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  1. nurseactivist

    Mondy January 19 2018

    Smoke, smoke and more smoke. 11 days of this. I have seen more N95 masks walking around the city than I have ever seen in the hospital.
  2. nurseactivist

    Mondy January 19 2018

    Hang in there "stars." It will get better...
  3. nurseactivist

    Thursday March 22, 2018

    Congratulations on your retirement, Stars! I am still adjusting to it (not complaining, just adjusting). Planning for big March for our lives on Saturday. I found out that I will be going on a seniors trip, camping/cabins near Yosemite. I love this program because at 55 you are a senior Sorry about all the snow and bad weather. We have had quite a bit of rain out west. Stay well, group...
  4. So sorry to hear about all of the snow and power outages. Ok, I will not complain about gray skies and a few sprinkles. Took some time to catch up with all of you. Not much going on out west, although 45 is in the state. Thank goodness he isn't here, I would have to be out carrying a sign telling him to go away. Did some volunteer work on a local campaign. Still trying to navigate the retirement gig...
  5. nurseactivist

    Wednesday February 28, 2018

    Just dropping in to say hi. All is well out on the west coast. I have had a few technical challenges. My computer died and I was without for a few days. Luckily. I was able to use points from my credit card and get a new one. Then I lost my I phone. I am grateful for the "cloud" which had saved my contacts on the I pad. It will take me a few days to catch up with all of you. I hope all is going well.
  6. Many family members have had flu. I am avoiding it, so far! We are expecting rain. I am trying to decide if I am off to the MLK celebration breakfast tomorrow. Technically, I don't have a ticket, but there are always a few no shows. I haven't missed one in years, so I will probably go. Glad to catch up with all of you. I have been in and out and not on the computer much.
  7. nurseactivist

    Tuesday December 26, 2017

    Basic term for the locations where gold was discovered in California in 1849. A bunch of interesting names of towns: Dry Town, Jackson, Plymouth, Fiddletown, Calaveras, Plymouth, Fair Play, Sutter Creek. When I was a kid we went on a field trip to Sutter's Mill. The route is Highway 49. North of Sacramento, CA (capitol of CA).
  8. nurseactivist

    Tuesday December 26, 2017

    Scary roads, unpredictable horses, all sounds a bit scary to me. Sorry about Ted's MIL. Stars doing "nothing" sounds like a nice plan! I had a great dinner with cousins and family. However, I would not recommend pork roast stuffed with pork sausage. Let's just say the BS were +++ and I am glad I was alone. Going up to gold country to meet my sister for a quick overnight. It should be fun! Take good care of yourself, friends...
  9. nurseactivist

    Tuesday December 19th, 2017

    We had an MD and nurse who climbed. He didn't survive and she barely did. :(
  10. nurseactivist

    Monday December 18 2017

    I so respect that you are working and still getting so much done. BC, how cool to go to Guatemala! I have thought about doing something like that as a public health nurse. I had a plan, but the area became politically unstable so I never went. Joe, I hope the job is permanent. Lil Nel, hope the psych hospital works out ok. It is helpful to know someone that works there. Tweety, I hope the energy gods find you (and me). Ted, I so respect your musical talents. I had my son burn a CD for my sister and I suspect she will enjoy the CD more than anything. I was married to a musician and understand the devotion to their craft. My son also makes original CDs. Well, I am still lingering/lounging and I need to really start baking. There is a tree that won't decorate itself...
  11. nurseactivist

    Sunday December 17, 2017

    I have been trying to catch up with all of you. I was sorry to hear of Stars struggles. Stars will have to focus on Stars (easier said than done). Then I was saddened with the decline in family member's health. I lost dad two years ago and it is still an adjustment. Tweety, I remember the days of being short staffed. Lil Nel, good luck with the job search. I don't know if they have nurse internships in KY, but if you decided to stay in tele, that might be really helpful or a good preceptorship program. I have been busy and had my own animal drama. Two nights ago the pup was awake at 1 am and pacing in circles. I listened to her heart, checked tempt and knew something was wrong. At 2 am I decided to take her to emergency vet and as I was leaving saw a chewed tea bag on her rug in the hall. They checked her out, did VS, and said they thought I could take her home or I could insist on seeing vet. Well, I trust them and she settled down by 7 am. Once I found the tea bag, the behaviors made sense. The vet did not charge for the pup triage. I thought that was pretty nice. I have also been out doing a lot of shopping and I need to start baking. It is time for latkas and Xmas in this diverse family! I hope everything settles down for the group!
  12. nurseactivist

    Sunday 12-10-17

    Oh, your chilly weather does not sound too appealing. We are in the 60's. Driving would scare me. It's been a busy weekend. My great nephew's 9th birthday was fun but very busy with lots of little boys! Today, my sister and I took my great-niece for annual Christmas shopping trip. She "built a bear" or rather a reindeer. Then we picked out a dress for Christmas. When she put on the red dress she began to twirl! I knew that was the right dress! It appears I am going to be cooking Christmas dinner at my house. As of right now, ofcourse, unless our plans change. Stay warm and safe out there, nurses.
  13. nurseactivist

    Friday December 8, 2017

    Hugs to Far and her Mom. So sorry for your loss. Thinking of my friends down south dealing with horrible fires. Let's hope for less wind and some rain would be awesome. The pup I have is chihuahua and shih tzu. She is sold brown/tan expcept for the coarse skunk stripe down her back (shih tzu peeking through). I have been busy shopping, mailing and getting ready for holidays. Tomorrow is great nephew's 8th birthday. Yippee! I get to go to a kid's party, oh well.
  14. nurseactivist

    Friday December 1, 2017

    I am celebrating over the General Flynn guilty plea. Eventually, the truth has to come out. Started doing the Christmas shopping and today I have to go to post office to mail parcels to sister in Canada. So sorry, for NSIME loss. I hope the hearing aids are working well for you! I hope everyone has a bright day!
  15. nurseactivist

    Wednesday 11-22-17 Good Morning!

    Happy Thanksgiving to the nurse's who hang in the breakroom lounge! I have been cooking all day today. Yams with brown sugar and pecan topping, artichoke/jalapeno dip (costco was out), dressing, veggie dressing (there is one in every family), apple tart, chocolate cream pie (for the kids), pumpkin pie. Tomorrow I have 10 pounds of potatos to cook/mash. My sister is doing string bean casserole, salad, mac and cheese (little kids). I played music and it made the cooking marathon a lot more fun. I played a very oldie but goodie, the Limelighters Through Children's Eyes. Thanksgiving gets me in the mood for Christmas. I hope you all have a great day!