (other than the incredible glut of firearms in this country) is the growing distrust in media. Especially when political leaders and contenders for office reinforce this distrust with every other sentence. Once upon a time, journalism was an honorable profession, and it was seen as such. What if no one had paid attention to Woodward and Bernstein? Would Watergate have been brushed under the rug as a "liberal media lie?" What if the muckrakers had been derided as mere sensationalists and their exposes of business and political corruption, to say nothing of "The Jungle," (which still grosses me out) went unread? When you feel you can't trust anyone, the only people you can trust are the ones telling you exactly what you want to hear, what you already believe. When all the people have their own version of truth, truth ceases to exist--no one knows how or where to look for it. The end result will be a population in which most people stop caring. You can hear it already when people talk about politicians--"They're all the same, crooks and liars." Apathy is the enemy of democracy, because the only people who care enough to vote are extremists who support equally extremist candidates. And when all the politicians stand at opposite ends of each issue and refuse to take a single step toward the middle, nothing gets done. Well, nothing good, anyway. This is how civil wars start--neither side giving an inch, with fanatics on both sides screaming that something must be done. And we're a lot closer to that place than I'm personally comfortable with. I still don't expect war, but something wicked this way comes if all this rage and hatred doesn't simmer down--soon.
  8. CryssyD

    Lost another good one ...

    Amazing and gifted songwriter who really felt the songs he sang. Yet another musical genius lost. :cry:
  9. CryssyD

    FBI reopens its investigation into Hillary

    I agree his career SHOULD be over, but he has tenure--firing him won't be easy, even for Trump. To answer your question: Yes, I absolutely believe the man intended to keep the "scandal" alive as close to the election as possible. He opened the investigation on the grounds that her aide's husband MIGHT have classified material on HIS computer. Where was his probable cause? What led him to believe that Weiner would have classified materiel on it? It was clearly a fishing expedition. You only need to nose around Weiner's laptop if you're looking for d%&k pics.
  10. Of course we can. So can everybody else. That's what keeps both sides of the left-right divide in business. Personally I don't think the left is worse than the right when it comes to vitriol. I watch both MSNBC and FoxNews; they both traffic in sensationalized, alarmist rhetoric. The only difference I see is that MSNBC has a much better record of actually fact-checking their stories before airing them. Finally, what do you all think about yet another election won by virtue of the unbalanced electoral college system? Where are the usual states' rights people protesting the system of one state's voters being more important than others'? Just curious. P.S.: Congrats to the Trump crowd. I didn't believe he could do it. Can't wait to see what Bill Maher has to say! :cheeky:
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    It's been a weird year. Cubs win the Series?!? Trump wins the general election??? Nooooo...............
  12. CryssyD

    I'm switching political parties

    Yeah, very low-protein diets are popular in the developing world, although not by choice. It's always struck me as a pathetic irony that the sacred cows of India could nourish so many starving children. Don't get me wrong, I love cows--they really are very sweet, very gentle. But I have to put my own kind first. Still, I think leaders who really respected life--ALL life--would be more responsible and careful in their decision-making. I wish all of the parties could be more humane, but right now we're barely human; the mud-slinging has devolved into feces-flinging of the lowest order, mostly of the male bovine variety. The Humane Party's platform takes me back to my college days, when I was able to believe in such things. I've lost a lot of that adolescent idealism--reality slapped me upside the head pretty darn hard. I still dream about those happy things, but always in a land and a time far, far from here. Sigh. It's a lovely platform. It'll never work. But we've got to keep trying--one day, I really do believe, we will get there.
  13. CryssyD

    Violent Attacks by Trump Supporters

    I don't know for sure, but the alternate-right camp seems to be adrift in a sea of wild conspiracy theories, nebulous scandals that never turn out to be quite what they were supposed to be, Islamic terrorists everywhere, and men selling gold. As for labels, when people are anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-"Black Lives Matter" (aka: black), and accept the vulgar, abusive language ("...grab 'em by the p*$$y") of a Presidential candidate as perfectly normal "locker-room talk," I'm afraid the xenophobic, sexist, racist, Islamophobic shoe does kind of fit.
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    The failure of Obamacare

    :roflmao: Oh my god, you called him Shrub! I thought I was the only one who did that!
  15. CryssyD

    FBI reopens its investigation into Hillary

    Actually, I think he is desperate to serve up something dirty on Clinton. To my eyes, he is clearly biased against her. He was on the Sunday morning talk circuit after closing the investigation with the decision NOT to indict, saying that he felt she had been careless and irresponsible. As the head of the country's highest law enforcement body, giving loud and public voice to his personal feelings about an investigation, especially one that didn't even produce an indictment, was highly unprofessional.
  16. CryssyD

    The failure of Obamacare

    Me, I think Obama was naïve; it didn't help that the bill cobbled together to keep the private insurers in the game was complex and confusing. Was Bush naïve, too? It's hard to compare changing the whole healthcare system to give access to as many people as possible to starting a war of aggression. I personally think W was never anything more than a front-man for the neocon zealots actually running the show, and he was not the sharpest tool in the shed; it was easy to pull the wool over his eyes. The trouble is, the President is the one to decide when and where our men and women in uniform get sent to fight and die; I would like to think the President would be more careful and ask some hard questions before swallowing whatever was tossed his way hook, line, and sinker. Which is why I'll be voting for the stiff, bland, "scandal"-ridden woman who can't give a prepared speech to save her life instead of the walking noise machine with a room-temperature IQ.
  17. CryssyD

    The failure of Obamacare

    No way--Obamacare supports the free market by letting insurance companies compete across state lines? Conservatives are always whining that the insurance industry isn't being allowed full free rein in competition, and that's why their economic models never work (too many regulations, man, it's like people want rules or something). I have learned something. I was even more right than I thought I was. Really, trickle-down economics is nonsense, and healthcare is a basic human right. We can afford to build billion-dollar planes to kill people--surely we can pony up the money to give kids their inhalers and old folks their blood pressure pills.
  18. CryssyD

    At my wits end, how can people defend public shaming?

