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  1. AngelKissed857

    How do I let a kitten eat something?

    I'm currently handraising a kitten, I've probably done this a few dozen times now. Cow's milk can kill a kitten pretty quickly. If it's a young one especially, it needs a formula called KMR ( Kitten Replacement Milk). PetSmart, Petco, etc, even feed stores carry it. It isn't cheap. If the kitten isn't peeing and pooping, it's probably young enough to need an experienced hand. Genitals have to be simulated to get them to go, may still need a bottle- and aspiration is always a risk if you're not adept. A very is probably your best bet, these little guys go downhill very fast. Without KMR and elimination he probably won't last more than a day.
  2. AngelKissed857

    I think coworker is in witness protection program

    If he's 60, in WitSec, and all he could finagle out of the feds is a CNA job- he's either a really crappy negotitor or dumber than a sack of hammers. If I were giving up my entire life to testify against someone who's conceivably going to really want me dead, I want a quietly posh life in exchange-not a deal that's going to require going to work at such a very hard job everyday.
  3. AngelKissed857

    Can you have cats as a nurse?

    That's exactly what I thought! LOL!