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    One of Nurse Friends

    This is my first thread to post. I have a nurse friend who I met through work (I'm a nurse too.) I hung out with her sometimes, and she complains a lot about work. We used to work on the same Med-Surg floor, and I moved to another floor within the same hospital because of the stressful work environment. At the beginning, I was intently listening to her and giving her compassionate comments because I know what it is like to work on the floor. Every time we meet, her complaints about work go on. Now I'm tired of it. I understand stressful events unfortunately happen time to time and a nurse may need to find someone to talk. But she chronically focuses on negatives and never sees any positive side. Even if I give some advice, she is lack of action. Like, I don't see any reasons why she is unwilling to change job (she is single with no kids. The area where live has a lot of nursing opportunities available). I like her as a friend, but not as a nurse friend much. Should I stop seeing her because after all I cannot change her? (She has to be the change) If you were me, what would you do?