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  1. bethin

    Poll: do you believe in ghosts?

    I've had several unexplained events but I don't know if I'd label them paranormal. My second year in college my roommates and I moved into a house off campus. The first week I woke up and saw a lady dressed in black with a black veil that mourners wore years ago. I didn't feel scared but incredibly sad. Talking to the elderly couple - not about ghosts though - but they said that a young couple had lived there and that a baby had died of SIDS. She also said the father was extremely abusive. My room was upstairs and every time I went up I felt like someone was staring at me with pure hatred. Several times I would feel like someone was lightly touching my hand and arm while sleeping. I never felt threatened in my room though. My one roommate didnt believe in anything she couldn't see, touch, etc. On the day we moved out she confessed to me she was glad to be leaving. She too had felt the hatred.
  2. bethin

    Are you sick and tired of PETA, Pro-Animal rights??

    I saw an episode of Oprah where someone lost 10 pounds by going vegan for a week. I've considered it but what do you eat? I can't do beans, lettuce, or any roughage because of Crohn's. I did try soy milk and liked it but my stomach did not. As far as PETA, I don't pay any attention to them. In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent Everyone has their cause. Now throwing blood on fur wearers seems like it borders on assault and destruction of private property - but I'm no lawyer. BTW, how do those people know if the fur is fake or real?
  3. bethin

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Weeping Willow
  4. bethin

    Anyone interested in a prayer thread?

    She died Easter morning. The last few weeks she wasn't able to even hold her head up. My grandpa (her husband) died on Valentine's Day 1997. Now Easter won't be the same, just like Valentine's Day. I made it through the funeral without shedding a tear, even after my cousin who is studying to be a priest gave the eulogy. We had spoken earlier about the memories we had of grandma and I told him the one that stuck out in my head: my brother and I underneath her table swigging pepto out of the bottle. She had to call Poison Control. I never dreamed that he would tell that story to a church full of people, but it made them laugh. If I start to cry I won't stop.
  5. bethin

    On a lighter note.

    Must you brag? :) I live in the midwest where all I smell as I drive down a country road is dirt and corn. Whenever I feel down I just close my eyes and I can smell the ocean. It always makes me smile.
  6. bethin

    Any gardeners out there?

    This will be my first year gardening. I am completely lost. I want to do some from seeds, but I want to time it right so that when they're ready to go outside they can. I know nothing about frost time. Ugh. I tried to read up about it on the internet but I didn't find much for a newbie. I do know what zone I'm in at least. I like big, beautiful flowers. No pansies for me. I love to plant some calla lilly but I don't think I could get it to grow here. I'd love to try strawberries and lemons this year. I saw where you can buy a dwarf lemon tree that might work on my balcony. During the cooler months you can bring it inside. Since I have a balcony and I face north, I won't get much sunshine so that further inhibits my selection.
  7. bethin

    Anyone interested in a prayer thread?

    I said a traveling prayer for you, although it's now April 2. Better late than never! I hope you have a good time and learn new things. Prayers please for my grandma. She fell about a month ago but didn't break anything. My mom (grandma lives next door to my parents) has for the past few years taken over her cooking, shopping, etc. Mom does her laundry, cooks her meals, does her shopping and takes her to get her hair fixed every week. Now suddenly, completely out of the blue, she's in a nursing home. The one place my mother refused to put her. But, as it turns out it was a good decision. She has already fallen multiple times at the NH. Lately though, she refuses to eat and keeps asking when Grandpa is coming home. Grandpa has been dead for 11 years. Mom says she's just wasting away. I need to go see her one last time. The death of my grandfather nearly broke me 11 years ago. I saw him everyday, sometimes twice. We fished, we went out in the woods in his 1940 jeep, up and down huge hills all for a thrill. He tried to teach me to play the violin. It's hard when they die when you see them everyday and I know my mom will have an exceptionally hard time with grandma. So prayers please that we can all accept God's plan.
  8. bethin

    Good Morning, Shrove Tuesday (24th February)

    Good morning! The food looks delicious, but I'm off food for the week. I've got a dr's appointment this Friday. I can't eat without a pain pill so no food until I get a refill. Busy day today. I need to buy new scrubs, take my violin in so it can be tuned, tan, pack some more, go to my arabic lesson, and sleep for my shift. Have a great day!
  9. bethin

    On a lighter note.

    You're right. You still can't have him. :)
  10. bethin

    On a lighter note.

    Shelley, I'm Catholic. There will be no divorce.
  11. bethin

    On a lighter note.

    I believe I staked a claim to Alexander in another thread so hands off my husband!!!! We sure will have beautiful babies together and we're going to have lots because we love to practice.
  12. bethin

    On a lighter note.

    :yeahthat: I'd rather go thirsty than drink diet crap. Diet Coke, Pepsi, etc makes me sick. I feel like it's almost too sweet and strangely enough, I can feel the sweetner sticking to my teeth. Gross. I'll stick to my all natural real coke. None of that fake stuff for me, thank you. Is anyone else picky about their ice? Our floor has the small cubes which are great for patients but I like the big ice you get at fast food joints. Ice can make or break a drink. I also don't like my canned pop with ice. Only fountain drinks go over ice. I'm also picky about oj. All orange juice is not created equal. It has to be Dean's OJ in the 1/2 gallon jugs.
  13. bethin

    On a lighter note.

    I'd think I'd have to quit my instructor. They'll have to pry the coke can from my cold dead hands.

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