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    CBlover got a reaction from SC_RNDude in New York passes Full Term Abortion   
    I am not allowed to counter huh. I didn't argue with chare or BC . I appreciated their input. Where are you getting that? I did add the photo of the Twitter post of the OB doc that i found. They "countered me" can I not say something in return that includes facts as well? Good heavens. It's like if a conservative voices something on here (I haven't said one thing about Tru...). (By the way pro-life has been a part of conservatism for decades in case anyone forgot. Tru** didn't invent it. lol)
    Now Lil Nel is bitter bc I agreed with SC RN Dude that some people can't take what they dish out. She pulled that over from one forum to another. In my opinion, she's outright mean. You don't have to be like that to have debate. Can we not have a civil conservation regarding this topic without demeaning each other's viewpoints? It's ok to disagree and it's ok to counter. I am allowed to do so too.
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    CBlover got a reaction from herring_RN, ASN, BSN in New York passes Full Term Abortion   
    Good reading thanks Herring.
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    CBlover reacted to AN Admin Team in The Caravan   
    SEVERAL posts have been reported by the membership posting in this thread as well as reports by those not posting in this thread.
    Do not debate the individual person and stoop so low as to insult the membership's intelligence.  Do not resort to name-calling (stupid, snob, dumb, idiot, etc.).
    This thread has been going on for 40 pages and doesn't deserve to be trashed with TOS violations.
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    CBlover reacted to herring_RN, ASN, BSN in The Caravan   
    Terms of Service
    I have to learn how to reduce the size of this font.
    Maybe a member with a greater than 140 IQ can help.  😉
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    CBlover got a reaction from SC_RNDude in New York passes Full Term Abortion   
    What are everyone’s opinions on the news of New York’s passing full term abortion legislation? Mine in one word: horrified.