    Wow. I don't like it. I mean, she's 13, she's curious, that's normal. I think the parents missed a real opportunity to talk about all things sexual and safe--like not chatting with strangers on the Internet about sexual stuff or soliciting pictures. Instead they chose to humiliate her, and they chose wrong.
  19. CryssyD

    America's Ghost Legions of Idle Men

    Interesting perspective. The problem is, Mr. Eberstadt doesn't present any ideas on how to "revitalize business," which sounds great but won't magically happen one day--we need a plan. No one ever seems to have a plan, except cutting taxes, which hasn't worked yet, so I feel safe in saying it never will. Supply-side economics is a fantasy, a dream too sweet to let go of--but these conservatives have to try. And enough with bashing the welfare state--go to a country that has no social safety net; it's awful. We have Social Security because elderly people without family who would take them in had nowhere to go--they were literally starving in the streets. We have welfare, food stamps, and WIC because there was too much hunger and abject poverty in this country, especially among minorities; and there is no reason for people to be homeless and hungry in one of the world's richest nations. It's shameful that we still have homeless and hungry people even with these programs in place. As for ex-cons not able to find work, I agree that it's a big problem. Even people who have had prison jobs that develop marketable skills can have great difficulty finding work as ex-felons. We really should make it easier for them--after all, they've done their time. And if they can't find legitimate work, they will go back to crime, and it's hard to blame them--I mean, they have to eat. I don't know--I just think the idea that men are lazing around getting high on opiates and collecting disability for no reason sounds way too easy. I think it's more complicated than that. I also object to the idea that a man needs to work to be happy and legitimate. What about women? What about house-husbands? And if wives and girlfriends are bringing home enough to live on, who cares that the man isn't working?
  20. CryssyD

    The failure of Obamacare

    Premiums are going to go up? Well, duh--the ACA mandates decent insurance for everyone; private insurance companies can't sell those cheap, worthless plans that don't cover anything, have high deductibles, yearly and lifetime caps, and allow the company to dump you if you actually get sick. They can't get rich by cheating and pulling the wool over people's eyes, so they exploit the mandate by jacking up prices. With no public option, what choice do people have? Why do you think insurance companies went along with the ACA anyway? They meant to do this all along. By the way, isn't this one of those problems that free market forces were supposed to fix? Let's let insurers sell across state lines and see if it works. (Spoiler alert: It won't.) Or we could just go ahead and try single-payer. Health care just doesn't mix too well with the profit motive.
  21. CryssyD

    Local GOP office in North Carolina firebombed

    Andy, you really must stop listening to the voices. :yes:
  22. CryssyD

    Local GOP office in North Carolina firebombed

    Oh yeah? I say it's a false flag operation by Trump supporters who have finally realized the futility of actually winning fair and square. So there.:cheeky: In all seriousness, though, whoever did it is a measly little coward. Real men--and women--win by compelling argument, not flame-throwing.
  23. CryssyD

    FBI leaks from 5/2016

    If I'm understanding this video correctly, what the gentleman is reporting is nothing more than hearsay. How is this newsworthy? It's just one conspiracy theory after another--people can SAY anything they like, but without specifics, without evidence, the testimony of this "alleged" FBI agent is utterly worthless. This video is a waste of time. Again, if the Clintons (or ZOG, or the New World Order) have such complete power and control over world affairs, why bother with the most thankless job on Earth--the USA Presidency? If they already have control, they don't need to hold political office.
  24. CryssyD

    Tell America It's Great: from Some Canadians

    Awww...that was so sweet! We love you too, Canada! :inlove: America is totally awesome and I love it. But if the crazy half of this country votes Trump into office, I'm moving north to live with y'all.
  25. CryssyD

    What Science Tells Us About Trump Supporters

    What Trump's supporters believe in is a hollow braggart and habitual liar who most likely lacks a soul. I know he lacks a conscience. I'll ask again--please abandon this person. I will vote for Hillary, because she knows how government works (when your toilet explodes, do you want someone who's never fixed a toilet in YOUR bathroom?), has connections all over the world from her days as First Lady and as Secretary of State (politics is the original Old Boys' Network), she actually knows what's going on in the world (I won't even address what a "noob" Trump is at the game of international affairs), and--most important--she isn't Donald Trump. I actually wanted to vote for Bernie, but he couldn't win. Now Trump is openly inviting violence should he lose--he's two short steps away from outright sedition. HE needs to be thrown in jail. My quarrel isn't with Trump supporters, but I do think you are all being hoodwinked by a professional conman--talk about being in a cult! That's exactly what the Trump campaign has turned into: a cult of personality. Gee, when has one of those ever gotten the world into trouble?

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