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  1. AussieTina

    The Vegetarian Thread

    I had a yummy dinner tonight, veges in a satay sauce with couscous. quick, easy to make and yummy :yeah: I have recently bought a new cookbook "OXFAM: the community aid abroad vegetarian cookbook" it has reciepes from all over the world, very interesting. Now all I need is the time to cook some of the recipies :rolleyes: http://www.oxfamshop.org.au/products/81456/81473
  2. AussieTina

    Vegetarian recipies

    Ok this sounds really yummy, so I am going to go and cook it now for lunch tomorrow at work. But... Is the onion a typo?? You don't have anywhere in the recipe to add it, and as it sounds more like a dessert type recipe the onion seems out of place. Hmmmm what to do, do I add the onion or not??:rolleyes:
  3. AussieTina

    The Vegetarian Thread

    LOL Silverdragon, I can understand you better than I can understand everyone else. Half of the terms the americans use seem to be in another language to me :)
  4. AussieTina

    The Vegetarian Thread

    I have had that sort of problem buying pizza. They use the same knife to cut each pizza, so they cut my kids ham and pineapple and then cut my vege pizza. I could see bits of meat on the knife....made me feel sick!! Not going there again! :nono:
  5. AussieTina

    The Vegetarian Thread

    Aren't french fries what you get from Mcdonalds? Really skinny bits of potato fried? Chips are like that but lots thicker and very yummy, but not very healthy :rolleyes:
  6. AussieTina

    The Vegetarian Thread

    Great idea for a thread :up: I'll put my hand up as being a vegetarian as well, not a vegan though. However I will only buy the free range eggs and never ever the cage or barn laid eggs!!! For me it is a case of morals I guess you would call it, the thought of eating a living creature makes me feel nauseous! Where I was working the only place to get food was the shop opposite the hospital, and the only hot food you could get their was chips....so I ate a lot of chips :rolleyes: I start at a new hospital in a week, and they have a cafe so I am really hoping they will have better choices (although I really do love hot chips LOL). I am never organised well enough to make lunch/dinner at home every day/night
  7. AussieTina

    THURSDAY 17th January, 2007

    Good Evening/Morning peoples Hope everyone is having a good day, and noone freezes over there...all that snow looks cold bbrrrrrr Well I am finally an RN, my registration came through today :up: I had a fantastic time today at Australia Zoo, if anyone ever gets the chance to go there I highly recommend it!!!!! Although I had to explain to my 4yo why Steve Irwin was not going to be there, she just cannot understand the concept of death.... Hope you are nowhere near those fires Grace. I am an Adelaide Hills girl too, so I know what it gets like up there every summer. I have to laugh atm though, my dad lives in the hills and is up here in wet, cold QLD for holidays. Well it has been hotter and drier in Adelaide than it is up here in QLD while he has been on his holidays :spin: Hope everyone has a good one :redpinkhe
  8. AussieTina

    Wednesday Jan 16th 2008

    Happy birthday Karen, hope you have a wonderful day :balloons: Oh boy snow!! I cannot for the life of me imagine why you would choose to live somewhere that snows. I do not believe in the cold, I only like to be where it is hot :redpinkhe Hope you go well at your clinicals Joe :up: Well it is 11pm on wednesday night here, my day is nearly done. I'm not doing too well at the moment. I have finished uni and am meant to be starting a job as a RN on monday, but my registration with the Queensland Nursing Council, has not come through yet :angryfire I sent the paperwork off at the end of Nov, I finished uni on the 14th dec and the uni sent the lists of graduates off on the 20th dec..... I am the only one that I know of out of my year level to not have their registration through yet. I have become very stressed and am getting rather depressed over this......Just not fair *whinge whinge* I am taking 3 of my kids to Australia Zoo (Steve/Bindi Irwins place) tomorrow. So am hoping that will help to lift my spirits a bit, or at least that I can fake it enough so the kids enjoy themselves :bugeyes: Have a good one folks :redbeathe
  9. AussieTina

    Good Morning Saturday Jan. 12!

    Good evening peoples, Hope everyone has a great day!! Thankyou for the warm welcome on Thursday. I used to be quite active on this site about a yr ago, but my last yr at Uni was extremely hectic!!! So I had to cut back on the time I spent on this site......But I'm baacckkk LOL As I mentioned on the other thread I am about to start my grad year. From what I have been told, we are supernumery for about 3days and then have a full pt load to ourselves. I'm reallly hoping it will be a light pt load, but not too sure yet, guess I'll find out over the next couple of weeks!! We rotate through different parts of the hospital (or in my case hospitals, as it is 2 hospitals that have a partnership). The first ward I am going to I don't really know anything about yet. They are just in the process of opening the ward up and the person in charge of us new grads couldn't tell me what type of ward it was going to be at all!!! Talk about being thrown in the deep end!! :dance: 2nd I get to go to Paeds :w00t: this is where I want to end up so I am really looking forward to that!! Last I go to a medical ward, I am looking forward to that one too. I did my last 5 week placement there and discovered I have a real love for telemetry and cardiac stuff, but have probs dealing with confused old people! :innerconf Well today I just had a quiet day at home with the kids, enjoying being a mum. Hope you all have a great Saturday too :redpinkhe
  10. AussieTina

    Thursday 10th January, 2008

    No ta, had enough of rain here, early january and I am still wearing jumpers...Hello peoples can you say 'summer in australia' :urgycld: Good evening all peoples, hope you had/am having a good day. Well I am starting my grad yr in a local hospital in 11 days, I picked up my uniforms for their today, so its starting to get rather exciting/terrifying :dncgcpd:
  11. AussieTina

    Psalm 23 - Aussie version.

    What accent? We Aussies don't have an accent....it is just the rest of the world that does :wavey:
  12. AussieTina

    For pet Lovers

    Hmmmmmmm I wonder what size font I should use so my cats can read it easier? :idea: Especially the bit about the bed :lol2:
  13. AussieTina

    Good Morning Friday July 21, 2006

    :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance:
  14. AussieTina

    Good Morning Friday July 21, 2006

    Hello and good morning/evening everyone :wavey: I am just soooo happy tonight!! Exam results were released today and i passed :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: So i am now offically half way there :balloons: and can progress to the next semester of classes 18 months down and 18 months to go :1luvu:
  15. AussieTina

    They don't make 'em like they used to!

    How about music that does not contain sex .... I mean one of the songs playing on the radio at the moment has the lyrics..."I might like you better if we sleep together" and they won't let the kids watch Wile E. Coyote, Speedy Gonzalez and Pepe Le Pew. It seems it is perfectly ok to sleep with perfect strangers but not to watch Pepe (i sure do love that little guy :rolleyes: )!