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  1. annabanana2

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    Man, my IUD was the best health-related decision I ever made. Rock-solid birth control and no periods for going on 7 years now. I still get very minor monthly cramps but that's about it. I'm basically an IUD evangelical at this point.
  2. annabanana2

    Devos. Welp, Public Education WAS a nice idea.

    To paraphrase a tweet: "If Betsy DeVos can be education secretary, then I can certainly do whatever the [heck] it is you do here" - My cover letters, in perpetuity.
  3. annabanana2

    Ben Carson for President

  4. annabanana2

    ixchel's 9/26 What I learned this week.....

    Usually you would go for 10-20 mmHg if you don't already have varicose veins or other problems - if you're just using them for prevention. If you have had things like venous stasis ulcers or varicose veins or that kind of thing, you would go to 20-30 mmHg and probably I would recommend meeting with a fitter to make sure you get the right fit/kind. Around where I am, that level of compression and higher will require a doctor's order. Often extended health benefits will cover them. Otherwise wait until they go on sale and just get the OTC lower-compression ones from any old pharmacy. They're often sold as socks to wear on planes, or "sport socks."